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by Paul
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She finds him and thaws him out.
"I'll record this in case someone finds what’s left of me. Sonia, I'm so sorry. I love you and I want it too.

As an expanding race we‘re constantly searching for new planets and a major problem is the Kron, rivals for the planets we need. There were enough planets of our type in the galaxy to go around, but the Kron are very aggressive and like to fight. We build monitoring stations at the edges of our territories because they also like to encroach. My job is to maintain those stations.

I popped into the system to check our monitor on the third moon of the fifth planet. I'd just swapped memories when the ship said a Kron had shown up.

I was off-moon and had three missiles launched before he knew I was there. He got off one shot before all three of mine got to him. His detonated far enough away to not shred the hull but close enough to destroy everything inside except me and the shock-seat. I love that seat almost as much as you. I'm going to shut down to minimal life support and freeze-sleep until you find me. Good night, love."
"... fzzzssstt ... pop ... I’m gonna get you! ... bzzzt ... popzzt ... there in ... fssstz ... hours love ..."

“. . . what? . . . who's there? . . . umpf ... what ... oohhh ... "

Kron? "Ohh, god, what happened?” why awake? ship woke early? “What a mess. Com's out, crap!" no one knows where I am "The main computer's mostly scrap metal so the engines won't start, and I can't navigate anyway." ohh, Sonia, I'm so sorry why'd I say such a stupid thing?

“. . . I'm ... zzzt ... ing to get you . . .”

"What? I'm losing it, Sonia, I swear I just heard you say—"

"... Bradley? ... Bradley ... talk to me sweetheart ... I love you ... your safe now. I’ll be there in 2 hours."

"What? Oh god, Sonia, where'd you come from?"

"We got a rough fix when you were hit and two months of combing this sector found you. I should punch you, but I think I’ll freeze you again."

"I'm sorry. I was stupid. I love you, Sonia. I do want a family with you."

"Good. If this happens again I'll thaw you again and not just leave you frozen."
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