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by Vicki
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An admirable quality, if there ever was one...
An admirable quality, if there ever was one
Is faith in things which can’t possibly be done
The improbably, the unlikely, the hard to achieve
Can sometimes be pulled off without too much upheave,
But the truly preposterous, the incredible stuff – well
To accomplish the impossible seems unbelievably tough.

Those mountainous obstacles, which won’t seem to shift
Like enormous stone boulders, too heavy to lift
Will not budge, give no leeway, no helping hand
Despite the ingenious workings of a well-thought-through plan.

The strongest ones will find that their muscles are weak
The wily ones success with their cunning will seek
The nervous ones will stand down without any fight
And the impulsive try their best but then they take flight.

But the quietly faithful, those with no outward force
No great grand schemes, no ploys, no resource
Armed with simple assurance and a mind-set quite humble
Yet miraculously those mountains begin to wither and crumble…
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