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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #2160214
Learning that writing can be a passion.
It was his favorite class and the only one he ever looked forward to. It was his second semester at the university when he developed a new found interest in his studies. No, not all his classes, just a certain one.

His new found favorite class was Introduction To College Writing. It was not a typical class he would take as it started at 8:00 am. Normally he liked to accompany all his friends to a local bar on Thursday nights where he would drink himself into a stupor before he would stagger home.

That was before he saw her. When she walked into the class the first day he noticed her. His eyes ran up her boots to her shapely legs, drinking in the hint of white flesh that was exposed just below her skirt. He sucked in his breath as he watched her walk to the desk. She moved with a lithe grace as she set the leather bound case on the desk.

He looked down for a moment as a small blush crept across his face, then glanced around the class room to see if anyone had noticed. Most of the other male students and some of the women were also paying close attention to the professor.

He hardly listened to her words during the class, instead focusing on the constant rhythm of her voice. His eyes focused on her blouse. Her gaze locked on his and he blushed knowing he was caught. A smile from her reassured him and he found himself looking once more.

He had written her name and her office number in his notebook. It was all he had written that class. He kept thinking about her clothes and the body beneath them. That was the first day he began to pay attention.

As the semester went on, he started to enjoy writing. It became a passion to him. He took pride in his work, and pride in his appearance. He began to look forward to the assignments as a chance to gain her attention and impress her.

The grades began to reflect his effort and he would find himself in her office often. They would talk about his work and topics. She confessed she was a published author. He loved the way she laughed a slight tinkle and a small smile that would disappear quickly after a moment or two. He noticed the lift in her voice when she was passionate.

He realized he wanted to know her on a more intimate level. As the semester's end drew near, he asked if they could meet for a coffee. She surprised him by suggesting they meet later in the evening at a small cafe.

He rushed through his day and began to prepare for their meeting. He selected black slacks, leather shoes and a crisp shirt hoping she would notice. He arrived early and smiled that she was already there waiting for him.

He sucked in his breath as he realized she was wearing the identical outfit she had worn when she had first caught his attention. He stammered a greeting and she laughed confirming she knew he had noticed. Her arm took his and they walked to the counter for their drinks.

They spoke for a while neither touching their drinks as each focused on the other. He took a sip of his coffee and grimaced at the cold temperature. She smiled and told him she needed to pick up a few papers at her office.

He walked with her, she reached and took his hand in hers. The night was cool as they crossed the campus to the hall where her office was located. The building was empty and she lightly kissed him on the cheek as they rode the elevator to her floor.

She led him down the hall to her office. His hand found the switch and light brightened the room. He could hear the soft click as the door was closed behind them. She smiled at him and moved just out of reach.

Tilting her chin slightly she spoke to him quietly. "Words have power but a true author doesn't tell a story, he shows it." "Show me and make me feel." She reached for him and he pulled her closer.

He could smell her scent, felt the light crush of her clothing in his embrace as he leaned forward and intently kissed her. He felt her warmth as her mouth opened to accept his kiss. He held her tightly drinking in her breath as they kissed.

Lifting her in his embrace he softly set her on the edge of the desk. His hands moved to unbutton her blouse then slipped inside to cup her breasts. His kiss was deep and his touch was firm. He squeezed and cupped her breasts feeling them full in his hands.

A slight moan left her lips as his kiss slowly trailed down the delicate line of her neck. His eyes and mouth never left her skin as his hands fumbled for a moment as he tugged at her skirt. He felt her push up, the skirt fell free.

His soft kisses left a trail to her navel as his finger lightly traced her thigh. He felt the sharp intake of her breath as his fingers slid along her outer lips. He teased gently rubbing softly.

She called his name as his lips met hers. She tasted sweet as his finger deftly stroked her clit. Small semi circles, then lightly up and down as he heard her breathing get heavier. His tongue took the place of his fingers and licked slowly and gently.

Two fingers began sliding easily inside her. He felt her tighten and grasp them, pulling him deeper and closer. She shivered a little and let out a soft moan, then spasmed and moved gently into his arms.

They held each other close kissing and murmuring to one another. She pulled away softly and teasingly straightened his collar. For a moment she smiled at him, then reached into the leather bound case on the floor. Retrieving her grade book she found his name and placed an A beside it.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2160214