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What is life like as Jo Hancock's devoted slave? Part 2 of this foot saga continues!
Licking Jo Hancock's bare foot up and down, absorbing all of her foot sweat, soaking up every square inch of her perfect, slightly wrinkled sole...

No, Jason was not dreaming. He was living out his fantasy: of being a foot slave! Jo Hancock was the perfect foil for him; she clearly understood what he wanted, no needed, and was playing her part perfectly.

Or was she?

After a good ten minutes of lovingly licking her foot, like a puppy dog, Jason had a brief moment of clarity in the few seconds it took for Jo to swap feet. What if this wasn't role-play? What if she was genuine in wanting to enslave him...would that even be a problem?!

Such thoughts were fleeting as Jo positioned her other foot in front of his face, making him salivate and squirm once more. She smiled triumphantly as he whimpered and let loose a fresh series of loving licks all over the sumptuous sole presented before him. This was bliss! How could there be a problem with this? He could do this for hours, days...years! Closing his eyes, lost in the ecstasy of it all, Jason licked her bare foot with gusto, with more enthusiasm than he ever had when making of love, or kissing a girl. This was what his mouth was meant for! Last time he was here, he got to taste Jo's feet, but not for long enough and all of that got lost and twisted up with her need to make him her boyfriend...

But not anymore! No, now it was all about her foot, and how wonderful it was! After what seemed like only a couple of minutes, but was probably more like a quarter of an hour, Jo suddenly placed her foot firmly down on the floor, causing an involuntary moan to escape his lips.

"You are my slave. For as long as I want you to be. Understand?" Jo grinned down at him.

"Yes, Princess Jo," he answered meekly, feeling so enamoured by her.

"Over the next few days, I am going to break you in as my slave. I have enough time off work, so there's plenty of time. By the time Monday rolls around, you won't even want to go back to your 'normal life'," she told him, using quotation marks for the last two words. "You are my pet, my property. Understand?"

"Yes, Princess Jo!" He gushed, his voice wobbling, his hard-on practically forcing itself out of his pants. She lowered her eyes down and nodded appreciatively at this.

With a gleam in her eyes, she lifted both bare feet back up but waggled a finger at him, as though not to kiss or lick them. "You can jerk off now," she said simply.

His right hand dropping automatically to his pants, Jason knew that this wouldn't take long. Within a minute he had tugged himself off, letting out a cry of total joy as he rested his face against her two soft soles, nuzzling his nose against them, heavily breathing in their cheddary, strong and glorious scent.

"Th-thank you..." He mumbled into her feet but was meant with a curt slap of one foot against the left hand side of his face.

"Remember the rules slave," she said, firmly but not unkindly.

Sticking his hand weakly up in the air, she allowed him to speak. "Thank you....Princess Jo..." He said in reverence yet guilt was starting to slowly set in, especially having cum. Was this really a good idea? What if she started making him tell her he loved her again, or ride his face with her pussy....? However neither thing happened. Jo seemed to have it sussed. She smiled smugly at him and patted his head before dropping down onto the couch, her feet dangling off the edge.

"You can lick my feet some more, slave. Lick them while I watch some TV." She said this with such authority that even if he did not feel like being at her feet straight after orgasming, he felt compelled to obey.

Jo casually flicked through some TV channels - nothing much was on in the daytime in the UK - while Jason meekly shuffled over to the end of the sofa, uneasily sticking his tongue out and placing it on the heel of one foot. His uneasiness didn't last long; he soon found that her soles were just as delicious post-orgasm as they were just minutes ago. What was different though was the guilt and disappointment he felt - for himself, for Megan... And what about work, would he really be taking the next two days off?

Still, with his tongue lapping gently at first, then more hungrily against her soft soles, he started to accept that this was too enjoyable to turn down and to have so many qualms about. Megan wouldn't even let him see her feet, he thought ruefully. Perhaps, perhaps he could be Jo's boyfriend after all - was she actually his dream girl? If it meant not having to meet her parents, not introducing her to his friends...he shuddered slightly at his friends' - like Mark's - reactions to him breaking up with Megan, a gorgeous, smart, successful woman, to be with Jo Hancock...

No, it was best to accept that this was a bit of a fun - a way of getting his foot fetish out of his system, possibly. It did not have emotional attachments to it, which seemed to be the way that Jo was seeing it too. She barely flinched as she casually watched TV, ignoring him as he licked her feet up and down. This was actually a turn on for him... The idea of Jo Hancock treating him like a mere foot slave, considering him so beneath her that she didn't even look at him...soon he found wood building in his pants once more!

After a good half hour of Jo watching TV, and with a brand new boner in Jason's pants, the enamoured man put his hand up in the air.

"Yes, slave?" Jo said lazily, a minute or so after he stuck it up and she noticed.

"Please, Princess Jo, please can I...erm...you know...?"

She giggled. "Jerk yourself off again?" Although he nodded fervently, she shook her head from side to side. "No."

He whined. "But...but... OW!"

A swift kick to his nose made him shout out in pain, her powerful foot connecting sharply with it. Luckily it did not seem to be broken though he felt a couple of spots of blood drip out.

"How many times....ONLY SPEAK WHEN YOU ARE SPOKEN TO!" She told him, genuine anger seemingly in her voice. "Now crawl over here and stay on all fours...you can be my foot rest."

Complying at once, and clutching his nose, Jason positioned himself on all fours in front of Jo, grunting a little as she placed her feet on his back, while he supported her. The boner in his pants gradually, gradually subsided over the next hour or so as Jo continued to use him as a foot rest, totally ignoring him now. Sometimes she played on her phone, other times she laughed out aloud. Whatever she was doing, Jason stayed silent and still. After a little while longer, his knees startled to buckle from the pressure and discomfort of it all.

She tutted and pushed hard down on his back with her feet so that he was facedown on the carpet. "You need to get stronger, slave! I want to use you as a foot rest for longer than that! Instead, I'll rest my feet on the back of your head. Just keep your face down and be quiet."

Her authoritativeness was unnerving. This was everything he had ever wanted from her. Predictably, a boner started to rebuild, now that he wasn't exerting himself physically as he was as a foot stool. Minutes and soon hours trickled by and Jo finally got to her feet, stretching.

"Ooh, 1 o'clock...time for lunch! You hungry, slave?" She looked smugly down at the beaten man, his face still pressed against the carpet.

"Yes...Princess Jo," his voice came out muffled, which made her laugh.

"Good! You can cook me two poached eggs on toast. Whatever I leave, you can have," she told him, still stretching and grabbing some running shoes. "I'm going for a quick run. See you in ten!"

Before he could really register it, Jo was up and out of her chalet, leaving him alone, still facedown on the floor! Slowly, he pushed himself up, his back and limbs aching from being her foot rest for the past couple of hours or so. The fact that she had ordered him to make lunch was both humiliating and thrilling...again, she seemed to know exactly what buttons to press! This can't be her, this must be role-play, he told himself. By the time she returned, he was dishing up her lunch.

"Good job, slave," Jo nodded approvingly as Jason dutifully served up her foot at the table, taking a seat next to her.

She shook her head. "No. No, slave. You will lie down on the floor, take off my running shoes off and lick my feet clean. They're pretty sweaty from my run...

Finding himself on the floor quicker than she could even start eating, Jo giggled at his keenness. While she ate - noisily it must be said - Jason eagerly pulled off each shoe, allowing the heady, vinegary stench to fill his nostrils. Like a good slave, he lay down on the floor and positioned each of her feet over his face. She rested them there for a few seconds, the sheer heat of them practically burning his cheeks.

"Ooh, that feels good. You will do this every time I go for a run - your cold face is the perfect way to cool down my hot sweaty feet," she said casually.

"Yes, Princess Jo," He told her weakly, finally being released enough so that he could start to lick her sweaty soles, thickly swallowing every drop of dirt and grime as he did so. Jason found himself getting hard yet again, loving the taste of her bare feet - they really were the greatest things in the world! Jo seemed to content to eat above him, finishing her meal in a few minutes, which was far too short a time for him to be at her feet.

"I'm going to stretch, slave. You can keep licking my feet," she told him, as she rose to her feet, positioning her body in an impressively stretchy way, but more importantly angling one foot down so the toes were pressed on the ground and the sole lifted up. Jason wasted no time in crawling on his belly towards them, his tongue lapping rapidly up and down on the soft, sole, glistening with sweat and his saliva, that was raised off the ground. After a little while of this, Jo plopped herself back on the couch, clicking at Jason for him to kneel before her, once more.

"So, slave. I think you're going to do a good job," she told him patronisingly. "You've been wondering if this is all role-play, haven't you?"

He nodded quickly, his heart beating. "Yes, Princess Jo."

Leaning forward, she grinned at him. "It's not role-play, loser. This is what your life's going to be from now on. I am going to ENSLAVE you! You are going to kiss goodbye to your life - you won't need a job, friends, family...anything! You're going to live for my feet! You are going to be my pathetic little foot slave, who begs to serve me and does all of my chores. You are going to live for me and my feet!" She looked triumphant as she told him all of this, as though he had no say in it.

"But Jo I-" He was silenced by a swift foot to the gut. Gasping for air, he shot his hand up, despite himself.

"Yes, slave," she grinned once more. "What do you have to say?"

"Give up my job...not see my friends....I thought, I thought that you and I could just...have fun...?" He stammered at her, heart beating faster but this time more out of fear than anything.

