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by AppsG
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The point of view of a stray dog.
Roaming freely in one of the streets,
To find someone’s leftover food to eat.
Barking at the grazing cows,
But they are not at all frightened
Which we don’t know how!

I am a stray dog and this is my story. Unlike the pet dogs, I don’t have any identity of my own but anyways, I’m here to tell you about the life of stray dogs.
I still remember the day when my mother left me all alone in this journey of life but she was right also. I should not be dependent on my mother for my survival. After all I’m a grown up dog now and I should do everything for my survival on my own.
We dogs can’t express our feelings and all, in the way the human beings can, but that does not mean that we don’t have any feelings. Of course we have! After all even we are living beings.
Whenever I see a pet dog going for a walk with its master, wearing all those clothes and a satisfied smile on its lips, I feel a little hurt but then the realization strikes me that unlike us, they are bound to some limited area only. They can’t do even a single thing without their master’s permission. We roam here and there freely where as all they can do is just guard their master’s house. We eat the food which the humans eat like biscuits, chapatti and all where as all the pet dogs can eat is just dog food. At least we don’t have to eat the same thing again and again! The pet dogs are nothing but living robots whose control is in their masters’ hands.
Talking about their masters who are none other than human beings, I would like to tell you that according to the dogs, all the human beings are not the same. Some people hurt us by pelting stones on us, thinking that we dogs don’t feel the pain. Oh! How fool they are! They don’t even know that every living thing has feelings. We dogs can feel the pain just like the other animals which include humans too. Yes, the human beings are nothing but animals, animals who don’t know anything but claim themselves to be the most knowledgeable on the entire earth.
Well, forget about them. Let’s talk about the good people. The people who give us biscuits, chapattis and all are my favorite kind of people. They care for us and that’s why they caress us affectionately instead of hurting us. And then there are people who are too much frightened of us. When they see us in front of them, they run away from us as if there’s no tomorrow and that we are going to kill them and that too in a fraction of second! They don’t know that won’t hurt them unless they hurt us.
Anyways, I feel that the life of stray animals is far better than that of the pet animals. At least we don’t have to do the things which other ask us to. And that is why I am happy with my life as a stray dog.
At last I would like to say something. Consider it as an advice or as a request but it is the truth that we should not hurt the animals just because we think that they don’t have feelings because every damn living thing has feelings. It is just that they can’t express them unlike the human beings.
So bye-bye and take care because you are very lucky that you have got the life of a human and not the life of an animal who roams from one place to another in search of food.
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