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An article on why fashion is a disease and how it can be cured.
Fashion is nothing but a disease. A disease which is doing more harm and less good. Fashion is one of the reasons of distraction. The youngsters as well as adults worry too much about good looks and fashion. Fashion is very important for the people, be it a cool hairstyle, ripped jeans, off shoulder or crop tops, makeup and what not. The film stars and famous celebrities wear something way too much weird and the people call it a new trend. Even the traditional Indian clothes are not spared. The long Kurtis and ankle length leggings have replaced the one worn by the people in old times.

We all know what is trending and what is not. We know which is the latest fashion and which is the old one. But, do we know, what this fashion is doing to us? Well, whatever its doing, it is sure that the fashion is of no good. People think that wearing or trying out something which is trendy will make them look more beautiful or handsome but, honestly, they look much weird. Other than this, fashion is nothing but a distraction. Instead of focusing on studies and their jobs, people focus on fashion. Youngsters care too much about their hairstyles and all which is diverting their minds from studies. The adults care too much about their dressing style which is diverting their minds from their work. Fashion, really, is a disease.

But every disease is curable and so is fashion disease. We should think that we are beautiful or handsome as well as smart in the simplest way. Instead of thinking about the trend, we should wear something which is comfortable. Only then we will look good from inside as well as outside. We should worry about our studies and work and not about how fashionable we are looking.

Fashion is a disease but its cure is in our hands.
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