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by Lassie
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This is the second chapter to the Adventures of Gizmo. She gets to go to her new home.
I wonder when my new parents are going to pick me up. I have been waiting all day! They have to show up soon the pet store closes before long. I hope they haven't changed their mind about adopting me. The SOLD sign is still hung on my cage so they probably should be here soon. I have been so excited about going to my new home I can hardly stand it.

Oh! Boy! Here they come! They are here to take me home! The woman is carrying a cage. That cage is awfully small; I hope they don’t think I'm going to live in that thing. I need enough room to at least be able to flap my wings and stretch. I am actually not used to being in my cage a lot so I hope I am allowed out to play.

Well, here we go, I am so happy! I wonder how long it will take to get to my new home. They covered my cage. I want to see what it is like outside. I wish I knew how to say more than, “Hello” and “I can talk.” I will learn to talk better, I am still a baby.

That didn't take long. Oh! The small cage was just to bring me home in - WOW! I have a floor cage with a large water dish and three food dishes. They put two perches on the top that's a good sign, that's a really good sign. What's that? Another bird, two birds in the cage across the room. Their cage is smaller than mine is. Then they are smaller than I am. I have never seen birds like that before; I wonder what kind they are. They aren't very big. They are green with a deep dark blue butt's and their faces are a dark peach, almost red. They are sitting at the door in their cage just staring at me. "Hey, haven't you guys ever seen a yellow nape before?" How rude! They just sit there and stare at me.

Let's check out my new home. Wow, my very own cage and corn, peas, grapes, broccoli, apple, and there's NO seed!!!! I am going to get used to this real fast! My own toys too! Look at this - a bell, plastic keys, and a rawhide sandal to chew on. I'm going to check out the top perches. I hope they leave the door open to my cage like this all the time. The other two birds are still just sitting there staring. They don't seem to talk, just chirp. I wonder what their names are. I wonder what my new parent’s names are. I am just going to call them mom and dad. Oh! The other bird's names are Binkley and Higgins. What strange names. I wonder which one is Binkley and which one is Higgins. They look like twins to me. I hope I get a good name.

I wonder what a doctor is. The woman just told the man she is taking me to the bird doctor for a physical tomorrow. I don't know what a physical is but I hope it is fun. Maybe it's something to play with like the bell and plastic keys. The bell has a flat clapper in it, I guess that is so I chew something loose and choke on it. My new mamma is careful I can see already. The lady is doing something across the room with these big round things that have handles on them. She is setting them on this big box and putting things in them out of an even bigger box that is all white and has handles on it. She has been moving whatever it is around in the round things on the big box. I don't know what it is but it smells good.

FOOD! That is what it is...something to eat! I want some, what is it? Maybe if I go out on top of the cage door as far as I possibly can and lean toward them they will give me some. They are sitting at the thing the woman called a table and has these things with legs coming off of them, she called those a chair.

That works! These humans are going to be very easy to train. I don't know what this is called but it is good. Binkley and Higgins don't seem to want any and my new parents haven't offered them any. Every time my new mamma offers me some she says, "grape." I am going to learn to say grape so I can tell her I want them.

The man let Binkley and Higgins out after he got done eating. He is sitting in front of their cage in a chair and they are climbing all over him biting at the buttons on his shirt. I can't tell which one is Binkley and which one is Higgins but he held one up and looking at me said, "love bird." They don't seem to be very smart from what I can see. I am going to sit on the perch on top of my cage and watch this. I love my new home so far. I can't wait until tomorrow to find out what a doctor is.

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