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A mysterious chair arrives at the door of Charlie-Claire's home. To whom does it belong?
The Heartmouth Chair

(262 words)

         The door-bell rang, just as Charlie-Claire was preparing to do her yoga exercises. She sighed, springing up immediately to answer it. She always seemed to encounter interruptions whenever she attempted to take time out for herself.

"It's no doubt Mrs. Taggart," she murmured, straightening her long black hair, "and she's lost her guinea pig again. Oh, well...time to quit the yoga and go outside to help her search for Nibbles."

She opened the door and discovered not a person but an elaborate wooden chair with the shape of a big heart carved into the back of it. The seat had been luxuriously upholstered with red velvet.

"Someone must have brought it here by mistake," she thought, "but who was the intended recipient of such a beautiful chair?"

Charlie-Claire spied a folded note on the seat and cautiously opened it. She hated to pry into other peoples' business, but she needed to find the answer to this odd mystery. If she could determine the identity of the chair's rightful owner, she could tie it to the top of her car and deliver it to the person.

As she read the name on the note, her mouth opened wide in surprise.

It read:

"To Charlie-Claire, in recognition of the many small but deeply appreciated good deeds that you do for the people in this town, with love and gratitude from the citizens of Heartmouth."

She stared at the chair in astonishment, her eyes filling with tears as her neighbors arrived to help move the elegant piece of furniture into her home.

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