"Have fun?" She spat out at him, making him cower and avert his eyes away. "I'll pretend I didn't hear that! Anyway, just accept it, slave. You were always meant to be a slave for a woman. My mistake before was that I was looking for an equal, someone who I could share my life with. Since you've made it clear to me that you don't want to be my boyfriend, then I knew what I had to do. I had to become less emotional, more realistic. I realised what it was that you always wanted deep down, to be broken and humiliated by a woman and her feet. Am I wrong?" She raised an eyebrow at Jason, who was genuinely at a loss for words. "So, this is not just about a few days of fun with you being my foot slave, this is what I want from you permanently. Since you don't want me as your girlfriend, then I will make you my slave."

Before he spoke he remembered to put his hand up. "Jo...Princess Jo..." He said carefully. "I love the fantasy of being your foot slave but it's not what I want...forever! I have loved being at your feet today....but for me to give up everything - my job, my family...I can't do that!"

She pouted at him. "Aw, poor little slave! Don't worry, by the time we get to Sunday, you won't want any of those things...the only thing you'll want in life is to be my slave!"


The only thing you'll want in life is to be my slave!

Her words reverberating around Jason's head, the panicked man felt like he was going to boil over. This was not part of his fantasy! Jo Hancock had gone too far; he was not prepared to give up his job, friends family...this was insane!

"No. No, I don't want that," He told her suddenly, his voice sounding surprisingly clear and calm.

She stared at him, eyes narrowing. "You forgot the RULES!" Leaning forward, her hand outstretched, Jason managed to stumble backwards on his feet and avoid the slap aimed for his face. "Slave..." She continued softly and menacingly. "Get back here, on your knees. NOW!"

"No," Jason repeated. "And it's Jason, not 'slave'...Look, I...I really appreciate you doing all this for me...letting me play out my fantasy...but it's not real life! You can't just expect me to give up everything for you..."

"I can," she said, fire shining in her eyes. "I can make you be my willing slave...come on, it's what you want, right?"

Choosing his words carefully, Jason took a breath. "I love your feet. They're amazing! The smell, the taste...it's taking a huge amount of self-control not to bow down to you and do everything you tell me to. You really are a foot goddess, Jo!"

She frowned at his words but fell silent for a moment, allowing him to continue. "So, I need to be honest with you. I came here for some foot fun...to be at your feet, which I have loved. When you made me phone my workplace, pretending I'll be ill for the next couple of days...that was extreme, but exciting at the same time. It all added to the fantasy."

"Stop saying that," She interjected coldly. "It's not a fantasy, slave"

"Jason," He repeated. "It's not-"

She interrupted him. "SLAVE. It's who you are. Let me make something clear to you. Your life - when you're a teacher, a son, a friend...all the times when you're denying your true nature - that's just a mask. You're pretending to be something you're not. Both you and I know who you really are. A pathetic, snivelling foot slave who wants, no, needs to be dominated and controlled."

Staring at her dumbly, mouth hanging open a little, he found her words cutting to his very core. "Jo...I-"

"Shut up and listen to me, foot boy," She cut him off completely, getting to her feet and standing in front of him, arms folded and a smirk on her face. "The real you - the actual you - that's what you've had the chance to be with me today. I can tell by the look in your eyes that it's what you want. Do you really think you have a chance in the real world? Pretending to people you claim are close to you that you're 'normal' or 'regular'...how long are you gonna keep that lie up, huh? And how's it been working meeting someone new? I remember your message last night - that this girl you were seeing is not me...how cute! What else did you tell me...that she wouldn't let you near her feet...OF COURSE SHE WOULDN'T, YOU FUCKING LOSER!" Jo suddenly shouted, a thunderous look about her. Practically snarling, she grabbed him roughly by the scruff of the neck and hurled him back onto the couch.

Taken aback and trying to get back to his feet, Jason tried reasoning with her. "Jo, come on. Let me explain..."

However Jo was in no mood to be reasoned with! She jumped on top of Jason, pinning him firmly down and stretching out one hand to slap him hard across the face, spewing forth a torrent of abuse at him as she did so. "Know your PLACE, you fucking foot freak! This is the BEST you're gonna get for the rest of your life! You are never gonna have a normal girlfriend, a normal life! I'm trying to give you some meaning to your pathetic life and you're throwing it back in my FACE!"

Her shouts punctuated with slaps, he stopped trying to fight her off, overpowered and overawed. "Please...please Jo....please stop...!"

Breathing heavily and dropping her hands to her side, dragging her fingers furiously through her hair, Jo glared at Jason, her expression livid.

"I'm sorry..." He murmured weakly, both cheeks feeling red raw from her brutal slaps to the face. "Sorry, Jo...I...I..."

His words trailed off as Jo hopped down onto his stomach, extending her legs out and smothering her bare feet all over her face, a look about her of victory intermingled with distaste. "Save your words, you fucking foot boy! Your mouth was made for one thing - to SERVE MY FEET! That is your purpose, the point of your existence...to be my foot slave! From now on you'll have no worries, no responsibilities other than to serve me and my feet! ACCEPT IT! ACCEPT IT!"

Lifting her feet off her face for a moment, she smirked at the tired and defeated look Jason had about him. Her words had really cut to the bone and quashed this little rebellion that he had been showing. His face aching, Jason gazed up at her, both terrified and excited by her dominance and power.

"What do you wanna say to me, slave?" She asked him, wiggling her toes, hovering her slightly-wrinkled soles above his face."

"You...you win, Princess Jo," He murmured weakly, feeling an unmistakeable boner build once more as he surrendered fully to his conqueror. "You're r-right...everything you said..."

"Just do exactly what I tell you from now on. Got that, slave?" She said in an imperious tone.

"Yes, Princess J-Jo," he said, trying to hide the whimper in his voice.

"Now that you're being a good slave, you can lick my feet," she said with authority. Pushing her feet forward, she sighed happily as she watched her devoted slave stick out his tongue, closing his eyes in total ecstasy as he lapped it all over her powerful soles. Jason couldn't help but let out small, defeated moans as he realised that this was indeed what his mouth was made for - to clean Jo Hancock's feet and love every moment of it! Continuing to swish and swirl his tongue all over her sumptuously soft soles, he absorbed every piece of grime and sweat that he could explore. Working up to her toes, he removed the toe jam from in between, swallowing thickly as he did.

"This is your life, slave," Jo stated simply, surveying him with satisfaction.

The moment to resist her and fight the fact that his life was going to become far, far more limited from now on had passed. With an impressive physical flurry and brutal, hash words spoke to him, he had crumbled and broken. He was a mess of a man and was genuinely beginning to accept that this was what he deserved from life - to be Jo Hancock's willing foot bitch!

Allowing Jason to enjoy himself for a few more minutes, Jo grinned as she leaned back and used a hand to rest on his boner. This made him whine, which was humiliating yet thrilling at the same time.

"I could jerk you off...but I'm not going to. You don't deserve it! Be a good slave, earn my trust and I may spend all of ten seconds finishing you off. But not this time!" She said with a chuckle, removing her hand from his cock and sliding her feet down from his face. "I just want to make something clear to you, slave. This is all your doing. When you visited me last time, then bailed on me, that tore me apart. I really thought you were gonna be my boyfriend, that we could be happy together. I'd waited so long to be with you...you were literally the guy of my dreams! When I found out about your foot fetish, it was a little odd but no big deal for me. No, I accepted it as I so wanted to be with you. After you fucked off, I was soooo tempted to spill your secret on Facebook, on Social Media...I very nearly did a couple of times!"

He held his breath, gazing up at her, looking at the look of fury radiating in her wide eyes. "But I didn't. I thought to myself, I'm gonna get back at this fucking jerk, one way or another. If I did that to you, then you'd never forgive me, I know that. So the more I thought about, the more I realised that I don't want a boyfriend. How the hell can I go through that torment again with some other jerk? No thank you! No, I gradually realised that I was destined to be with you, though not as a girlfriend. Your little messages to me every so often kept that flame burning - that the next time I saw you, I would make you my slave!"

Jo gave her slave a triumphant look before continuing. "I was actually thinking of visiting you, of forcing my will upon you and watch you crumble in your own place. But I held off, and I'm so glad I did! Having you come to me shows real surrender. Also, you seeing another girl is honestly the best thing you could've done - it showed to you that you will never, NEVER be with a normal girl and have a normal relationship. No, slave, this is what you deserve. To be enslaved by me, for as long as I want you to be. Welcome to slavery!"

Jason was truly broken! Just a few minutes ago, he was totally rejecting her hypothesis - that he would have to give up everything to her slave. Now, now he was actually embracing it, in his heart and soul!

"Th-thank you, Princess Jo," He told her reverently. "Thank you for l-letting me be your slave."

She smirked at him. "Hey, I said that your mouth was made for one thing. BUT, telling the truth and speaking from your heart is always OK. Tell me some more about how awesome my feet are..."

Jason spent the next couple of minutes gushing about how incredible her feet were, the shape, the texture, the smell, the taste... He babbled on about this, feeling it cathartic to prove to his Princess how enamoured he was with them. Every word made him feel more and more turned on; his dick was twitching and struggling to contain its load from shooting! After that, she allowed him to worship her feet some more - this was a blissful experience for her new slave. Jason could not contain his excitement as his eager tongue covered every crevice of her feet and toes for a good half hour or so. Also, he could not contain his load, which splurged into his pants with a mouthful of Jo Hancock's feet...

Letting out a mewling sound, still with several toes of hers in his mouth, he heard Jo chuckle, clearly revelling in the fact how effortlessly she caused him to have an orgasm.

"Wow! I didn't even touch your dick, and nor did you! How did that even happen?" She grinned sliding her toes, covered in his salvia, in his hair.

