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A Ninja Turtles Fanfiction, a Mutant Frog and Squirrel are rescued by the Turtles
After our Heroes Rana the Frog and Charlie the Squirrel awoke after being kidnapped by Cat Goons, they found they were no longer in New York City, but rather in a place that seemed half ruined castle/half lustrous flower garden.
Charlie was nestle in a hammock, while Rana was in a strange, shallow pool of green water. It was very early in the morning, the sun was just beginning to peek over the hills. They heard footsteps coming towards them, it was Leonardo and Ichabod Crane (Not related to Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane) Ichabod was holding a clipboard and a pen.

"Well now..." Ichabod said sounding more and more like a 40 year old man trapped in a teenager's body. "...The upper repertory infection in both of you seems to have died down quite a bit."

"What upper..." Charlie began to say but then he started coughing and hacking

"You both still got it." Ichabod said dryly peering over his clipboard "When the Turtles and Morning Glories came to the rescue you two at 9 PM last night you were both out cold! Being held prisoner in a cold, dank warehouse down by the docks."

"I don't remember any of this." Rana said wheezily

"Of course you don't." Ichabod said "Like I said you were both out cold, those Evil Cats must have given you both chloroform or possibly something stronger because you two were like corpses when they found you."

That was when Marzipan (Not related to the Homestar Marzipan) Came with hot soup and tea for them both.

Rana sighed, remembering her Old Sensai's vegetable soup he often made for her and Charlie. and of course the green tea, Rana really didn't like tea, but she drank it because she knew it was good for her and Leonardo was glaring daggers at her.

"What happened when you rescued us?" Rana asked meekly as she sipped her tea

"It was complete and utter chaos." Leo said "At one point both Chloe and Hank got locked in a tiny room, not good as they are both severe claustrophobics, when we were finally able to free them, they couldn't talk, they were in a completely catatonic state! They are both under critical condition, Karai is preparing certain ancient Ninja treatments for them, but she didn't elaborate on what those were..." Leo sighed and turned to look at the sunrise.

After finishing their soup and tea, Ichabod checked their vitals, not great but not the worse either.

Charlie coughed and asked "Are any of the Morning Glories here?"

"Only Olive." Leo said "She's here helping Raph stand guard in fact, she's over there..."

Some distance away The Black and White Cat Mutant was grooming herself, licking her leg while her Turtle Beau, Raphael dozed peacefully.

That was when Donatello arrived

"Time to administer the antibiotic." Don said "This will sting."

With Donatello's help Ichabod cleaned a spot on Rana and Charlie's arms. In Charlie's case he had to shave off a patch of his silvery fur, and injected a strange green fluid into both of their arms. "Here at First Earth the Fellowship have been having their own disasters." Said Don "First Fossil's Apprentice Aurora the Pangolin got maimed by an insane Wolf-Dog-Woman, then Ichabod's Mom, Pamela Isly and Jervis Tetch were exposed to a different kind of Mutagen that causes one take the form of the last animal they touched. Pamela became a Praying Mantis, Jervis became a Mutant Lobster, thus this place became a makeshift hospital for all the disasters." Don sighed

After some time had passed Rana decided to tell her rescuers about what she had dreamed about when she was out cold "I had a flashback..." She said "...To long, long ago...The year was 1994 and I met a Great Mutant and Great Friend...His name was Paul Epsen and he was a Mutant Bear

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