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Icicle meets her former nemesis's sister.
Written for The Monthly Script Writing Contest. Genre: Action/Adventure


“Fervor's Sister”



ICICLE (17 years), long, light blonde hair, icy blue eyes, blue superhero suit, ice powers, walks down a dimly-lit hallway. The hallway is like a small cave with a back extremely far back, Icicle being able to stand up with a couple feet of space above her. The cave is wide enough for her to walk comfortably, and if there were two of her they would be able to walk side-by-side. The rock is gray with a red-ish tint to it. Icicle touches the sides of the wall, her fingers rubbing the hard, bumpy surface. The ceiling has stalactites hanging from it, although the ones in the middle seemed to be cut off. Stalagmites seem to be reaching up to touch their opposites and, in some places, look like a bunch of teeth.

                                       (whispering to herself)
                             Wow, Fervor had quite the entrance
                             to his hideout!

Icicle walks down the hallway. She goes down a bit farther, then enters another room.


This one is larger, but retains the cave look. It is a bit taller, and is nearly circular. The walls are still rough and rugged, but the ceiling and floor no longer have many stalactites and stalagmites, only a few small ones every little bit. Along the far wall of the room is a messy desk. On Icicle's right is a couple of tables with test tubes and a pair of goggles on it, like what you might see in a lab. On Icicle's left is a mannequin with Fervor's villain suit on it. There are spots on the floor that we can see scorch marks, probably from practices. Icicle walks by some pictures hung on the wall next to the desk. One photo has a picture of a man with similar features to Fervor, including black hair, alongside two old-ish people, a young lady about his age with black hair, and a young man a little younger with blonde hair. The other pictures are of each of the other people when they were younger. The old woman from the more recent picture has blonde hair and bangs in the older picture. The old man has black hair, while the youngest boy looks like he's about four, and the girl appears to be eleven.

                                       (to herself)
                             I never knew Fervor had a family
                             or anything. I wish we could have
                             worked things out sooner.

                                                 A FEMALE VOICE FROM BEHIND ICICLE
                             Yeah, you didn't think about what
                             he meant to anyone, did you? Or how
                             he was simply recovering, hmm? Or
                             that his twin sister was going to
                             be visiting on his birthday, with
                             a present he would totally adore
                             Or that he even had a
                             birthday. Did you?






Icicle spins around to see BLAZE (late teens), bright red hair, green eyes, wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and a red mask, standing just inside the cave.

                             I-I didn't mean —

                             You didn't mean to get him killed.
                             Yeah, right. You were his enemy.
                             Your life-long mission was to get
                             rid of him. Now that you've done
                             it, what now? Are you going to come
                             after me, too? And Mother and
                             Father? What about
                             Little Johnny?

                             But I didn't do it. He —

                             Of course you'd blame it on him.
                             Blame it all on him! What's a hero
                             good for, anyway? Saving people?
                             What about my brother? Did you save

Blaze spins around and throws a fireball at Icicle. Icicle dodges the fireball easily. Blaze then kicks at Icicle, which Icicle also dodges. Icicle gets a couple hits in before she touches Blaze's shoulder, freezing it. Blaze heats up and melts the ice in her shoulder.

                             Aiden? So that was his name?

                             So now you suddenly care?

Blaze sets her hands on fire and walks toward Icicle. Icicle slowly backs up to the wall and falls through. This room goes down quite a bit, then has a huge pool of water in the bottom with several sharks and alligators in it.

                             You're brother was stealing, Miss
                             What's your name?

Icicle freezes some of the water just before she lands on it. She then makes it float up. Blaze falls into the water, which puts out the fire on her hand, and it almost boils. Blaze reaches up for Icicle's ice platform.

                             You can call me Blaze.

Blaze's hand melts some of the ice, causing her to fall. She stretches her arms out and makes a bubble of hot air around her, which floats up slowly. We can see the bubble just a little bit.

                             Blaze, your brother was a villain.
                             I had to stop him. But that
                             that was his decision.

Blaze lands next to Icicle in the normal floor of Fervor's hideout. She resumes following Icicle around with a fiery hand.

                             And many a night he came home with
                             bruises, shattered teeth, broken
                             bones. Mother, Father, Johnny, and
                             I took care of his wounds, day
                             after day that he fought you. We
                             couldn't risk taking him to a
                             doctor and you finding him. Can you

                                       (closing her eyes briefly)
                             I can't imagine what it was like. I
                             understand that must have been a
                             hard time for you. I just want to
                             say I'm sorry. I'm sorry for
                             causing so much trouble. I wish we
                             could have worked things out

                             You? Aiden? Worked things out? I
                             Are you saying he became a hero?
                             I don't believe this.

                                       (pulling a paper off the desk)
                             Here's proof.





Blaze carefully takes the sheet of paper, her hand turning back to normal. Blaze sits down in the desk chair, then she reads it over, crying. We see what it says as she reads silently.

                                                 FERVOR (V.O.)
                             Dear Olive-flame, this may be
                             shocking to you, but I have
                             discovered a better way to go about
                             things. It is all thanks to Icicle.
                             I now know that I need to fight
                             the Beast. Say goodbye to Mother,
                             father, and especially Little
                             Johnny for me. Do not try to stop
                             me. I caused the Beast to come, and
                             I'm the only one who knows its
                             weakness. I know I probably will
                             not survive. That is why I am
                             writing this letter to you. I want
                             you to know that I love you.
                             Olive-flame, my dear sister, I hope
                             Icicle gets through to you, too. It
                             is much better being a hero, even
                             if it is more effort. I wouldn't do
                             this if I did not want to keep you
                             safe. Love, your Aiden-pest. P.S.
                             I checked, and you are the older

                             So he really did
                             decide to be

                             I would have expected you to call
                             it a forgery.

                             You wouldn't have known what he
                             always loved to call me. I was his
                             Olive-flame, and he was my Aiden-

                             I'm really sorry you lost him. Do
                             you, maybe, want to try being on my
                             side for once?
                             And once again on your brother's?

                                       (nodding; wiping tears from her eyes)
                             Yes, I think I am.

Icicle takes Blaze's hand and starts to pull her up, then lets go of Blaze's hand.

                             Sorry, but your hand is a bit too
                             warm for my taste.

                             Oh, I'm so sorry about that.
                             Habits are hard to break.

Blaze stands up and hugs Icicle.

                             Okay, let's go on out, now. Maybe I
                             can get you a superhero suit. We
                             can be crime-fighting partners.
                             That is, if you want to already.

                             Anything for Aiden's cause.
                             you can call me Olivia.

                             Okay, Olivia. My name is Samantha.

                                       (with a laugh)


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