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by Vicki
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We have all been there !!!
I did not expect to get such a surprise,
When I opened the door, not believing my eyes,
It was long-lost cousin Johnny, standing right there,
The wayward son of my dotty Aunt Clare.
“Well hello,” he exclaimed, tipped his hat with a grin,
“You’re a sight for sore eyes, well then, shall I come in?”
And without missing a beat as, “yes of course?” I stutter,
He steps boldly indoors, and I recall he’s a nutter.

“So, how’ve you been?” he asks, as I make us some tea,
“Oh, you know, pretty good - let’s not talk about me…
And yourself?” I inquire, ‘it’s been such a long time.”
“Tis, true,” he replies, “but I’m mostly quite fine.
The thing is though, I’m in a bit of a mess,
It’s all been rather a source of stress
And I may need somewhere to stay for a while,”
He gestures around, with that old winsome smile,
“I just need a place to sleep, wash and eat
Till I sort myself out and get back on my feet…”
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