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by Asder
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2156011
Superstitions in technology.
"Are you dancing in your chair because you just got a better job?" William's sarcastic voice was more punctuated this morning.

Sam swiveled just enough to give him the side eye over her shoulder. "I need to pee." She replied with a huff.

"Than use your bathroom code, that's why you have it." He laughed and turned to return to his desk.

"I will after this call! Duh!" Sam flipped him off as he turned his back.

"Hey Sam, you there?" A supplier had her on hold.
"Yeah, I'm here Zach." Sam replied.
"Cool, I was able to get that model number for you after all. Want me to email it over? I can send you pricing and stock." He offered eagerly.
Sam smiled, "Yeah, thanks. If you don't mind. It would be helpful to get it all at once."
"I'll get it over asap. Take care, Sam." He said with a hint of disappointment.
"Thanks Zach, you too dude."

Sighing heavily, she took off her headset and tossed it aside. With a quick stroke of the keys, she locked her computer, then grabbed her keycard and left her cubicle. After a quick walk, she entered an empty bathroom. She couldn’t help but admire the peace and quiet, and decided to take a few extra minutes hiding in a stall.

She was reading a new Hanzo fan fiction when she thought she heard the sound of a scream from outside in the halls. As she fussed over what she thought she had heard, she decided to get out of the bathroom and back to work. While she washed her hands she felt a tinge of fear streak up her spine, her hair stood up and her blood swelled. She gasped a quivered breath and spun around quickly to the open bathroom. The stalls were empty, all was quiet.

Sam yanked a paper towel out of the machine and opened the door out of the bathroom. The office was pitch black, but also was illuminated like normal. Confused and afraid, she took in her surroundings. She saw shadows cast upon the ground, but it felt more like she imagined them to be there as she stared at a black blindfold. Everywhere she looked, she felt her eyes deceive her as she unquestionably saw nothing, but saw everything. It was as if they were constantly adjusting between incredible darkness and a bright light, like when exiting a dark tunnel, but then entering one, then back out, then back in, quickly, over and over. Despite being so dark, and bright, she saw perfectly fine, and after a few moments, she gathered herself and tried the door that led to her desk.

Sam was first startled by the surprising lightness of the door, it appeared to weigh nothing at all. She swung it quickly, but it stopped as soon as she released the handle. She noticed that the door simply hung there, very still. At first she was curious, but suddenly a wave of fear washed over her, again. Her breathing hastened with her heart. Did she hear something? She questioned why she was getting so scared so randomly. She wished her boyfriend was here to explain whatever the hell was going on. Then, she heard a horrible gurgling sound followed by silence. It came from not too far from where she stood at the hallway entrance.

Her hand shot to her mouth, trying to mask the sound of her breathing. She thought she could hear something tapping, but it was too faint. She inched closer to the sound, despite the voices screaming in her head, reminding her of the all the movies she had seen. But her desk was over by the sound, and she had nowhere else to go. Besides, it was just a sound. As she inched closer, she began to notice the gushy noise in a rhythmic fashion.
*Squish* *Squish* *Squish* *Squish* *Squish* *Squish* *Squish* *Squish*

It was coming from the cubicle near the front of her row. She would have to pass the cause of the sound to get to her desk. She bounded the corner to the row, a mere feet from the cubicle the noise was coming from.

*Squish* *Squish* *Squish* *Squish* *Squish* *Squish* *Squish* *Squish*

All she could hear was squishing. As she stood listening, it didn't seem to come from one particular place in the cubicle, it ranged from down low to up high in origin. Her curiosity began to overpower her fear. With a hand already on her mouth, she slowly poked her head around the cubicle entrance.

Before her was a tall, wiry figure with long spindly appendages leaning over a chair. It made rhythmic stabbing motions with two sleek blades. The chair had nothing in it, but a faint off-white haze slowly rose up from what appeared to be thin air. The figure was clearly not human, but was bipedal in form, and unlike anything Sam had every seen in her life. It's long narrow arms and legs were black, but it wore a white cloth with etchings covering its body. It appeared to not have bones, as the arms were more like tentacles, and the legs bounced in an arch, not at an angle.

While she watched in horror as this dancing monster stabbed the air, it suddenly changed it's act. The beast spun in a tight circle, revealing briefly it's face. It wore a comedy mask, but it was contorted and misshapen as if it had melted off its face. After three spectacular spins, it made a slow opening gesture as it fastened it's grip on it's blades. Then it drove it's two blades into the air near the head of the chair. Sam gasped.

The monster stood motionless for a brief moment before slowly convulsing. The convulsing quickened to a violent vibration. Before long, it convulsed like a plucked string, then abruptly stopped. It turned slowly and rigidly toward the cubicle entrance and looked Sam right in the face. It walked towards her and she stumbled back, trying to get out of it's way. It still held it's two blades at it's sides.

She turned to see if she could jump out of the way, and seeing an opportunity, did so. The horrid thing continued at it's steady pace, it stared at Sam. It diverged it's path as it could bound a corner, but kept it's mask towards her, turning it's head completely around as it walked through the office door and vanished down the hall.

Sam, still struggling to see, felt an unsettling stillness. She walked over to the desk where she found the beast. The chair was empty, there was no more haze either. She stood in silence for but a few moments, when the color and sound of everything rushed back to her sense, abruptly. The sounds of the office filled her ears; the veil that once confused her vision was gone.

She was standing at the same desk. Before she noticed the mangled female corpse in the chair, she read an email on the monitor before her. It was titled:
It was forwarded from a co-worker, Monique Nevada.
Dennis Alverman, Stephanie Chasterday, Stephanie Santos, Rebecca Sipsey, Erika Stimms, Raquaza Sumlter, and Sarah Turner were the receivers of the email. There was no content, the message appeared to be blank.

However, the message had a tag in the header of the email, it read: Message Deleted. It didn't appear to have been forwarded.

A faint dripping sound below caught Sam's attention. She looked down at the chair, now noticing a wretched body; dozens upon dozens of stab wounds decorated the woman's skin and tore her clothing. She took a step back, gasping again, but tears were already swelling up in her eyes; she felt her stomach turn, and her knees fail. The light filled her vision in a white, blinding brilliance, and she crumpled to the floor, just feet from her desk.

"Sam?" William peeked around his cubicle. "Oh my fucking god!"
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