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by Autumn
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I am still trying to process the events of the past few...past few what? Days? Weeks? Hours? Minutes? I don't know...still working all that out. What I am sure of, as I look around and pinch myself, is that this isn't a dream.

Last I knew I was on a starship and I can tell you, without a doubt, whatever happened...it wasn't my fault. Yes, I stowed away on your vessel, but I have been very careful not to disturb the ship's ecological balance, even discreetly chipping in with a few reviews here and there. Whatever caused this ship to crash wasn't my fault. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I've always been an odd duck, dude, I stowed away on your ship and have been living the ship's duct work- that should tell you something, but since that explosion...since the crash...look, not so sure I should be trusting you with this, but I'm different now. Different...and according to this dying alien...

Oh yeah, knew I forgot to mention something. Just before or perhaps it was even during the crash, this dying alien appeared to me. He laid his eight-fingered hands on my head, gripping my skull, mumbled something in this horrendous screechy language and croaked. Then his body dissipated like someone in that old sci-fi series, Star Trek, when they were on one of those transporter things.

What was I saying...oh yeah... Mr. Octopus-Hand's message. While I didn't understand his screeching, I just knew what he was telling me. Apparently, he gifted me with his power before shucking off his mortal coil. Apparently I can control people's myelin. Like any superpower, it comes at a cost and there appears to be a bit of learning curve with its fine motor control.

Why aren't you laughing? Here I am, injured, irrevocably changed, yet still making puns and you can't even give me a chuckle? Okay, okay. It wasn't that great. I'm trying here, ya know?

In recognizing my interpretation of the custom of some of my ancestors, with this change, I am changing my name. I shall henceforth be referred to as the Myelinating Shadow. I will use my powers to either myelinate or de-myelinate people to aid in the battle against those who hunt the inhabitants of Planitia.

So, now you know my tale. I am supposed to check in with Anna Maria Alaberghetti-call me AL, but Mr. Octopus-Hands didn't exactly leave me a user's manual with his gift and I am experiencing a bit of brain fog and fatigue, so if you could let AL know I am here and send her my way, it would be appreciated!

Like I mentioned, using my power does have a cost, see it affects my own myelin. Over time, its effects will lessen as I become more adept and my sidekick here...oh yeah, sidekick...when Mr. Octopus-Hands dissipated, something beamed down in his place. Looks like a cute little Earth dog, doesn't he? Beagle/chihuahua mix. Three times a week, this little guy is gonna bite me...yup, you heard me, bite me! Something in his saliva called glatiramer acetate is supposed to help with the side effects of using my power.

Name: Myelinating Shadow
Superpower(s): Can grow and/or destroy the myelin sheathing around people's nerves.
WC: 544

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