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Is love possible between an angel and a man?
Co-win 1449 word entry for April in the "Paranormal Romance Short Story Contest

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“But they die and ever so quickly.” Angel let a few cloudy tears surrender the heavens. As usual, the higher up’s roared a little thunder at the release of such treasured brew.

“They? You mean one in particular whom you hover over lately.” Angel’s mother stopped shining her daughter’s halo to admonish.

“I am his guardian angel. You so appointed me for practice you said.” Angel didn’t pout, she was too perfectly sure of herself for that childish want.

“Start small and greater things may follow.”

Angel caught at a falling feather. “Oh, mother. You are molting again. Stop using that cheap wing shampoo.”

The young heavenly looking creature peered down from above. “Oh my. Look at him. He was just a baby and now? He’s a fully grown flower.”

“In another instant, an old man, he’ll become and then?” Reminded the voice of authority. “It is not up to us to decide their fate. They have their God given free agency. But one fate they all will know. Each of them rich or poor passes on to their just reward.”

“I’m afraid I botched it, mother.” Angel knew she could hide nothing long from perfect beings. It was easy to disassemble with human ones. There she had failed, too. “I have shown myself to him, mom. He loves me.”

“And who could not?” Her mom scoffed. “You are perfectly lovely even to the dimples in your smile.”

Even in her perplexity, Angel couldn’t help a dimpled grin. “Gracious me, thank you mother. You are almost too kind in your praise. If you had a failing that would become the one.”

“There is something more, child?”

Real tears replaced those springing from the cloud they rested on. “I had to come tell you. He was so beautiful lying there asleep. His dreams so innocent. I couldn’t dare not to.”

“You didn’t. Did you? You know the consequence.” There was panic in her mother’s voice.

“I touched his brow. No feather was so soft as the curl of his hair. I touched him.” The look in Angel’s eyes was more human than not. There was pain mixed with passion in her gaze.

“You are not yet fallen, Angel?” A torrent of wind raised a cloudy mist from her mother’s wings set fervently in motion.

“No. I would be if he were to have awakened but we met only in his dream.” Angel looked rather startled, at the tears wiped from her eyes now resting on her fingertips.

“You are in love, my child. It is not such a terrible fate. There are many kinds of such God-given feeling. He himself divulged in it once with Mother Mary.” But she said the words in a whisper.

Both mother and daughter looked frightened at what they discussed so openly. Celestial beings may be perfect in their own way but knew their place. Bandying about in other than Agape love which resonances only goodwill and charity was forbidden.

The moment passed. A hot earthly wind reached heavenward, teasing the fine golden-hued hair which was Angel’s most prized possession. “He has need of me. I must go to administer to him.” A flutter of timid wings grew bolder in purpose.

Mother watched daughter disappear down below. No guardian was allowed to appear in humanly guise without command to do so. Free will would become but a passing phrase rather than the ultimate will of God.

“I can’t get her out of my head.” Anthony Spahr rubbed at his temples where his headache throbbed.

“Some men make their dreams become real. That is how riches are made. I don’t think you can do that with this one.” His friend Cindy rubbed his shoulders. Her touch was no dream nor meant to be so. She wished for more than dream with him.

She was pretty enough. Dark curls framed a pixie face. Her figure stirred passion in many a passing mind but was held in check by the thrall she shown only when looking at Anthony Spahr.

“You are too good to me.” He clutched at her hand, stilling it from further caress. “We have been best friends since I can remember.” His innocent kiss upon her fingertips sent delicious shivers through her.

Cindy’s silence provoked inquiry. “How shameful. I think only of myself. I have seen the way Denver Adams looks you. He worships the ground you walk on. He is a good catch. Why do you toy with his affections? They are the real deal.”

“I’m waiting for the right man. If we were not best friends, I think you might be such a prospect. There is much about you to admire.” She dared comb those recently blessed fingers through his hair.

“You would turn us into a Midsummer Night’s Dream without a Shakespeare to save our plot.” Anthony rose, shaking her closeness off. “I would not change a thing about you. Who else do we know who is lucky enough to have a best friend such as we share in each other?”

“Oh, darn. Here he comes now. Stay with me, Anthony. Guard me from his advances. Be my guardian angel. Will you?” Cindy’s pleas were met with uneasy silence.

“Love will find its way.” Anthony’s gaze was inward bound, resting somewhere in a dream only he could see.” The fluttering of nearby doves masked Angel’s entry into this world. The scent of passion was so strong she nearly faltered her landing, having to brush against Anthony to steady herself.

“How she stirs my heart.” These words spoken to a dream were answered by one. Angel leaned in to kiss the words upon his mouth.

“Well. Hello. Didn’t see you, sweetheart.” Denver Adams stared as if entranced at this sudden appearance. “Introduce us, Anthony.” He stepped between the two, breaking some invisible spell.

Cindy did not know whether to be pleased by this competition for Denver’s affections or not. Anthony looked like he had seen a ghost but it was not fear emanating from his breast. He too seemed captured and unable to move.

“My dream.” A half-raised hand caught at air as if he were attempting to fly.

“My wings.” Angel felt them wither and fade, yet she felt lighter than air. “I’m your guardian angel.” She explained, searching for where the feathered part of her form had flown off to.

“What a line.” Denver laughed. “Wish I’d thought of that one.” He stared at Angel’s back. “Got a little sunburn, there. Nice shape though.”

“What’s that thing you are wearing on your head?” Cindy pointed. She’d been examining this creature since she’d butted in. The way the woman was looking at Anthony needed no explanation. “How long have you two known each other?”

Angel felt for her halo, reassured it had not evaporated in thin air. “We met in a dream.” She explained.

Anthony’s hand found her own. “I can’t believe you are real.”

And with such a sudden exclamation, she wasn’t. Where an Angel had been lost in earthly love, now appeared a startled dove in mid-flight. Then it too was gone.

The three friends stared at each other in open wonder. Denver turned on his heel to demand of Cindy. “Did you see what I saw?”

Cindy clenched her jaw. “I see a fool making a greater fool of himself. What do you think Anthony.”

Her best friend shared a rueful smile. “For a moment there, I saw a dream but only in passing. Denver quit fooling around. You’re trying to make something out of nothing.”

“Yeah . . . I guess.” Denver didn’t know how the two of them had turned him into a joke. He didn’t like it. All feeling for Cindy left him. “You two have your fun. I’m out of here.” His eye had been caught by a new pair of legs dressed in short-shorts disappearing around a corner.

“Thanks, Angel. He’s gone and good riddance.” Cindy grabbed Anthony’s hand to press it against her cheek. The wind rustled in a nearby tree making its rustle of secret laughter.

“That was a close one, mom.” Angel paused in flight, testing her wings.

“I think you’ve had enough time playing earthly guardian. Those two seem content to guard each other’s affections.” They watched as time slowed down for Cindy and Anthony in the gaze they alone shared and owned.

There were pain and passion passed between them as only two creatures of Earth can only know and in the knowing, true love was born to ease the way they ventured upon. With two heavenly beings wondering at the sight, a little curious, a little enthralled, at the beauty God created in this imperfect world.
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