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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2158883
A Mutant Frog and Squirrel search for a singer whose really a Mutant Bear
After telling Sensai they discovered Reverend Judge off '666' was a Mutant Animal like themselves, Sensai said "Well then, perhaps you ought to help this 'Bear of a Man' before he gets into real trouble, I raised you two, to be honorable ninja..."

"But Sensai..." Charlie began to protest

"...Perhaps if you help the rest of the band find their missing member..." Said Sensai "...Maybe they'll give you a place to stay for the night."

"Thanks Sensai." Charlie said as he ended the call.

Rana knew exactly where to find the rest of the 666, the rest of the band consisted of Steve 'Shooter' Callahan, the Guitarist, Dave Rollins the Keyboardist, Vincent Trudeau, the Drummer and Trisha Yeager , the band's manager and Vincent's Wife.

They were talking about Judge's disappearance when there was a knock at the door, it didn't sound like Judge's knock.

"Who's there?" Trisha asked

"Some Fans." Said Rana "We think we can help find Judge."

Trisha looked at the rest of the band , they shrugged and Trisha let Rana and Charlie in.

Initially their hats were pulled low over their faces, then both took their hats off revealing the faces of a Frog and a Squirrel respectively. Trisha and Dave gasped with shock! Steve stared gobsmacked, but Vincent said "Hey those are some pretty awesome masks! Where'd ya get 'em?"

Charlie wasn't sure how to respond to that but Rana said "These aren't masks, these are our faces...We're Mutant Animals...And we have reason to believe Judge is one too..."

This was gonna be a long night. The Band ordered some pizzas (Charlie requested at least one of the pizzas be vegetarian as he didn't like meat) As they sat and ate and drank, Rana and Charlie described their experience at the concert.

"He kept looking toward us." Rana said to the Band Members as they listened with rapt horror . "Finally he stopped singing and just stared and stared at us...When he ran off stage we managed to follow him to where he met those two cops!" She turned to her Squirrel Brother "Charlie, you can explain this next part better than I can." She stopped to devour a slice of pepperoni pizza

"You see..." Charlie said "...We live with this old Japanese Man who is teaching us how to be Ninja, and part of that, more than sneaking around and killing people, is the spiritual stuff, like how to see past illusions and see what is really there. When Judge beat down the two cops, maybe because of the raw animal energy he had that moment ...Rana and I briefly saw his aura...We saw underneath that human face he's really a Bear!"

Charlie took a moment to drink some water after that speech.

The other band members looked at each other for a few moments then Vincent said "So Judge is a Mutant Bear? Hey that's cool!"

"Doesn't matter what he is." Steve said determinedly "Paul is my friend and that's that!"
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