"I..I...Sorry, Princess Jo, I, er, I... I...Princess...I..." The defeated man babbled, which made her giggle some more.

"You're so inarticulate! Good job I'm the smart one," She stated without irony. "I think it was 'cos every time you lick or kiss my feet, you thrust your dick forward a bit. Even though there's nothing to fuck, that movement must've made you cream your pants! No offence, but I've never known anyone to have an orgasm so easily - apart from that scene in the first American Pie film of course!"

"Yes...sorry...Princess...Yes, Princess...Jo," Jason murmured weakly, allowing her to rest her feet in his face while she giggled again at how pathetic and subservient he was.

"You're such a natural slave!" She said, her voice bright and breezy, clearly pleased that she was in total control once more and that he succumbed to her completely.

Looking at the time on her phone after another little while of resting her feet in his face, Jo looked quite surprised. "Oh wow, it's nearly evening! I've gotta get ready for my show! Right, this is what's gonna happen. I'll get ready while you cook me dinner. There's stuff for a chicken stir fry in the fridge. I want it with noodles, not rice. Got that? Good! Then, when I go out, I want you to clean my chalet from top to bottom. I've got washing that needs doing, clearing up, ironing...enough for three or four hours while I'm gone. OK, you can kiss my feet one more time before I get ready..."

Jason did, pressing soft, meek kisses to her gorgeous soles before she hopped off him.

"Everything's in the kitchen, slave. Have it ready in half an hour!" She told him casually, moving towards the bathroom, putting some music on while she went into the shower.

Jason Goddard lay flat on his back for a few moments, allowing everything in the last couple of hours to compute. Jo had broken him, there was no doubt about it! For a second he felt like running away, getting the hell out of this situation, but he found himself following her instructions, getting the food out of the fridge and beginning to chop the chicken and vegetables.

A few minutes later, Jo popped her head out of the bathroom, her body and hair wet with a towel around her waist. "Just checking you're still here! Not that you'd ever dare fuck off again...not now!"

She had such a confident, assured look about her, that Jason felt genuinely loyal towards yet fearful of her. She was his Princess, his owner and keeper. Cooking the chicken and vegetables in a wok, he prepared the noodles, then started dishing up, just in time for Jo to be ready.

"Right, I'm off slave. Remember all the jobs I told you. Do a good job and I MIGHT reward you with something..." She said, a seductive look in her eyes. "I mean, I thought about letting you watch my show again, like last time, but...well, I don't want people to see my slave with me in public. No offence, slave!"

Stung, but strangely turned on by the fact that she didn't want to be with him in public, she waved Jason goodbye and left him all alone.

Lying on the floor, like an animal, Jason allowed himself to take in the enormity of the situation once more. A few hours of tedious chores...this was part of his new life as a slave now that he'd have to get used to, just like it would be not being a teacher or seeing his friends or family again...


Getting wearily to his feet, Jason let out a heavy sigh. Was this what he actually wanted in life? To be Jo Hancock's skivvy and devoted servant? Sure, he was so enamoured with her feet but the tedium that he would have to endure was more than off-putting.

Then again, was it even his choice anymore?

Jason caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He looked tired, defeated. Before, when he was messaging her, it was an exciting fantasy. The reality of it all was this: he would have to accept the fact that all the things that made him a good friend, or son, or teacher would have to be swept aside. Swept aside for Jo Hancock!

His head whirring, Jason raced over to his car parked outside Jo's chalet and didn't turn back. Not even bothering with his bag of clothes, he simply had to escape this situation, to get back to normality! Zooming away, he exited the entertainment centre and was on a main road in just a few minutes. Taking a deep breath, he couldn't control how fast his heart was beating. Chill, chill! He told himself. Looking in the rearview mirror, he suddenly had a moment of realisation.

This wasn't his choice. He wasn't in control of his life anymore. He didn't have a life - it belonged to Jo Hancock...

Pathetic as it may have sounded, a whimper escaped Jason Goddard's lips as he pulled over to the side of the road, his entire body shaking. Taking deep breaths, he shook his head from side to side, as if to empty his head of this harsh fact, resounding and reverberating inside him.

He was Jo Hancock's bitch!

Sighing dejectedly, he found himself almost automatically turning around and heading back to the entertainment centre, as if in a trance like state. Arriving back at Jo's chalet, he was grateful that she hadn't seen him leave - that would've been deeply disrespectful!

Jo Hancock had won; he was nothing more than a pathetic creature who deserved to have all of the positives in his life taken away from him. All of the praise and kind words people had for him were not the true him - like Jo told him, these were for the 'mask' that he wore. The true Jason, the real Jason was a snivelling foot-obsessed freak who needed to be at her feet!

Dropping his car keys onto the coffee table, the defeated man proceeded to do as he as instructed - tedious, menial chores for his Princess. Starting with putting a load of her washing on, he hesitated as he rifled through some dirty socks. Now he had tasted her feet, he did not feel the urge to pleasure himself to the smell and feel of these. How far he had come, he mused with an ironic smile. Once the washing was on, he focused on sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, ironing, polishing.... the next couple of hours or so actually raced by with how busy he was.

By the time he heard Jo opening the door, he was just about done. Quickly getting into a lowly position, he got onto his knees and bowed down in the hallway, as if worshiping a Goddess - which Jo was to him now! She let out a small chuckle, but not one of derision.

"Good slave," She said, giggling and patting you on the head as she walked past. He stayed completely still, awaiting her orders as he heard her walking around the chalet - presumably inspecting his work. "Great job!" She called out to him.

"Thank you...thank you Princess Jo!" He called back at her, so relieved now that he did saw the light and returned after scarpering away briefly.

Her footsteps increasing in volume, she stopped in front of him, gently lifting his head up with a bare foot. "Slave, you've earned yourself a reward. Follow me..."

Beckoning him with a finger and seductive pout, Jo walked towards her bedroom while he crawled after her on his hands and knees. His owner hopped onto the bed and stretched out happily, a content look about her.

"This is your life now, slave. The only responsibility you have is serving me. Now serving me may involve doing chores for me. Or it may be doing my shopping. Or collecting my dry cleaning. AND...it involves licking my bare feet..."

Clicking her fingers at Jason, the slave nearly whined as he positioned himself at the foot of her bed, his face mere inches from her soft, gorgeous soles.

"Lick," she commanded, not that Jason needed any encouragement! Sticking out his tongue eagerly, he lavished her feet with devoted, desperate licks. She purred as he let out an uncontrolled whimper, in pure heaven as he felt himself getting a raging boner in well under a minute!

"I love...love your feet, Princess Jo...th-thank you for allowing me the h-honour of l-licking them...thank you!" He stated, his gushing, confessional words making him even more in awe and love with her flawless feet.

She giggled. "Not wanting me to call you Jason anymore? Any doubts about your new life?"

"No..." He replied, trying to ignore the inevitable feeling of guilt as she mentioned this. "Not at all, Princess. Thank you, Princess!"

Observing him shrewdly, Jo Hancock grinned. "I appreciate that slave, but don't ever lie to me." Her expression suddenly morphed to one of sternness, which almost made him piss his pants!

"Sorry...s-sorry, Princess Jo!" He whined. "I want to, I want to! It's just...a lot...a lot to change..."

"Just to do exactly what I tell you, slave. You won't have to make any decisions any more - not about your own life at least. Remember, your only responsibility will be me!" She said with authority, making him feel both cowed and turned on at the same time.

"Yes, Princess Jo."

"Good! Now stop licking for a moment," She smirked a little as he sighed heavily when parted from her feet. "Becoming my slave is going to be a gradual process. First of all, give me your phone. This is now my phone - you won't ever need it again."

He did so automatically. "Now," she continued. "I'm going to be doing all of your communication with your family, friends, everyone. Your story is gonna be this: that you've been headhunted for a teaching job abroad - in Dubai. The only way of accepting it was to take it there and then, and to be flying out tonight."

Trying not to be skeptical, Jason opened his mouth to speak but quickly thought better of it.

"I'll put a Facebook post where you announce your sudden decision, apologising to everyone for this sudden news. Yeah, your family and friends will be upset but who cares? You're not gonna see them anymore anyway!" She said, a casual look on her horsey face.

Listening to her talk so flippantly about his life like this was tough, but he swallowed any small amount of pride he still had and accepted it. Jo relayed the other details - that she would do regular Facebook posts and WhatsApps to his family and group of friends. She made a note of the key people and groups that she'd need to update on WhatsApp. Her plan was basically to keep up with regular communication, then allow this to dwindle away so it became sporadic. She would even write down some key things to say to his parents on the phone or Skype! This would again peter out until it barely, then eventually, never happened.

As for Jason's teaching career, Jo was casual in her approach to this too - he would not need a job anymore. Assuming he had to make another painful call to work, he was relieved when she explained that she would type out an email - describing the so-called job in Dubai that he had suddenly left for.

He actually felt eternally grateful to his Princess that she had decided all of this for him. He wouldn't actually have to do a thing! It also made it easier for him to kiss his career, family and friends away when she dangled her feet in his face, finishing off her sermon-like talk about his future.

"So, kiss if you accept all of this," she told him, with a glint in her eyes, which were sparkling like blue diamonds. "Kiss my feet if all of that sounds OK and fair to you..."

The next morning, it took a few seconds for him to remember the situation that he was now in. He was Jo Hancock's slave! He had agreed to never see his friends or family again, and to quit his job! A nasty feeling in his stomach quickly passed.

He never had a choice; this was his destiny!

