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by Paul
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She doesn't like farms.
"What was that? Aww, crap! These sneakers cost me four-hundred bucks!"

"Yep, its that. local it's called cow pie, you gotta' learn ta' look down. We can rinse 'em off in ta' horse trough."

"Horse trough? No way! I'll have them cleaned by a pro."

"All we got local's a horse trough."

"I'll be back in Boston In five days."

"By then it'll be rock."


"It'll dry 'n get hard."


"Four hundred dollars! Dang, I get 'em at Walmart for fifteen."

"It's obvious." . . . dork . . .

"Mostly I wear leather boots on ta' farm. To many things can hurt. Rattle snakes."

"SNAKES! I hate snakes."

"If it rattles its bad, but most can't hurt'cha."

"I don't care! I HATE them!"

"Then stay out'a woods 'n fields."

"But, that's all there is here. What am I supposed to do for three days?"

"Ride horses. They got sense enough ta' shy clear of 'em."

"Yuck! Horses stink ... and they're dirty."

"Ain't so, they got a clean smell 'n we keep 'em brushed."

"I'm going to kill my mother for leaving me here. I could have stayed in Boston with, Debora."

"But we're family."

"And you live on a farm. I don't LIKE farms. They're dirty!"

"Ain't so! Yer just uppity."

"I'm civilized, not crude and living on a dirty Farm!"

"Well, I'm headin' fer town ta' get a burger an' a coke, wanna' come?"

"In what?"

"The pickup."

"It's filthy."

"Ain't so. She's a bit rusty but she runs good."

"No thanks."

"Su'cher self, back 'n couple a hours."

. . . now what . . . "Damn, I'm going to kill her! Why is her new boyfriend so important. I wanted to go to The Hamptons, but nooo, they had to go to New York. Crap!" ... get rid of him? . . . gun? . . . no . . . poison? . . . no ...
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