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When love rubs you the wrong way
Everything I write from now on about love will be trashing it, bashing it
As if it was something I was discriminating against
I guess I'll be like this until I find the one
Yeah right, please, whatever
Every time I see couples being all cute
It just makes me sick
I had that, did it, done it
And I don't want it
Sometimes I lay awake at night
And think about her
Murdering her
Fucking strangling her so tight her fucking head explodes
Sometimes I think about getting a baseball bat and pounding the shit out of her head
But I could never do this
These are just thoughts, these fucking thoughts she puts inside my head
I have never felt so angry, so violent
Until, until I met her
Love, oh love is a joke
I told her I loved her
And now she won't go away
Why do we need love to feel alive
Why does she need love, my love to feel alive
Oh love, love
It has torn us apart, torn me apart
I have to go and find my heart
It has gone lost and turned cold in all this mess
But this I must confess, this I must confess
I can't do this, the love thing
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