Repeating these words over and over, like a mantra, he carefully got onto his knees and crawled back over to the end of Jo's bed, where her beautiful bare soles were hanging off the edge. Any chance of resisting her or trying to fight his nature was long gone; he immediately found himself lapping away, his tongue covering her soles in his saliva, and a blissful sigh escaping his lips.

This caused her feet to twitch a little before she yawned and stretched. "What...ah...morning. Morning slave!" The confused expression on her face turned to one of joy as she must have been clearly realising that she had not dreamt this. No, she truly had railroaded Jason Goddard into becoming her actual slave!

"I'm not at work until this afternoon for a couple of hours, then again have an 'ent' show this evening. Similar to yesterday. Slave," She continued, making Jason look up from her bare feet that he was still licking. "Every morning, I want coffee. I've got a Nespresso machine - get me a long coffee, slave."

"Yes, Princess Jo," he murmured, disappointed to be parted from her feet but keen to please her. Returning with her coffee, he was allowed to continue licking her feet, his tongue exploring every piece of skin he could find, including in between the toes.

"You know, my job doesn't pay well, but I never have to work early mornings. I get accommodation provided. Could be worse. Plus, I've got some plans for you, my devoted slave!" She wiggled her toes, giggling as a moan of pleasure escaped the broken man's lips.

"First, we need to sort out your life..." She narrowed her eyes in concentration as she pulled out Jason's phone, tapping away at a few things. A few minutes later, she sighed with contentment having finished her coffee, along with whatever it was she was doing. "OK, Facebook and WhatsApp done. You're in Dubai! Congratulations, Teacher of the Year...what a promotion for you! Head of Department with prospects of being the Headteacher in a couple of years!"

Jason found his cheeks reddening a little at her dismissive words, yet he accepted it. This was his job now - Jo was his job, and his life! Still lapping his tongue against her bare toes, he swallowed up some of her toe jam before uttering, 'Yes, Princess Jo.'

"OK...next. Next I'll email your job! What's the address, slave?" After telling her, Jo smiled happily as she finished the email, tossing the phone to one side. "Done! The best thing about that is that you don't even need a reference, so there's no problem about quitting on them suddenly! Perfect! Am I the best or what?"

"You're the b-best, Princess Jo. I'm lucky to serve you," Jason said humbly, believing it firmly with every lick.

"This feels so gooooood! I love it! You at my feet, where you belong, a coffee to start the day. You're making me one happy Princess, my lucky little slave. Now, let me tell you the idea that I had - all my best ideas happen when I sleep for some reason. Anyway, get me some breakfast..."

Realising how hungry he was, Jason served up a mountain of scrambled eggs, which did not seem to phase her. In fact, she ended up eating most of it anyway, again eating in her now customary position at the small table, with her slave on the floor, her feet on his face.

"Well, I needed that! I'm gonna be doing some training today. Cross fit and some Yoga I reckon!" She ducked under the table with the plate of food which had just some bits of egg and toast left. "All yours, slave! I'm gonna go shower while you clean up. Not just the plate, the kitchen too!" She added with a breezy laugh.

While he licked the plate clean, his stomach gurgling with how ravenous he still was, Jason knew something was clear. The more subservient and meek he was, the better the mood was that Jo was in. And the better the mood, the better it would be for him! Having licked the plate clean with his tongue, he quickly rushed over to the kitchen to wash up; keeping every area of the chalet spotless was his responsibility now.

Jo stretched, one towel around her head and other round her waist as she plopped onto the sofa, clicking her fingers for her slave to kneel before her. Frowning a little, she gave him a look. "Slave, I don't want to waste time clicking at you; if I sit on the sofa, you get down on your knees. Got it?"

"Yes, Princess Jo. Sorry Princess Jo," he babbled, cursing himself for being so slow on the uptake.

"Anyway...this is my idea. You're gonna be here most of the time - like my little house pet. My adoring slave. When you're not here, you may be doing my shopping, or out somewhere else I need you to go. But that's still plenty of time when you'll be sitting on your ass. Also, I need you to be bringing in some money for me. So, I got the perfect solution - you're gonna get a job as a cleaner at the 'ents' centre! Perfect, huh?"

"Y-yes, Princess Jo," he stated thickly, unable to hide the stammer in his voice.


Meekly mopping the floors of the ladies' bathroom at the Entertainment Centre in Folkestone, the slave wiped his brow and paused for a moment to allow some strength to return to his hands and wrists. This was a typical Wednesday afternoon; no, this was a typical DAY for him now! For a moment, the image of him teaching a class of students, flashed before him as he allowed a group of teenage girls to casually barge past him, seemingly unbothered that they had just kicked over his bucket full of hot water and soapsuds. Just over a week ago, in the school corridor, he would have been hollering at them to sort out the mess they had made. Not anymore. Not since Jo Hancock had turned him into a slave. Boy did he know his place in life now!

On the previous Thursday morning, when Jo informed him of her plans for him to become a cleaner at the entertainment centre, Jason had - of course - willingly accepted. He was in no position to refuse her after all! Since then, his life had revolved around two main duties: serving Jo like the loyal slave he was, and working for the Folkestone Entertainment Centre as a mere cleaner. He didn't even need to have an interview! Jo took care of all of that for him.

Down on his hands and knees, retrieving his sponge and soaking up the spilt water, Jason gulped a little as he stared down at the sneakers of one of the girls. Maybe she had returned to help him! Being a teacher for so many years had given him a natural sense of authority. He could almost feel his chest puffing out; this was the first time since being enslaved by Jo that he felt some sort of dignity being attained from another person!

Staring upwards, his heart sank when he saw the smirk on the girl's face. Pulling her long blonde hair back and flicking it over her tanned shoulders, the teenager shook her head from side to side.

"You got my new trainers all wet!" She said, smirking but a cold look shooting from her hazel eyes. "You know my Dad is one of the main bosses here - he could get you fired!"

"S-sorry...I, I'm really sorry..." He mumbled, staring back down at the floor. "Please don't tell your Dad..."

The teenager giggled, clearly loving the power she held over you. She couldn't have been much more than 14, yet she had much, much more power than Poor Jason did. Her friends, who were standing behind her giggled too, clearly enjoying the scene.

"Kiss my shoe, loser," she said in a bratty tone. "Kiss my shoe and I'll forgive you."

Of course Jason puckered up, like the wimp he was. Being told by any woman - teenager or otherwise - to kiss their shoe would have been hard to say no to at the best of times.

"Every time you see me or my friends, get on your knees and kiss our shoes, like the loser you are!" The blonde said, an evil glint in her eye. "Now get back to cleaning toilets or whatever it is you do in your pathetic life."

Jason's life had become beyond pathetic when he accepted his job as a lowly cleaner. His duties were to mop the floors of the toilets, empty bins, sweep and vacuum the floors...all basic and menial tasks. Every person who he encountered typically ignored him, even Jo.

"I can't be associating with a cleaner, no offence," she told him on that Thursday after it was confirmed that he would be working for six hours a day. "If you see me around, don't talk to me. Got it, slave?"

Of course he got it! Once, he was embarrassed to be seen with her in public, due to her horsey appearance, annoying voice and the fact that he knew he could do better than her. How much the tables had turned! Now, it was he who was firmly beneath her!

At the weekend, Jo had more time with the newest recruits - all young 20-somethings - either fresh out of university looking to pass the time, or unambitious sorts who just wanted a job that provided accommodation. Anyway, she spent most of Saturday training with them, getting ready for the show on Sunday evening. Exasperated and frustrated by their lack of effort, Jo would rant about this to her slave, almost ignoring the fact that he was ravenously licking all of the sweat, dirt and grime off her feet as she rested them on the coffee table, slumped on the sofa.

"And then I was like, Dolly - you're a fucking idiot! It's only three steps to the left, THEN the turn! I mean, come on! She's a stupid retard!" She seethed, toes tapping against her slave's forehead. "Am I just a bad boss? Am I, slave?"

"N-no...!" He murmured, in between mouthfuls of her feet. "You're the b-best...boss! I'm...lucky...t-to be your...slave!"

She smiled at this, nodding appreciatively. "You're right. Y'know, slave - you do make me feel better about myself. With you being my doted little pet, I feel more attractive...more powerful..."

This undeniably gave him pleasure, knowing that he was enhancing her life in some way. Yes, he was a selfish, spineless creature to give in to his carnal desires and become her slave - completely giving up on fighting his fetish and not letting it take over him. However, he did genuinely care for her. He wanted her to do well and the only pride he had from his life was knowing what he did pleased her, whether it was from cooking a meal exactly to her specifications or waking her up so gently with an hour of foot licking followed by a morning coffee. In fact, he had started making his own decisions about what would please her. For example, she loved cinnamon, so he started adding this to her coffee - something that pleased her!

Being a cleaner at the entertainment centre was not as rewarding. He had very little contact with anyone, so kept himself to himself. Occasionally, over the last few days, he had exchanged a brief 'hey', with a Filipino girl who was also a cleaner - one of very few at the place. Employees of the centre, underlings of Jo, like the girl called Dolly who Jo was blasting on Saturday nearly bumped into him and actually tried to engage in conversation with him.

"Hey! Sorry, man! You're new right? I've been working here for like, two weeks. My boss is such a hardass! You've probably seen her - looks like a fucking horse! Neeiiiighhh!" The cute brunette giggled at her own impersonation of a horse.

Jason wasn't stupid; he was loyal to his Princess, so he politely shrugged and went on his way. After that, Dolly wouldn't bother trying to talk to him when she saw him. This seemed to have been passed along to the other entertainment staff - some of which, like Dolly, were on Jo's team.

