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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2159940
After the war of Edimiss, Ulkick headed home to see the town had changed.
The war of Edimiss was over, those who survived were paid and sent home, Ulkick took his money and headed back his small town Erkin. After three days of riding through the hills and forest he finally saw Erkin in the distance, He gave his horse a slight smack and horse started to gallop slowly.
When he got to the gate of city he looked at up at the gaurd who has bow and arrow at the ready, "What is bussiness here knight" the gaurd asked. "I am coming home from the war of Edimiss" Ulkick said " I am the son of blacksmith Ulcart and his wife Ucrena". With what ulkick said he was greeted with a smile and a knod, as the gate opened he dismounted the horse and him through the old rusted gate. The first thing that ulkick saw was the grainery that now laid abondoned and part of the roof was missing. He took a look around and saw that most of the small shops were now in ruin, even the bakery where he had his first job as boy was now in ruin. As he kept walking down the street hew saw that the old tavern was still running which made him smile, he decided to going into the tavern for a slug of ale and something to eat before heading home. He went up to the tavern tied his horse and put his armor into his sack he headed in.
As he opened the door to the tavern the crowd of people looked at himb as if he was a new face in town, after a moment the bar tener looked and asked "How can help you lad". Ulkick smiled and proceeded to the bar where he found only one empty seat, " I will a glass of ale and plate of whatever you have to eat". The bartender nodded and left, a few moments passed and the man returned with a plate of meat,cheese, and a piece of bread followed by a glass of ale. The tasted good as he gulped down half the glass, then he ate a small chunk of meat and cheese. Ulkick sat at the bar awhile, looking around for a familiar face, Finally one came about. He remebered the man from his of training at the barracks,he got up and went over to the man eager to talk. "Well" the man replied "If it isn't the one and only ulkick". Ulkick smiled and was delighted that the man recognized him, "Hello Farnsworth". The men talked for what seemed like forever about the war and about his training days. Finally farnsworth told ulkick he had to go, with a nod farnsworth got up paid his tab and left. Ulkick sat there for a moment before he got up paid his tab and walked out.
He mounted his horse and headed home, but when he got to the barn he saw that it had started to fall apart just as the rest of town. He was hesitant when he got his horse and put him the available stall, he headed to the house and opened the door. He was greeted by an elderly woman who turned to look at the young man, Ulkick gave a half smile ran to the woman, "Hello Mother" he said as tears slowly ran down his cheeks. She huged him back and said " Your finally home my son" , as the hug ended he looked around and had seen the house and the shop haden't changed a bit. His mother rushed to get him and her a cup of wine, he knew they had a lot of catching up to do. He eventually asked "Where's father". His mother stoped in mid stride and pointed to shed out back, he grabbed his cup and headed outside to greet his father. When he opened the he was greeted by an old man, "Bout time you came home i was starting to worry you had been killed" his said with a smirk, "Nope" Ulkick replied "Just a few bumps and scrapes".
"Father" ulkick finally said "What happened to the town". "The same thing that happened to every other town, THE WAR" his father replied. "When all of the boys in all of the towns left train and go to war the got to old and passed, and none of the boys came home". "Well I'm home now and plan to rebuild the town to its former glory". With that his father smiled looked at and said "Your going to need a lot of help, but I believe you will get there". After a moment his father stood walked to son hugged him and said behind tears "Welcome Home My Son".
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