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Sweet love travels east to my home for the first time.
This is a story I had written about the first time my best friend came to Georgia for a visit. I had written this years ago and the writing was lost when my old profile was deleted. I can not recapture the exact wording from the story but the feelings are still there when I think about the visit and I will do what I can to re-create it for her so she can keep it for herself.

At the time I was known as Wicked Intention. We have had many visits since and sometimes the memories sort of flow together and we forget which visit or trip we did what on. This visit was special though, it was the first time she flew east to be with me, meet my parents and enter my home.

She was arriving today. I had so much to do even though I had this day planned out for a long time. A special trip to the florist for a single red rose. I picked the bloom specifically for her from the many they had. A bit of baby's breath and a fern so the crimson red of the flower would stand out among the dark green foliage and the bit of white of the baby's breath. Wrapped up and in a water tube, it was perfection and it would last.

I always arrive at the airport early. Hours before, I like the anticipation of knowing she is coming. I eagerly await her with a childlike glee. I watch the people and wonder who they are waiting for. Some of them seem almost as happy as I am, most aren't even close.

A lady glances at the rose and comments "she must be special." I assure her that you are and that I have been counting the days for weeks. I have been, the count started at 58 days when the ticket was bought. Mentally I have crossed them off in my head one at a time. She looks at her husband a small disapproving look on her face. I hope she won't be hard on him, it's hard to value what we have when it's there for us every day. We lose sight of it and the significance of what we own can become devalued over time.

I am the only one there with a flower. I think about this and am sad. It's such a small easy gesture and I know she will love it. People watch me, watching for her. I know they are curious about who is going to come up that escalator and receive the rose. They can see how eager I am and how I light up when your flight status changes to "Arrived".

She makes her way up the lift. I can see her face, her shoulders and then the rest of her. She is dressed light and carefree. I call to her and rush over. The crowd is forgotten as I am lost in the moment. I kiss her but she is a little shy and anxious. She can feel the others looking. I tell her to forget about the people. She can not let go though.

I take her hand and we walk to claim her baggage. It is ironic to me. We all have baggage, most people try to set it down or leave it behind. Here we claim it, and take it with us. Her's is light and easy to transport.

I make small talk and jokes as leave the airport. I can feel her starting to relax. I am excited that she is here with me. Her first trip to be with me. We talk in the car and I drive north. A station wagon cuts us off, an easy reaction avoids the accident. I keep talking but it scared her. I tell her it's normal on the highways here. She begins to relax once more.

We were supposed to go to UNEAK this night for trivia. She is tired though so I bring her to the hotel instead. I open the door and we set the bags inside. I can feel her anticipation. Her collar is slipped on and her fears and anxiety melts away. We are intimate that night and she is loud.

She sleeps on my chest, curled up and close. It is my favorite way to sleep. I feel like I am nurturing and protecting. She is soon asleep on my chest. Her snores are light and quiet. I relish in them and always wait to fall asleep last so I can cherish them. It means she is at peace.

The next morning in the hallway there are glances as we leave our room. Other guests are talking about how loud she was. She is embarrassed and shy. I set her at ease by complaining about the noise coming from the room next door to us to the clerk. A knowing wink is shot to the kitten and she returns a grateful smile back.

I take her north once more to Helen. It is my favorite place that is close. I love the mountains and the natural scenery here. She slept for most of the trip. I was agitated with her for this. There were so many beautiful sights I wanted to share on the way up. I knew she needed sleep from the stress she had been under the past week, but I felt she was missing out on the journey.

Helen is beautiful, but the weather is not in our favor. I decide there is only time for a quick hike into Duke's Falls. We descend the trail and there is water at the bottom of the stairs. She protests but I pick her up anyway. I carry her over the puddles on the trail. She is little and I protect her. We pick our way slowly to the falls.

This is one of my favorite places. There are twin falls here. Separating the falls is one lonely dead tree that I am sure has stood here as a quiet sentry for many years. He is a silent observer as we kiss and luxuriate in nature. The thunder of the falls is deafening and drowns out the surrounding wildlife. It is peaceful and I am glad she knows of it now. I have taken all the important people in my life to this place. My daughter and my mother and now her.

After a brief rest, we slowly return up the trail enjoying the quiet solitude of the birds. We pass a small group headed to the falls. Pleasantries are exchanged and I smile to myself knowing they can not know the intimacy and quiet moment that was just shared by her and I.

We reach the cabin. I had selected this one for the privacy and rustic feel of the inside. It is all wood and dark and rustic. It feeds my strength and is rugged. The single rose was lovingly placed in a glass vase. It's color is striking against the walls and she leans in to smell it. A camera is withdrawn. I am a lover of beauty and the innocence in this shot is intriguing.

She humors me with as many pictures as I wish to take. Her clothing is removed and I take several more. The flower against her skin is striking. One is more beautiful then the other. The rose can not match her flawless skin. I smile at this and tell her. Her smile becomes even more beautiful, even more perfect.

Five days is what I have to give her. So little time to show I love her, but I am up for the task. Three of them will be in Helen. I have each day meticulously planned out. The weather does not cooperate, and we find ourselves in town shopping in the little shops. I try and spoil her, I want to show she is valued. We visit the shops and eat over the river. Always I am playful with the people around us. I allow them little glimpses into our happiness knowing it will add delight to their day.

The hot tub at the cabin is a God send. I feel so spoiled and she has a hard time getting me out of the frothing bubbles. I love being able to look at the stars while I soak. It reminds me of my childhood, I refuse to come out until my fingers are wrinkled.

We dry off and have a light snack. I had let her pick out a bottle of wine from town and she opens it. I am not much of a drinker and pass on the wine. We retire to the bed room. The rose is now fully open and bears a silent witness for what is to come.

She is led to the bed and strips. Her clothes are taken from her and folded over the bench at the foot of the bed. Her wrists and ankles are delicate and slight and secured by a bondage belt which opens her to me. A gag is inserted and a blindfold added as I wish her to focus fully on the sensations and feelings.

A red blush moves up her chest as the orgasms begin to consume her. She is fully immersed in them with every orifice filled. Her eyes roll back and the gag does not prevent sound, it merely muffles it. I do not penetrate her. I want this to be for her. She needs to let go and she does several times. I am pleased with her and she is almost out cold.

The gag is removed and I lay quietly with her. I cuddle her tightly to me without removing the belt. She is shuddering and trembling. Her ankles are released first. I rub her skin allowing her legs to relax. I whisper sweet words to her. She can barely hear them and is flying. But she knows I am there, she languishes in the closeness and the warmth.

Her wrists are released and she snuggles tightly to me, unable to get close enough. I feel her heart pressed against me. She is warm and fragile and mine. I do not take pleasure for myself, mine has come from giving this night.

It is a good beginning and I am happy.

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