Jo's dominance seemed to be fuelled by his devotion and loyalty to her. It was strange to think that when they had been at university together, he had been frustrated by how lame she was. He had to take the credit in her metamorphosis from an awkward, insecure girl to a powerful, confident woman. This actually gave him another perverse form of pride - that it had taken his uselessness and lack of ability to be an alpha-male to Jo that had forced her to become dominant. Checking the time, Jason realised that he only had another half hour to go before his shift was over. 4:30 PM - on the way back he would buy the food to cook Jo her favourite dinner.

On this particular Tuesday, Jason bought some chicken, noodles, carrots and a few other vegetables. He knew that she loved the sesame seed chicken with a honey and mustard sauce, with stir-fried vegetables. In fact, Jo had allowed him to choose her meals, unless she had a specific order that day. Jo would be back by 6pm, so he would synchronise cooking her evening meal to this time, serving it up just as she would be walking through the door.

"Hmmm, something smells good slave! Tell me it's my favourite sesame seed chicken meal...?" Jason's Princess called out at him as she opened the door, taking off her trainers.

Rushing over to her and dropping to his knees, he helped her remove her shoes and socks before planting lavish kisses to the tops of her feet, which made her giggle appreciatively. After dinner, Jo showered, while Jason ate his own dinner portion on the floor, like the loyal dog he was. He cleaned up, as usual, and knelt before the sofa ready for her.

Nodding with approval, she plopped down, stretching out her legs so that her feet were right in front of her face. Still with her towel on, she started checking through what used to be Jason's phone, while he started placing long, loving licks from the heels of each foot to the toes. Jason always got a boner from being this intimate with Jo's feet, he couldn't help it! Jo wasn't keen on him jerking off in front of her; he had to do it subtly. So, he usually found that he could grind his pelvis against the edge of the coffee table to give him a mind-blowing, if slightly painful orgasm. This evening was no exception; within a few minutes, he had let out a small gurgling sound while creaming into his pants, his tongue and mouth enveloped by Jo's wonderfully soft, slightly wrinkled soles.

"Just to update you, slave," Jo spoke with authority after smiling a little at the blissful expression on his face from post-orgasm. "Your parents want to speak to you - they want you to give them a call from your number in Dubai. I've WhatsApped your Mum to say that you'll call her, but that the number you'll speak from is not contactable in Dubai - it will be withheld basically.

His eyes flickering wildly from the incredible orgasm he'd just had, plus the panic now circling inside him, Jason whimpered a little. "But, Princess...please, please...what do I...say?"

Smiling at him confidently, Jo patted him reassuringly on the head. "Don't worry, my devoted little slave. I've already written down what you're gonna say!" She pulled out her own phone where she had typed out what looked like a speech. "Now, if they ask you anything specific, just explain that it's not a great line and continue with what I've written. Got it?"

"Yes, Princess Jo."

The next few minutes were awkward and there were times when Jason nearly stopped and looked pleadingly at Jo for help. Yet he managed to persevere and by the end of the call, his parents were fairly accepting of his decision, especially as he promised to Skype them next week. After the phone call to his folks, Jo had a few other tasks for him, such as recording a voice note on WhatsApp to his male friends' group. She also showed him the Facebook statuses she had created, all of which had multiple likes and comments.

"Didn't know you were that popular, slave!" She told him, a touch patronisingly. "Now the other thing is the place you're renting. When does it expire?"

"Er, um, I think a few more months, Princess," he replied, his brain a bit hazy from the events over the past few days.

So Jo's plan with this was for him to continue paying the rent, as it would work out more expensive to renege on the tenancy contract. She even hired someone to clear out the apartment, selling his stuff on an online website. Logging onto his banking App, Jason's owner worked out that by using his savings on the rent - no more money would be going into the account anymore, after all - he would just have enough to stay afloat, assuming that his stuff would sell for at least a few hundred pounds.

"So, no more savings...but hey, you get to be my slave," Jo giggled, not unkindly. "And remember, all the money you earn as a cleaner here is to be spent on me. What is it, 5 quid an hour, 6 hours a day?"

"Yes, Princess Jo."

"So...as you work every day, that means you'll be bringing £210 a week...£840 a month. Well that's about half of what I get! Anyway, you get paid cash in hand at the end of the week, so that money comes directly to me. All clear?"

"Yes, Princes Jo."

"Good," she sighed contentedly. "We're gonna be very, very happy, you and me. I get some more money and a devoted slave and you get to do what you were always destined to do - serve me and my feet!"

Jason nodded weakly and leaned forward to place a subservient kiss on each of his conqueror's bare soles. "Yes, Princess Jo."

The next day, Jason was once again at the ladies' bathroom, mopping the floors, already feeling his arms ache. Being Jo's slave meant that his muscle mass had already been depleted. He was stringier and leaner than he had been in some time.

"Hey cleaning boy!" A bratty voice caught him by surprise. His heart racing, he could make out the slender form of the blonde teenager, accompanied by the same three friends from yesterday.

"What, are you retarded or something?" She smirked at him as she stood in front of him, arms folded. "Remember what I told you yesterday?"

His knees wobbling, the pathetic man bowed down before them and began placing meek kisses on the tops of each of their expensive trainers.

"What a loser!" One of the friends laughed. She was a black girl, taller than all of the others. "You're a grown man kissing our shoes! Tammy, you rock!"

"Hehe, I know!" The blonde - apparently called Tammy - giggled, sneering down at Jason. "Oh, I've got a treat for you, hang on..." She chewed rapidly before spitting out a piece of gum on the floor. "Go on - there's your meal, wimp. Eat it!"

Feeling so beneath these teenage girls, Jason found himself complying as if on autopilot. He tentatively picked up the gum from the floor, already covered in dirt, popped it into his mouth and swallowed whole!

The girls erupted into fits of laughter and sounds of 'ew!'. He burned read with shame but felt helpless; the ringleader's Dad was a boss at the entertainment centre after all. One step out of line from him could spell disaster, and certainly piss off Jo! Plus, even though they were only around fourteen years old, they were girls and had a natural power over him. When he was a teacher, he would have put these brats in their place. But that was another Jason - a man wearing a mask who would pretend that he wasn't a foot loser.

"You are such a loser!" Tammy said with a sneer, her pretty, arrogant face clearly loving torturing you. "You're our bitch. Say it!"

"I'm...your b-bitch," he told them feebly, his eyes fixed on the ground, hoping that they would leave him alone.

High-fiving one another and patting Tammy on her back, the girls were whooping and cheering at his subservience before striding away.

Getting back to Jo's chalet that Thursday was a relief. He felt safe, protected there. As usual, he had gotten her stuff for dinner - paying out of his own pocket until his first pay check at the end of the week. When Jo got home, he did the usual routine of taking off her shoes, bowing down before her.

"Slave! I'm going out tonight with the others! I thought best way to get them to respect and listen to me properly was take them for a few drinks! Show them that I may be a hard-ass but I'm still fun!" She told him excitedly, grinning happily as he finished removing each shoe and showered the tops of her feet with loving kisses.

"So, I'll be back in a few hours. Use this evening as time to catch up on some ironing, washing - you know what to do slave," she told him casually as she continued getting ready. Before he knew it, she was changed, make up applied, heels on and heading out the door. "Bye, slave! When I get back, you can lick my feet clean - they'll be pretty sweaty, especially if I'm dancing tonight! See you!"

Standing in the hallway, he felt a little cheated and forlorn. He was really hoping for some time with her feet this evening! Still, he was a good, loyal slave. Focusing on the chores he had to do, he spent the next few hours getting all of her clothes ironed, two cycles of washing done, every surface polished; he was just about ready to drop when he heard the door opening and the sound of voices arriving.

Jo had returned with friends! Panicking, he rushed into the bedroom and crawled under the bed. He was a slave, a loser, an outcast in society! No way could he allow himself to be seen by Jo's colleagues like this!


Hiding under Jo's bed, Jason felt his heart beat faster than a drum. Up until now, it had been just the two of them when he had been subservient to and humiliated by his Princess. In fact, the time spent at her feet and been nothing but sensual and exciting! However, hearing the chatter of voices made feel tense and nervy.

"I'll make us a cocktail! You got any voddy?" A familiar voice rang out from the kitchen, just audible from his position under Jo's bed.

A clanging noise echoed across to him as he took a quick breath and desperately hoped that Jo's visitors would depart soon. Hopefully they would be just for a quick drink...

"Slave!" Hissed Jo as she awkwardly stumbled out of her shoes, falling onto the bed and giggling, hiccuping at the same time. "Where are you?"

"U-under...h-here, Princess," he replied in a quiet yet urgent whisper.

Jo peered down, wide-eyed under the bed and grinned at him, clearly drunk. "My slave! You wanna meet my team?"

Gulping, he knew he was caught between a rock and a hard place. "P-please, Princess...I'm not worthy to be s-seen....please don't..."

She frowned, then began nodding slowly. "OK...I geddit...hic! I'll get rid of Davey and Simon..." Jerking her head away, Jason listened as well as he could to the sound of cheery voices, which soon sounded disappointed. Some raucous laughter from the girls and angry but seemingly well-spirited protestations from the male voices soon dissipated as the door slammed shut.

For the next couple of minutes, there were the sounds of gasps and giggles from Jo's female companions. Glasses seemed to be clinking and there were signs of delirium and excitement coming from he group. What was happening, what was Jo telling them?!

"SL-AVE!" Jo cried out at the top of her lungs, making Jason wince and let out a small groan. "SL-AVE....you can come out now!"

