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A poem about feelings and emotions that can take over your life
Shadowy, distant, and discontent
These are the three adjectives
That describes my present
Emotions that I am feeling
But I am willing
To give these feelings
Up any day
Some people say just don't think about it and they'll go away
But this is like a disease, a sickness, an illness
You have to treat it like that, like diabetes that has to do with blood and sugar, or like different kinds of cancer
Well this if left untreated, your mind, your emotions, your ability to function right, you'll be killing
Shadowy, distant, and discontent
These three adjectives for years have left a dent in my soul
Now I have lost all my ability to control
How I feel
Now I must reveal
This shit ain't no joke
Night after night I choke
From the mucus that seeps down to my throat
From crying
Some nights I think about dying
Then I start to think why when
This all will be over someday
Then I pray
And ask God to give me strength to get through another day
Shadowy for being obscure
And rest assure
It's something I'm not proud of
But it's something I gotta rise above
And I gotta learn to love
'Cause nobody else
Is gonna accept you
So I gotta learn how to
Maybe that's why I'm so distant
So I sprint
Away from it all
Just waiting for a downfall
So I feel discontent 'cause this is how it always goes
And anyone who knows
Me, knows that my mood swings go up and down like a rollercoaster
Maybe something to do with bipolar
But I just need a shoulder
Someone to lean on to help me get over
Whatever you wanna call this
But I don't, so I ball a fist
I feel pissed
Reminiscing to the time I slit my wrist
But then I start to think this is ridiculous
Shadowy, distant, and discontent
Is remnant
To all the other adjectives I could, should use to describe me, ah
But I think you get the idea
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