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Prompt story ~ Revise a children's story using more characters than the original story.

Goldie and The Five Bears

. Once upon a time, long, long ago there were Five Bears. Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Brother Bear, and the twins Baby Bear and BooBoo Bear. They were traveling through the forest looking for food like they do every day. When they approached on an unusual old cabin made of wood and stone.

Ivy limbs covered one whole side of the cabin, hiding it within the forest. Mama Bear peeked in a window and said.
"It appears empty, no one is here."

She was sniffing everything she could get her nose into. Papa Bear searched the grounds around the outside of the cabin to see if there were any berries nearby. Brother Bear followed Papa Bear while the twins followed Mama Bear into the cabin, and with one push from Mama Bear, the door fell open.

"Look, look, Mama," shouted the twins pointing towards a wall lined with pretty pots on the shelves as they played around on an old couch in the front room of the cabin.

"Come and see Papa Bear and Brother Bear, look what we found in here!"

They heard the twins shouting from inside and rushed quickly back to the cabin. Inside, the walls were lined with shelves of ceramic pots of all shapes and sizes. Mama Bear smelled something delicious and grabbed one of the pots, opened the lid and to her surprise it was full of honey! (Bear's favorite food.)

Then she reached out and grabbed another pot and it was full of honey. Every pot she looked in was full of honey!
"Oh, Papa, there is so much honey in here we won't go hungry for weeks!"

So Mama Bear picked out five pots of honey and set them on a big thick wooden table in the kitchen. There were five different chairs set up around it. Papa bear sits down in the biggest chair and says, " This is a very comfortable chair."

When suddenly it breaks into pieces and Papa Bear falls to the floor. Then Mama Bear sits in a chair at the opposite end of the table and says, " Well, this chair fits me just right." When suddenly her chair breaks into pieces and Mama Bear falls to the floor.

"Ouch!" She cried out. " That hurt."

Then the younger bears all race to the first chairs closest to them. But the twins began to fight over the last two chairs.

" Stop fighting right now!" Mama Bear shouted. " There are chairs for each of you."
Luckily the other chairs did not break. So Mama Bear and Papa Bear just sat on the floor eating the honey from the pot.

Baby Bear and BooBoo Bear stuck their tongues out at each other making silly faces at each other. Brother Bear couldn't resist getting into the face game as well. When Papa Bear had enough of their goofing off at the table.

He slammed his paws hard and loud on the floor that it shook the cabin and he growled at his young bears.

" You'd better stop acting up at the table and eat, or you will not get anymore honey!". (When Papa Bears growls, the young bears listen.)

The cabin was silent while the bears held their honey pots and licked them clean. After they finished filling their bellies full, they wobbled into another room. It had one big bed in the center of the room and thick blankets that draped to the floor and there was a glass lantern hanging in the corner from the ceiling.

All five of the bears crawled up onto the big bed. "This is very soft," said Mama Bear. Papa Bear agreed with Mama Bear and said.
"You're right, this bed is super soft."

As the five bears shuffled themselves around trying to find a comfortable position, they heard a crackling noise and suddenly the big bed broke and fell apart all over the floor with a loud bang!

Just then the five bears looked up from the broken bed and saw a beautiful young maiden standing in the doorway. Their eyes fully opened wide, surprised by the young girl, she was just as surprised by the bears in her room, then everyone screamed aloud at the same time..."Aaaaahh!"

They stared at each other for several moments, not sure what to say. The bears were in ah of her beauty. The maiden had long braided golden-brown hair, it nearly touched the floor and her skin was a soft shade of silken ebony.

"My name is Goldie, and this is my home. Are you all lost?" She asked.

Mama Bear replied and said, "No, we are not lost we were just hungry and looking for food when we found all this delicious honey in these pots on your shelves. Sorry, we broke your chairs and your bed. We'll be leaving now. Thank you!"

The bears got up on their feet and headed for the door to leave.

"Wait!" Goldie pleaded, jumping in front of the doorway. "Please don't leave, I have plenty of honey for all of you. I raise honeybees past the forest in the meadow below and don't worry about the furniture, it was old and worn down anyway."

The Five Bears fear of humans disappeared after meeting Goldie, they were so happy that she was not upset with them at all. They kept apologizing for making such a mess, but Goldie just smiled happily back to them as they started to sit back down.

"Please, stay with me. I would love to have some friends. Especially five fluffy friendly bears."

The Bear family was happy to stay with Goldie because she was so kind to them, And she has all the honey they could ever want.

"Yes, we'll stay with you, dear." Mama Bear replied. The bears began to clear up the broken mess they made. Goldie grabbed her broom and started sweeping up the floors. This happy new family of bears are now a family of six.
And they lived Happily Ever After in the forest with Goldie and her delicious honey for many, many years.

The End


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