Knowing that refusing her for a second would definitely spell disaster, he followed his owner's order and slid uncomfortably out of the bed, getting to his feet as he brushed dust off himself. Since becoming Jo's devoted slave, he had worn the same three or four tops and jeans - fairly plain, modest clothes. Knowing that he would look crumpled and dishevelled, he desperately hoped that the girls Jo was with would take this in good spirits and see it as some kind of role-play...

"Here he is!" Jo tried out triumphantly, standing proudly with her hands on hips, her companions either sat on the sofa or chairs around her. "My slave!"

The group of girls - four of them in total - exchanged snorts of laughter and giggles, one of them wiping tears from her eyes, her mascara running in thick black streaks.

"So you actually have a slave?" One shy-looking young girl with curly, red hair asked eagerly, probably in her late teens. "You're her slave?"

Jo gave her slave an expectant look, confidence radiating from her as the others looked between the two.

"Y-yes..." He murmured weakly, dropping to his knees before his conqueror. "I am...Jo's ...slave"

Audible gasps and giggles came out of the girls' mouths while Jason tried his best to ignore them, staring instead at the reassuringly familiar sight of Jo's feet. He focused on how pretty her red nail varnish was.

"Hang on...I know this guy!" A familiar voice shouted out, the same one who asked about the vodka earlier. "That's...that's...the cleaning guy! Yeah, I bumped into him the other day!"

Their eyes locking, Jason recognised the cute, pretty face of Dolly - one of Jo's underlings. Presumably the whole group were - of course, Jo did tell him that she was taking her team out to show how much fun she could be. Wow, she was also showing them that she had a devoted slave - kudos to her!

Her eyes narrowing, Dolly continued to stare at him. Suddenly, he realised why she was giving him such a look - she had mentioned her 'horsey' boss who was a 'hard-ass'. Giving her a stiff but firm shake of her head, she seemed to relax that he had not conveyed this to Jo.

"This is so awesome!" A Thai-looking girl blurted out, positively licking her lips. "I wish I had my own slave...someone I could boss around and do what he told me! I mean, he's actually bowing down to you! What else does he do?"

"Everything I tell him," Jo answered simply. "He does all of my chores - I haven't needed to cook, iron, clean, vacuum...anything since I enslaved him around a week ago!"

More giggles emanated from the girls at this. The curly redhead leaned forward excitedly from where she was sitting. "Is he, like, a sex slave? Do you make him do all sorts of dirty stuff?"

Jo gave her slave a grin, hiccuping a little before speaking. "Funny you should say that! Actually, I don't use him for sex at all! No, he's too beneath me for that." Her words stung a little, but at the same time Jason could not deny this - he most certainly was! "I use him to worship my FEET!"

This latest proclamation was met with both derision and hysteria. Dolly was actually choking with laughter and needed the Thai-looking girl to pat her on the back.

"He's into feet?! Man that's just too good!" Dolly said, wheezing still and wiping back a few more tears of laughter, brushing her brown hair out of her eyes. "Make him do it now!"

Jo shrugged. "You heard her, slave! I mean, what sort of boss would I be to these girls if I didn't follow through with what I say!" She gave Jason a look that made it crystal clear he would need to obey her every instruction. One of the girls hopped off their chair, allowing Jo to sit down. The horsey-looking woman, Jason's Princess, did so, crossing her legs - impressively gracefully, considering she was clearly drunk.

Shuffling on his knees over to her, Jason didn't even wait for an instruction. He meekly held one bare foot in his hands, dropping onto his belly so that he could be in a better position. It took a good few seconds until he realised that the others were in total silence, watching in utter fascination at his capitulation and submission to Jo while he licked her foot. Sighing with contentment, Jo stretched out her arms and tapped her toes appreciatively against his forehead.

"My slave loves my feet. He loves serving me. Isn't that right, slave?"

"Yes, Princess Jo," he answered humbly and truthfully, in between caresses from his tongue on her foot.

"And he does everything I tell him. Isn't that right, slave?" She said with authority, while the others kept watching on silently.

"Yes, Princess Jo."

"If I told you to lick my team's feet clean, like you're doing for me right now, you'd do it without hesitation. Wouldn't you slave?"

"Yes, Princess Jo..." He answered automatically, ignoring the pang of nervous excitement that shot through him.

"Ooooh! I would LOVE that!" The Thai-British girl squealed. "I was dancing barefoot too, so my soles could really do with some cleaning!"

"Yeah you were, Jenny," Dolly giggled.

Gazing up at Jo for a moment, her foot covering his mouth, he saw a look of fire in her eyes. Was it excitement, jealousy? It was hard to tell.

"Slave...lick each of my team's feet clean," she stated calmly, giving you a firm look that suggested he better remember who his Princess was.

"Y-yes...Princess....Jo," he said with a whimper, placing her foot round and turning around to face the girls, who had all squashed onto the sofa together.

Staring at their young, pretty faces, he felt both turned on and overwhelmed at the same time. There were four pairs of feet in front of him, all of which looked practically delectable. Starting from his right hand side, Jason shuffled over to Dolly's feet, holding one petite foot in his hand before lapping his tongue against it, removing all of the dirt rapidly.

"Hehehe! It tickles!" She tossed back her head and laughed, once again wiping away another tear then taking a gulp of her drink.

Jason continued, switching to the other foot until both were shiny with his saliva. Her feet tasted a little staler than Jo's - possibly because they were sweatier, or perhaps it was because he was so used to his owner's bare feet! Either way, he swallowed thickly, before moving across to the next girl. Staring at him a little nervously, the girl with red, curly hair put one foot on the sofa and held out the other, letting out a nervous giggle.

"Don't worry, Bianca!" Jo reassured her, hiccuping a little. "He's doing this to please me, remember!"

Bianca shrugged and wrinkled her cute, freckly nose before extending her foot out a little further. Jason took it in his hands and began swirling is tongue all over her sole, loving the flavours of cheddar and fruitiness, possibly strawberries.

"Your feet...taste...good..." He murmured, which made Bianca giggle louder, her face flushing a little.

"Slave..." Jo said warningly, your mouth is good for one thing. For worshiping feet and for answering 'Yes, Princess Jo'. You got that?"

"Y-yes, Princess Jo," Jason answered immediately, cursing himself for getting carried away. Jo was his owner, his master. Upsetting her could spell dire consequences for him. Despite all that, he noticed that a considerable boner had formed in his pants...

The next girl was less excited than the others. In fact, she had a cold, disapproving look in her dark eyes, even though she had a fixed smile on her face. Hurriedly, Jason licked her feet, admittedly enjoying the flavour but knowing that he needed to make this brief so he could prove to Jo that he was only doing this because she told him to, and that he was not getting any sexual pleasure from it. Easier said than done of course!

This proved most true when he shuffled across for the last time and stared up at the gorgeous half-Thai girl, Jenny. She was stunning, and so were her feet! He could not help but gape at her flawless, slightly orangey-brown bare feet, which were even more attractive than Jo's! Forcing himself to look more clinical, even disinterested, he quickly held on outstretched foot before placing his eager tongue on her heel, dragging it upwards to absorb all of the dirt and grime from it. He did not mind that it was dirty one bit; it was so soft and smooth and delicious! Closing his eyes, he tried his hardest not to let out a moan of utter pleasure but failed miserably.

Jenny giggled, which just turned him on even more. "Wow...Jo he really loves my feet!"

"Well, he is into feet. But my feet are the ones that he serves, right slave?"

"Y-yes....P-princess.....uh, Princess....erm, J-Jo," Jo's slave replied after a pause, in a weak, trembling voice.

The Thai-Brit wiggled her toes and laughed gently. "This is literally the best thing in the world. I need a slave like this. I would have him lick my bare feet for hours. I could LITERALLY never get bored of this! I mean, I do ballet - I have to keep my feet soft and well-cared for with a pumice stone and sports massages. Maybe that's why he loves my feet so much!"

Jo's voice was noticeably cold in her response. "Yeah, whatever. OK, slave, I think you're done. Slave. SLAVE!"

Her shouts snapping him out of his trance-like state, Jason had completely failed not to show his intense enjoyment he had gotten from Jenny's incredible feet. As his tongue lingered to the centre of her sole, he had not even got onto the second one yet. Jenny had noticed this too, pouting at him.

"Aw, he hasn't done my second one yet! Jo, let him finish it. Pleeeassee?!" She giggled at Jason, who was now rock hard and feeling a considerable amount of pre-cum lubricating his erect cock.

"I think he's done," Jo said, moving over to her slave and placing a firm hand on his shoulder. However, much to his horror, yet pleasure, he found his body spasming, his cock twitching uncontrollably as he splurged his load into his pants.

"What the..." Dolly gasped from across the sofa.

"Is he?" Bianca's nervous voice rang out.

Jo dug her nails into Jason's shoulders so sharply that he cried out in pain, his voice muffled by Jenny's flawless, gorgeous sole that his mouth and nose were pressed against in pure surrender.

Giggling, Jenny spread her toes so that they covered his eyes for a moment. "Wow...I knew I had nice feet but I never thought they were that nice...!"

"OK, time to go," Jo announced, hiccuping a little more before stomping over to the door and flinging it open. Her four underlings exchanged glances as Jenny slowly moved her foot away from his face, rubbing it against his mouth several times and winking at him.

"Aw...boss..but we're having such a fun night!" Dolly said in disappointment, giving Jason a look of amusement. The others got to their feet, allowing Jason to weakly fall face-first onto the seat of the couch that Jenny was sat at. They all hugged Jo before wishing her farewell.

