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by TJ
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PROMPT: Write a story or poem about not getting enough sleep.

The sea is green, the sky is blue, I'm lounging on the beach
Pink Floyd is playing in my ears, cold beer within my reach
Young ladies in bikinis, ain't no children anywhere
Ain't sure just where this place is, but I'm certain I don't care

Up high above me sea birds soar, they're graceful and they're free
I'm feeling pretty free myself, whenever this may be
A thought occurs - Is this a dream? Oh Lord, please let me stay!
I promise I'll do anything - well, almost anyway

As if on cue, my happy place begins to disappear
There's traffic noise outside my window - snoring in my ear
My heart grows heavy as reality returns anew
I ask, "ALEXA - WHAT'S THE TIME?" She says, "IT'S FIVE-TO-TWO."

It's then I realize there's something heavy on my chest
I wonder am I going into cardiac arrest?
But no, it's just the cat (Chakotay), comfy as can be
He's made his nightly perch on my thoracic cavity

So now of course the ritual massaging must begin
He doesn't care what time it is. That's meaningless to him
Head-butts n' such direct me where to scratch, n' for how long
and it ain't over 'til he says, "That will be all. I'm gone."

So after that you'd think I'll get some shut-eye after all?
Not really, cuz the other cat's been waiting in the hall
I mustn't disappoint! He gets the same n' gets it now!
and should I fail, that little cat will have a bloody cow!

I've tried to tell 'em that I need to get my sleep at night
"Why don't you wake up Mama, cuz ya know, it's only right
that Mama takes a turn to scratch your ears n' help you groom?"
"Are you kidding?" they replied, "She'd kick our asses out the room!"

I feel like such a schmuck. It's like I'm wrapped around their paws
But anyone who loves a cat will tell you it's 'The Law'
They're conceited, ostentatious, self-important. They're a pain!
But I wouldn't trade 'em for the world! I LOVE 'EM just the same

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