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Rated: E · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2157060
Thrillers of the 60's
Movie Time

Stacey stepped into the shower pulling the curtain around the porcelain tub. She was eager to get the grime of the garden off. Once in the shower, she closed her eyes as she set the showerhead to pulsate. She felt the warm water soothe her aching muscles in a rhythmic massage. The house was quiet, and she had allotted herself twenty minutes of relaxation time. As she reached for the shampoo on the basin in the wall, she noticed a shadow on the curtain. She stepped farther into the shower, backing away from the figure on the other side. The silhouette was large and menacing. It appeared to be wielding a weapon. Just as she was starting to scream, eerie music started to play. The music was distant but she recognized the melody from an old horror movie of the 60"s. In one swift move, she turned off the water, draped herself in a towel, and ripped open the curtain. Standing on the other side of the tub was her fifteen-year-old son, Ethan.

"Got you, mom! That's what you get for making me watch those old movies"

Stacey threw the wet washrag at the boys head. It hit the mark with water splashing on the boy's face. He was still laughing as he wiped off the wet residue.

"You just about gave me a heart attack, boy. I thought you were at a ballgame."

"It got canceled for a forfeit. The other team didn't show up. You're supposed to lock the door, by the way."

"You are a little shit! Now get out."

Stacey climbed back in the shower plotting her revenge on her son. Gone was her time of relaxation. She had to admit that Ethan had spooked her meaning she would have to up the game. This would take some serious thought. She loved that her son had the same weird sense of humor as she did. Stacey hurried and dressed for the day. She had things to do now.
When she entered the living room the boy was listening to music videos. Ethan replayed the spooky music from Psycho on his phone turning the volume loud. He glanced at his mom with laughing eyes and a smirk on his face.

"Payback is a bitch, son, just remember that," Stacey said.

Ethan put on his macho face and flexed his muscles as he commented," You don't scare me, woman. I am up to your challenge!"

They continued for several minutes with the banter with each of them teasing the other. It was a shared time of mother and son bonding. The talk helped Stacey formulate her plan.
When Ethan found something else to consume his time, Stacey started making phone calls.

That afternoon, she made Ethan cut the grass. She gave him precise instructions on weed-eating and mowing, as is required for every teenaged boy. He grudgingly complied.
Stacey left to run errands while the boy worked.

On her return, she carried an ornate birdcage into the house. The occupants of the cage were lovebirds borrowed from Grandma for the day. Stacey cleared off an end table to make room for the birds. She retrieved her other purchases from the car. She donned a dress of old crimson that she had purchased from a resale shop. With the dress on, Stacey looked as if she had stepped out of a framed picture from her bedroom. She was reliving her prom night of the 70's, with a little twist for Ethan's benefit. Her next task was to drag in a fifty-pound sack of birdseed. She waited just until she heard the mower stop. She started shooting large quantities of birdseed into the backyard. She emptied the contents of the bag. Stacey was thrilled when a flock of many birds landed to dine. She hurried to finish the rest of her plan. She could hear Ethan as he was placing the lawnmower back in the garage out front.

Stacey ran to the bathroom to douse herself in fake blood. It dripped lazily down her hair onto her evening gown. She made sure that her face was covered in the goo. Her next move would surely gross out the boy. She draped tampax as earrings. She turned off all the lights waiting for him to enter the house. She heard the sliding glass door open.

"Mom, mom," the boy called.

Stacey did not respond.

"We got a shit ton of birds in the yard. I've never seen that many in one place before," Ethan said He still had not realized the importance of the birds. All at once it came to him as he spotted the lovebirds in their cage.

"Lame, mom. Very lame. Where are you?"

Stacey entered the room covered in blood, and dancing to the theme of Carrie. It wasn't until he spotted the baubles in her ears that the boy screamed.

"That's disgusting! Mom, you win the weird award. I'm done," the boy said as he trotted off to his room.

Damn, he didn't even give me time to gloat," Stacey said to herself.

The rest of their Saturday went as planned. Each family member was involved in various activities. Stacey and her husband had plans to play cards with another couple. Ethan planned on attending a party with friends for the night.

Stacey reminded her son of the imposed curfew as he left the house. She readied herself for the expected visitors. She prepared many snack items and cleared the table for card playing. She called for her husband to hurry in the shower. Stacey stepped onto the deck to release her dogs to do their business. She admired the freshly mowed yard as the pooches played.

Out of nowhere, a shadowy figure appeared. On his face was a white hockey mask and in his hand was a large machete. The tiny watch dogs backed away in fear of the masked intruder.

"Stop the shit, Ethan! I got company coming. I can't play now," Stacey said laughingly.

The man approached, swinging the sharp tool in his hand. Stacey's head flew off onto the deck with blood spurting from her neck. Only the grimace left on her face displayed the one second of horror she was allowed before death. The man removed his mask to reveal the spouse who never really had a sense of humor. He smirked in the joy of his mania.

Word Count 1079

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