"Your slave is the best!" Jenny squealed as she hugged Jo for a little longer. "If you could ever lend him to me, that would be awesome!" Jo stood silent, a thunderous look on her pixie-like face as the others finally left, Jenny closing the door behind her.

"P-please...Princess...Jo...I'm s-sorry...." Jason groaned, face still pressed onto the seat of the couch, feeling Jenny's sweet perfume waft around his nostrils.

Jo said nothing but walked into her bedroom, slamming the door. Forcing himself to move away from the couch, he crawled toward her, pleading outside her room.

"Sorry, sorry! I-I couldn't help it!" He whined. "Please, just listen to me..."

Met with silence, he used some courage to jump up and pull the door open, his heart sinking when he saw her passed out onto the bed. She was snoring and hadn't even taken off her clothes - still drunk! Doing his duty, and cursing himself for getting so turned on by Jenny's feet, he knelt at the end of her bed, licking her bare feet like a good slave until he was overcome with tiredness... Falling to one side, he fell into a deep slumber within moments...

Startling him completely, Jason woke with a start, a pain in his gut. Rolling over and staring up, he looked at Jo's seriously pissed-off expression on her horsey face.

"You are a fucking piece of shit," she spat at him.

"S-sorry...!" He whimpered up at her. "S-sorry...Goddess!"

Pausing for a moment, narrowing her eyes at him, Jo did not seem moved. "You have fucking cheated on me, in front of my team. I can't trust you. EVER AGAIN! You're supposed to be my SLAVE!"

"I-I am your s-"

"STOP TALKING!" She snarled before bending down to slap him hard across the face. Growling, she slapped him again, four times in total until he collapsed to the ground in agony, clutching his face. "I knew that I couldn't trust me. You've messed me about before, you've bailed on me and now you've cheated on me. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't throw you out and let you fuck off. NOW, you may speak!"

Both cheeks stinging hard from her brutal slaps, Jason breathed heavily, choosing his words carefully. "Princess Jo...I am so s-sorry...it was impossible for me not to...from now on it is just your feet, just you that I will serve...if I have to I will be in chastity! I will happily worship your feet - and just your feet - while you have friends over...whatever you say! I'll, I'll even lick your feet like a dog while you're with another man! I'll do anything...anything!"

"OK, slave," she finally said, lifting up one foot and pressing it firmly against the back of his head so his face was squashed into the carpet. "From now on, you will be in chastity. If you can prove that you are loyal and trustworthy, then I may release you - for how long, depends on what I think is fair."

"Th-thank you, Princess Jo," He snivelled into the floor, wetting the carpet with his tears.

"As for 'licking my feet like a dog while I'm with another man', I told you before that I don't want, or need or man. I want a pathetic slave like you!" She said, total authority and certainty in her voice.

His heart swelled at this; he had rashly promised this in the moment of his total submission. The actual reality of that would be unbearable - watching another man pleasure his Princess would be gut wrenching and heart breaking!

"Th-thank you...thank you, s-so much, Princess Jo. You are so kind, so merciful. Y-you truly are a Goddess."

"You know, I think I prefer that," she retorted in a thoughtful tone. "Yes, from now on, it's Goddess Jo. We've gone from you serving me because you're besotted with me and my feet, to totally obeying and dedicating your life to me, including making ME in charge of your orgasms...all because I AM YOUR GODDESS!"

Her voice was so sure, so full of triumph and victory that it reverberated around his ears and etched into his brain.

"Y-yes...G-Goddess Jo!"


"Here we go, slave...I've got a present for you!" Jo's voice echoed across to Jason as he scrambled forward to his customary knelt position before her as she entered the chalet. The pixie-like woman grinned at him, holding the box in front of him.

Jason gulped, trying to ignore the fact that his heart was beating wildly. Was it out of fear or excitement, or both? "Th-thank you, Goddess Jo," he said meekly, removing her shoes so that he could then place subservient kisses to the tops of her feet.

"I can't believe this only took, like, two days! It was lucky it didn't have any writing on the side of the box, like "chastity device", or "present for slave"..." She giggled at this, screeching her bare toes on the carpet while Jason kissed away dutifully and lovingly. "Next time I'll make sure I put my chalet address, not the entertainment centre's!"

As promised, Jo had got him a chastity device. To be fair, it was his idea - his request. True, that had been in a desperate moment where he thought that Jo was going to turf him out, to cast him aside for his lack of control around Jenny's beautiful feet... Anyway, this was all his own doing and he simply had to accept.

"Yes, Goddess Jo..."

Rather than a complicated-looking belt, Jo proudly held a plastic device in her hands, complete with padlock. Jason gulped as she started reading the instructions, biting her lip in concentration. After several minutes, she clicked her fingers at him.

"Take off your trousers and pants, slave," she ordered him.

"Y-yes, Goddess Jo," he said weakly, doing so at once. Jo had not seen his penis for a little while now; it was clear that she had no real interest in it as she turned her nose up a little, as if in disgust. Having treated him like a complete slave for well over a week now, she had probably forgotten that he had one!

"Right...hold still slave..." Jo frowned as she started sliding the plastic contraption along his dick, pulling a face when she was forced to touch his flesh with her fingers. The plastic ring was not comfortable to slide into, nor was the cage-like structure which his cock was going into. Eventually, the ring was secure around the base of his penis, trapping his balls between the ring and cage, like a medieval person's head in the stocks. With a triumphant 'click', Jo leaned back to admire her handiwork. Yes, her slave was now in complete chastity!

"From now on, I control your orgasms, just like I do your entire life. Bet you wished you controlled yourself with Jenny's feet the other day, huh?" She gave him a stern look; it was clear that Jo was not willing to forgive or forget this for a while.

"Yes, yes Goddess Jo..." He uttered feebly, hanging his head in shame - as usual - unable to look her in the eye.

"If you don't fuck up, then I'll let you jerk off....maybe tomorrow...." she told him, a slight giggle escaping her lips.

A whole day?! Since being enslaved by her, Jason had whacked off at least four times a day! Sometimes he would have creamed in his pants twice in the space of ten minutes, while licking her bare feet as she slept! This was going to be unbearable!

Still, he did not dare to question her. Nodding meekly, he gave his usual answer before Jo instructed him to tidy everything up.

"I'm going to put the key somewhere you will NEVER find it..." She said in a sing-song like way, leaving the room and her slave to tidy up all of the chastity packaging.

When she returned, she sat back on the sofa, while he knelt before her. "Put your boxers back on - I don't want to see your little worm trying to push itself free! Now, I'm going to have some of the girls over again on Saturday..."

His heart fluttered at his, automatically thinking of Jenny - the half-Thai girl with the ridiculously sexy feet...

"And this time, you will NOT fuck up. When you lick my feet, you will moan away and show how truly grateful you are that I am your Goddess. You will pretend to orgasm while serving my feet! Now, when you worship my underlings' feet, you will do it dutifully, but not with so much enthusiasm. Especially that idiot Jenny! Now let's test out your new device...lick my feet!"

As he lapped lovingly away at his conqueror's bare soles, he felt a tightening and unpleasant aching sensation. Wincing, Jo nodded with approval. It was clear that his penis was trying to escape, like an animal in a cage! The more he licked, the more his balls felt heavy and throbbing, and the more his member longed to push free. Satisfied that the device was a complete success, Jo pushed him away - literally with her bare feet in this case - so he could do his usual chores.

Saturday - a week and half now since his initial enslavement - was only the next night. Unfortunately for Jason, he had been in a constant state of discomfort and frustration since being locked in chastity. Jo seemed to enjoy tormenting him, allowing him to lick her feet even more than usual, knowing how much this was torturing him. Again, it was clear that she had not forgiven him remotely for creaming his pants with Jenny's feet in his mouth several nights ago. Of course, he had not had an orgasm, which was a tough transition that he had averaged four a day for 10 days straight! Urinating was a challenge too; it would dribble through the small gap at the tip of his penis, meaning he would have to mop up afterwards. He had a near miss at work today, after mopping up his own piss at the entertainment centre; he had ducked into one of the ladies' urinals when he heard the gang of girls enter, realising that urine was dribbling down his leg still and onto the floor. Had they seen him, it would have bee a fresh barrage of humiliation for sure! So the day passed, fairly slowly, but at least without incident.

For the evening with the girls, rather than going out drinking with her underlings, Jo had them over for dinner, which was of course, prepared by her slave...

"Wow, fajitas! Awesome!" Dolly called out as she arrived first, walking towards the delicious smell in the kitchen. "Wow, you are actually good at something, other than getting off on feet!"

Jason blushed and averted her gaze as Jo fixed the petite girl a drink, chatting to her, casually ignoring Jason has he prepared the various elements of the dinner - the chicken with fried onions and peppers, the guacamole and salsa sauces - both from scratch, the cheese, the sour cream, the fajita wraps themselves...it was a complex procedure to get right to Jo's high standards. Gradually the other girls arrived, though this time the sour-faced underling did not make an appearance. When Jenny arrived, she was already barefoot and walked seductively up to Jason, whispering in his ear.

"My feet have really missed you...!"

It took all of Jason's self-control not to whine and drop to his knees before her. Instead, he merely grunted and resumed his cooking, which the half Thai girl seemed a little disappointed by. Perhaps she did expect him to bow before her, like the Goddess she was!

No, Jo was his one and only Goddess...he would never compromise that again!

By the time dinner was ready, the girls - Jo, Jenny, Dolly and Bianca sat themselves on the sofa and table, limited as the space was in Jo's chalet. As expected, Jason was instructed by his Goddess to wash and clear up - a mammoth task considering the number of pots, pans, knives and chopping boards he had used!

