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A poem about a melancholy girl
Hey I’m the girl who always has a problem
Problem child you could call me
My problems
I don’t know how to solve them
But I must clear my conscience and refrain from repressing my thoughts along with feelings
And maybe this killing
Pain in my chest
Will come to rest

I’m the girl you know with the upside-down smile
Whose big sad brown eyes begs you to stay by her for a little while
The cup half empty chick
Who’s always so quick to flip
The girl with all the problems
The kind that are all in her head
And at times wishes she was dead
The girl who at times seem to glow
The girl who could pull people in with her expressive ways and words that flow
The girl who subconsciously do things
To bring
People to see
Things from her perspective
I’m the girl with the problems
And is looking to you to help me resolve them
The girl who smiles in your presence
And frowns in the of others
The girl who doesn’t handle adversity very well
The girl who is sad and anxious when you’re not around
Hey I’m the girl you know with the upside-down smile
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