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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2159722
Derek is living the dream working as an enforcer in a virtual reality world.
Pretty pesky prompts: Having your dream job, in the year 2218
Thrice prompted: Turn the good guy into the bad guy
Word count:833

Ve's library: world-29055. Planet: Earth. Date: May 6th, 2218.

          Finally, I was going back to work, days off are the worst. Yes, I know it sounds strange. But, you don't know what I do for a living. I work in the Cyber crime department of Celestial Being. Oh, you live in the year 2018? My condolences.

         Well, about sixty years ago Celestial Being first went online. I can't find the words to describe the hope it brought to human kind. It has been compared to a similar system from a movie that aired about 200 years ago, the matrix I think it was called. Celestial being solved everything, death, aging, hunger, all things of the past. It was as real as the outside world, except everyone had access to anything they wanted. No one had a job, the biggest house or the fastest cars were only the push of a button away and that's just scratching the surface of what's possible in the world called Celestial Being.

         Of course, this created a problem of its own. What would happen to the outside world if everyone migrated to this amazing place. To solve this problem, the world government decided to ban anyone under the age of forty from migrating to Celestial Being. We still needed people to be farmers, doctors and police men out here in the real world.

          I was only eighteen years old, but I got to spend most of my time in the world of Celestial Being. I was a cyberhowler, that's what they called us anyway. The Cyber Crime Division is like the police force of Celestial Being, and they are always looking to hire cyberhowlers. We were born with an innate ability to better command avatars, they could make them operate faster or stronger than usual. We were an invaluable asset when it came to fighting off hackers and viruses. It wasn't the safest job, but it's my dream job.

          I got to hangout with my two favorite people, Nate and Cassandra. They were the other two members of my team, team CC 12. We rarely had any work to do, and even when we did. It was deleting viruses in epic battles. The only hazard was if we encountered a hacker, but we worked in district nineteen, that was never going to happen.

          I was approaching the Celestial Being building, my silver 2215 Honda Civic began its descent. The car hovered to a stop at the fifth floor entry platform. I stepped out onto the dark green platform, in front of a door marked CC 12, "later, Siri." "Have a good day sir," the car replied as it hovered off to the parking lot. The large metal door swung open with the usual Creek. I made my way through the polished white halls to the operations room. "Heya Jim, good morning," I said to my bespectacled colleague in the lab coat. "Yeah, hey Derek, you're early," he replied not even breaking eye contact with his computer screen. I knew I was early but I was eager to plug in and I doubt Jim would mind. He was our handler while we were logged in. The room wasn't much to look at. Jim and three computer monitors on one side. Three Celestial Being pods on the other. They were sort of like beds, covered in a white metallic shell with a glass window so you could see the person inside. Nate and Cassandra were already logged in. I got in the pod and put on the helmet.

          Logging in was sort of like waking up from a long nap. I was in an identical pod in my quarters at the Cyber Crime Tower in District Nineteen. I got up and made my way over to the smooth silver door that led out into the hall, it opened with a swoosh. I traversed the sky blue halls until I got to Nate's room. We came up in the academy together, he was like the big brother I never had. Together with Cassandra, we were team CC 12, in charge of guarding District Nineteen. The door swooshed open and to my horror, there they were. Nate and Cassandra... going at it like a couple of Jack rabbits. They didn't even notice me, the door closed. And, I just stood there, in the clutches of despair, anger and rage. How could they do this to me? I came to Nate's room to ask his advice on how to propose to Cassandra...

          Why did I come in early, it was against regulation. I just had to... No, this wasn't my fault! It was them! They're the ones doing something wrong! It was Nate, it's all his fault! He had always been a womanizer since our days in the academy. Now he's taking advantage of Cassandra! I'm going to kill him!

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