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Sometimes we fall for someone we shouldn't be and try to pull ourselves back to reality
I feel like these feelings will never go away and I’ll never get over you
It seems I tried everything to avoid this situation but somehow knew I would end up hurt and alone here
I guess I’m not in your thoughts anymore, you stop flirting with me
I guess it’s better this way
Because maybe now I can get some sleep at night
You’re always on my mind but I’ll never speak of it again
I can’t get your touch, your scent, your voice off my mind
It’s in my head
So here you come standing so close to me, smiling up in my face and staring intensely into my eyes
You haven’t seen me in a while, maybe my inexistence has gotten to you
Your words, joyfulness, and excitement to see me I can’t take
This can’t be how we are
Unspoken desire and tensions filled with meaningless words
It’s like every time I see you, I fall for you all over again after I spent weeks getting over you
And I’m queasy and sick to my stomach all over again
I keep replaying the day in my head when we really connected and you said “you’re awesome and amazing”
But those days are gone and everything seems so dark now
We stop telling each other how awesome we are, it’s like we got lost in space somewhere and drifted apart
But I like how when you’re having a bad day and your face turns red and hair is messed up and makeup not on
Or how you’re not a morning person and always the last one to wake up in the morning
Your morning face is adorable
I used to consider you my favorite person
I like to get back to that place
I can’t believe you like my favorite singer
I don’t like that you get so easily upset and cry in front of everyone
But when you do, I just want to hold you
But I will never let my feelings out again
So do what you like, though I will try to be by your side
Though I must move on and be on my way unless I’ll be stuck here forever going nowhere
You have a beautiful soul
I love your smile and morning face
For me, letting go of these feelings isn't easy
But I need to get back to a calmer state of mind and sleeping peacefully
I’m still having problems with sleep

That damn summer, I spent weeks getting lost in her
But I feel stronger now, I can move on without her
So I will have no fear we are both better than ever and still stand so close careful not to touch or let out any of those emotions

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