"Is he not joining us?" Bianca, the redhead asked, wrinkling her nose cutely.

"He's fine," Jo said shortly, a mouth full of chicken and guacamole. "Where's Jess, why couldn't she make it?"

Jenny and Dolly exchanged a look, which Jason noticed with the fleeting look he gave him. "Er, no," Dolly replied. "She, er, she found it all a bit...y'know, freaky, last time..."

"But it wasn't!" Jenny chimed in earnestly. "We all loved it! Even Bianca....no offence, B, but you're not exactly a crazy-experience-seeker kind of girl!"

Bianca looked rather affronted and blushed but stayed silent as Jenny continued. "Jo, seriously, the fact you have a slave is, like, the coolest thing in the world! You're like this superwoman, this dominator!"

Jo smiled, looking across at her slave and meeting his eyes. "Thanks Jenny. And I can only apologise for my slave's failure to control himself last time."

"Oh, that's totally OK!" Jenny giggled. "I mean, I do have pretty feet and..."

Her voice trailed off as Jo held out her hand. "No need to explain." The horsey-faced woman drained her Vodka Martini and shook the glass. "Slave - refill!"

Scurrying over, Jason did as he was told, refilling hers and her friend's glasses. "There you go, Goddess Jo."

"Goddess Jo! I love it!" Dolly chuckled.

After dinner, the girls chatted, getting increasingly intoxicated. Jason, after clearing up everything was on drinks and snacks duties. After several more drinks, Jo cleared her throat, signalling the inevitable.

"Ladies," she announced. "One of the benefits of having a slave is that he doesn't only use his tongue like it's a foot spa but he enjoys it too...SLAVE! Get on your knees..."

She ushered the others over to the sofa, all of whom were giggling excitedly. In a very similar position to last time, the only difference was Jo had swapped herself with Jess - the unenthusiastic underling who wasn't here last time. She had also placed them so that she started with Jenny, then Dolly, then Bianca then herself - from Jason's right to left.

Jenny stuck out one bare sole and wiggled her toes. Again, it took a huge amount of self-control for Jason not to declare how perfect and sumptuous the half Asian's girl's foot was. "I've been looking forward to this ALL evening!" She beamed.

Holding her foot in both hands, Jason carefully placed his tongue on the heel and dragged it up, closing his eyes but only briefly. He HAD to pretend that this was pleasant but not incredibly arousing. Within a few moments, his dick was pushing hard against the constraints of his plastic cage, yearning desperately to push free! Of course none of the others, apart from Jo, knew that he was in chastity. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt so there was no way that the girls could find out he was in chastity!

Having licked one foot thoroughly, successfully maintaining a polite, almost statesman-like expression, Jenny held up her other foot. The gorgeous twenty-something was looking a little anxious, which the others picked up on.

"What's up? Jo's slave not into your feet so much this time?" Dolly remarked.

"Maybe...maybe it's the first person who he's not as, you know...into?" Bianca added a little uncertainly. Then she frowned. "But he didn't seem to enjoy Jess's that much and he was after me..."

"Yeah, it's not that," Jo said with authority, clearly enjoying that all of these girls were looking up to her now and respected her opinion.

After completing his licking of both of Jenny's amazing feet, Jason felt proud that he had not let out a whimper or moan of pleasure, in fact, Jenny was actually looking a little rueful and upset by the time he moved on to Dolly's feet. With the petite brunette, he showed a little more enthusiasm, even though her feet were not in the same league as Jenny's. He licked up and down eagerly, swallowing thickly.

"How do my feet taste?" Dolly asked, hiccuping a little. She seemed to be the most drunk of the group - again!

"They're...they're...good. Thank you..." He murmured, his cheeks reddening after thanking the girl he was licking the feet of. All the girls, apart from Jenny giggled at this. The Thai-Brit was looking decidedly angry, checking her phone and huffing.

When he moved onto Bianca, again he had to control himself. Bianca had pale skin and pale feet; she looked quite Irish. her feet were soft and well-taken care of; holding one in his hands, he couldn't help but admire it before licking it up and down rather ravenously.

"Your feet...they're...really nice..." He murmured, cursing himself for being unable to control himself.

Bianca giggled nervously. "Uh, thanks...Jo's slave...! Maybe...maybe I was right...he is enjoying them more as he goes along..."

Jo scoffed a little. "I don't think so. Slave, once you've finished with B's feet, you can go back to Jenny's..."

His heart skipped a beat; he was loving Bianca's pale, pink-tinged soles, yet Jenny's were something else. However there was a tone in his Goddess' voice, a tone he knew to well. This was a challenge for him...he had to pretend that he was unfazed by Jenny's sumptuous soles. This was what Jo wanted, to prove to her underlings that he was HER slave, that her feet were what turned him on the most. Getting turned on by Jenny's feet and showing enthusiasm for them would undermine Jo in front of the girls.

After several more minutes of enjoying Bianca's feet, which he found himself putting down a little reluctantly, he moved back to Jenny. The beautiful Thai girl, gave him a hopeful look as he placed her bare sole in front of his face. This was it: his ultimate challenge!

"Aren't my feet beautiful?" She goaded him, spreading her toes while he found his lip wobbling and whole mouth trembling.

"They're...they're...OK..." He gulped. Not waiting any longer to be found out, he stuck out his tongue and quickly licked her perfect foot up and down, feeling his cock lurch and desperately push to be free from its plastic prison.

"OK...?" She narrowed her eyes at him and folded her arms. "A few nights ago, you were fawning over my feet...you couldn't control yourself!"

Jo cleared her throat. "Jenny, don't take it too personally. It could be he's just exhausted and is done. I mean, it's my turn next and we'll see how much he enjoys them...But, yeah, it might well be that it's just not his night..."

After finishing licking each of Jenny's feet - quicker than the others as he knew he couldn't hold off his fawning for too much longer, he felt so proud so relieved that he had honoured his Goddess! Now he was allowed to be in his true place - at her feet.

"OK, slave...I won't take it too personal if you're a bit tired from all that cooking and 'feet-ed out'...you sure you wanna...."

Jo giggled as Jason hungrily and desperately lavished her soles with his eager tongue. He held both her feet in his hands and full on made out with them, swishing and sliding his tongue in every crevice and bit of sole that he could find. Jo's feet were delicious, there was no doubt about that. As he worshiped them with reverence, he knew this was his place - in life!

"Your feet...your feet...!" He moaned, not so much acting but allowing all the pent-up declarations of love be unleashed.

Dolly giggled. "OK....clearly not too tired after all!"

"I...love...your...FEET!" He whined, licking up and down, swallowing thickly and loving every moment of it. "Your feet are PERFECT!"

Jo sighed, a little lazily. "I mean, I AM his Goddess after all. No offence girls, I think Wednesday night was a bit of a one off..." Although she said 'girls', everyone in the room knew that this was aimed at Jenny.

Jenny stayed completely silent as the others chatted and giggled about what a good, loyal slave Jason was. How you could tell by the look of love in his eyes that he was totally besotted by Jo's feet like no one else's. Remembering that his other task - which was something he could not do authentically - was to fake an orgasm, Jason started groaning and moaning louder and louder, his body starting to shudder.

Bianca giggled, her cute laughter making his cock feel even more frustrated and denied. "Is he...like last time...?"

Jason let out a loud moan-whimper combination, his whole body twitching as he gurgled before resting his face on Jo's soft, slightly-wrinkled soles.

"Oh my!" Jo laughed. "That was a good one! Sorry girls, but there is only one pair of feet that truly does it for my slave..."

Dolly and Bianca joined in the laughter and high-fived Jo. Dolly even did a 'I am not worthy!' bow to her! There was much merriment as Jo casually pushed Jason's face away from her feet so he dropped to a heap on the ground, quivering, still in the apparent post-orgasmic bliss from what her feet did to him.

Of course he had not orgasmed at all - with his chastity device he had no control in this! However, precum was practically leaking out of his cock, how turned on he was by this.

"Get us another drink, slave," Jo called over to him, as he dutifully got to his feet, bowing at her, which made them all giggle appreciatively once more. After another twenty minutes or so, the girls called it a night. Jenny had been completely silent since Jason's lack of adoration for her feet. The others though, were in awe of Jo, telling her what a badass she was, how she should use her dominating powers over men to run the entire entertainment centre at Folkestone!

When she closed the door on the others, she stood with her hands on her hips as she walked over to her slave.

"Slave - you did....well!" She grinned at him. "You've made up for your fuck-up. Here's the key..." She tossed it to him. "I'm going to lie face down on my bed with my bare feet hanging off the end..."

Jason did need anymore of an invitation. He tore off his jeans and boxers, wildly finding the padlock so he could open up his chastity device. Removing it, he felt a wonderful sense of liberation; it had only been a day or so but it felt like months! Running over to Jo's bedroom, he dropped down onto his knees and pressed his nose and mouth against Jo's gorgeous soles, which were indeed hanging off the end of the bed...

"Th-thank you...thank you...Goddess. I love your f-feet...than-thank you for letting me s-serve you..." Within around fifteen seconds he was rock-hard; another ten or so seconds later, he had jerked off, his ejaculation shooting with such ferocity that it splattered against on the carpet with some force.

Dropping down to the ground, he barely noticed his shoulder pressed onto his mess. Jo hadn't made a single sound, maybe she was asleep. The sheer excitement and sense of release that he had just felt made him instantly sleepy as well. Jason passed out within moments, completely dead to the world.

Part 2 is over! In part 3, we will find out what happens to Jason now that he has been so crushed and dominated under Jo Hancock's bare feet! Until next time!
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