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Sometimes we don't know we're in love until it's too late
This is about a girl who didn’t listen to her heart
Well not until it was too late
She had a one-way mind
She could have never seen herself with a boy
And every time boys would ask her out
She would say
She would say

I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiike girllllllllllllllls
I like girls, I like girls

Until one day this boy came along and changed her mind
But it took some time
For that to happen
They were just friends
They had a lot in common; they both liked sports, girls, and fast cars
They would go out act silly, dance, and get drunk at bars
One day he asked her out
She turned him down without a doubt

She says
I’m just going along with my mind
Going along with my mind
And it’s tells me
I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiike girllllllllllllllls
I like girls, I like girls

So the boy gave up chasing her but they remained friends
So one day the boy says to the girl
I’m so happy I’m dating the most beautiful girl
I think in this world
The girl then feels a pain in her chest and her stomach turns and heart drops
She can’t believe this
But she’s feeling jealous
It seems all along her heart was beating for him but she pushed it all off with her “I like girls”

So she confronts him and asks him to listen to his heart
She asks him do you think we belong together
He says no we are just good friends and that’s it, I really like this girl
And I thought
You like girls, you like girls
Do you like girls

She says yes but I didn’t listen to my heart because it was pulling me towards you
She says
I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiike yooooooooooooooou
I like you, I like you

He says I like you too but only as a friend and a good one you’ve been and I probably won’t see you again, this is our last day
I really like this girl and we are moving away

And she says do what makes you happy, as long as you’re following your heart
Because I should have done that from the start
My mind was corrupt, I should have, I should have opened my mind up
Followed my heart, followed my heart
It was always you I wanted from the start

She says
I like girls, I like girls
I like girls, I like girls
With the exception of a sweet boy to delight my heart

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