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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Animal · #2157920
The Story of a Mutant Frog and Squirrel and their adventures
This is a story of two Mutants. Rana a Red-Eyed Tree Frog and her Brother Charlie a Grey Squirrel, both of them were very young animals when they were mutated. Rana had just metamorphosed into a Frog and still had a bit of her tadpole tail leftover, and Charlie was an adventurous Squirrel Kit just large enough to leave the nest for the very first time. Rana was sitting on a branch that Charlie was running along, When the two young Animals bumped into each other the branch cracked and the two of them fell into a puddle of green ooze that seemed to from deep in the Earth. The Puddle was deep and sticky enough that the two young Animals were completely trapped in it. But fortunately for them an Old Japanese Man who lived in the Forest came along the two young Animals trapped in the slime. He went back home got some protective rubber gloves and then returned to pluck the two Animals from the ooze and washed them off in cool clear water. The two Animals seemed to become lethargic , so not knowing weather they would survive to the next day, the Man placed the Frog in a vase with water and he gave the Squirrel a nest in one of his drawers. Content he had done his part the Man went to sleep.

The Next Morning he felt four tiny hands pawing at him, he awoke to see not only the Frog and the Squirrel had crept into his bed , but both of them were now as large as small cats! They both chittered and croaked and pointed to their mouths, asking for food.
Some other people might have screamed with fright and ran but, the wise Old Man realized that this was the Great Sourcery of Fate and the Old Man knew from experience that Sourcery is a very real thing though not many people believe in it. That the realm that we believe to 'Normal'' actually contains so many strange and miraculous things that most people believe are only Fairy Tales. He suspected the Ooze had something to do with the Animals transformations, but he knew it mattered not how it happened, these two creatures were his responsibility now.

He fed hem both. A Mixture of Nuts and Berries for the Squirrel and since he had no Insects, he chopped some tiny both of raw fish for the Frog and placed the two bowls before them. The Two Animals ate with good appetite.

Not long after, he picked names for them. Rana for the Frog since that was the local name for Frog. The Old Man name the Frog first as she was always jumping everywhere poking her nose where it didn't belong. The Squirrel was quieter, more cautious...The Old Man wasn't sure what to name the Squirrel, but one day while the Old Man was shopping in town, something fell at his feet. It was a VHS Tape for Sharri Lewis' Lamb Chop's Play Along. Studying the back he read the name 'Charlie Horse' he took it as a sign to name the Squirrel Charlie.

That was all in 1989. In 1994 our heroes Rana and Charlie had an Adventure that would change their lives forever, but first some background...

Two Moths prior Rana had twisted her flipper dancing in the trees in the forest around the Hut. The Old Man treated her wounds and then placed her in bed "You must rest if you want your flipper to heal. He said placing a bowl of Soup in front of her "So eat your soup and get some rest and no dancing until your flipper is completely healed.

Charlie, the more Quiet and Introverted of the two was secretly happy, hoping he might finally get some peace and quiet.
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