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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Animal · #2160247
A Tale of Animal School and a bitter rivalry
Once upon a time, long, long ago back before any of us can remember the World wasn't like it was today, back when the world was new and everyone was still trying to find their place in the world, the Animals went to school to learn the Skills they would need to survive in the Wild in those days it was against the Law of the Jungle to huntand kill any animal child under penalty 'You Die' the Teachers of the Animals School were all something called 'Teacher Creatures' Amalgamations of different kinds of Animals Part Mammal, Part Bird, Part Reptile, etc, etc, their whole reason for existance seemed to be to teach the other Animals how to be Animals. This is the story of one Animal School in the Fantasia Forest. Named so because it was next to the Human Kingdom of Fantasia a small kingdom, but quickly became very wealthy because of the mine where jewels of every color of the Rainbow could be found.

This is a story of one Teacher Creature, Mr. Tetokkie's 5th Grade Class.

Mr. Tetokkie came into class one grey and cloudy morning, on his desk were not just apples, but nuts,berries, worms, bones and other things the various students brought from their homes.

"Good Morning Class." Said Mr. Tetokkie

"Good Morning Mr. Tetokkie said the Classroom Critters in a very bored manner.

"For today." Said the Teacher Creature "We're gonna do things a little differently...We're gonna start today off with a History Lesson..." Mr. Tetokkie started drawing on the chalkboard behind him.

"Now...Back at the very beginning of time..." Said the Teacher Creature "...There was only mud, no forests, no meadows, no deserts, no mountains and contrary to what those fooolish Humans believe the World was not all ine enormous ocean at the beginning of time, there were no great bodies of water...No all was mud at the very beginning of time...But things would soon change when..."

Of all the various Cubs gathered in the classroom, one Animal Child was unable to pay attention to anything being said he was a Unicorn Colt his name was Moonbeam...And he was unable to pay attention because he was deep down he was fuming at his classmate Phillip the Lion Cub, Phillip was a loud obnoxious Lion Cub who was always insulting and taunting Moonbeam. Moonbeam who was an introverted, artistic type just wanted to be left alone but when it became clear Phillip would not leave him alone Moonbeam began insulting the Lion Cub back, soon it became clear the two Animal Children would have to settle the dispute with an old fashoned playground duel to decide whon would be the King of the School Beasts.

When it was time for recess the Cubs solemnly marched out to the playground, for the Duel that would soon take place. Most of the apex predators, the Lions, Tigers, Wolves and Bears sided with Phillip, while most of the Herbivores, Insectivores and Small Carnivores sided with Moonbeam, when Moonbeam and Phillip were in the center of the playground they began to circle one another, a standard Playground Duel move, Then Moonbeam attacked! The Unicorn Foal charged foreward, and bit the back of Phillip's neck, drawing blood! Phillip yowled in pain and raked his claws against Moonbeam's snowy white chest.

Mr. Tetokkie heard the commotion and saw the two young animals grappling with each other and drawing blood, he immeditatly stopped the fight and brought the two Cubs inside.

"I know that Sparrring is an important part of every young animal's education..." Said Mr. Tetokkie as he cleaned the their wounds but what I saw on the playground today went beyond mere sparring! That, was beyond what is permitted on school grounds."

Moonbeam glared at Phillip he would remember that Lion and he would remember that he was not to be trusted.

So the duel ended in a complete draw. Most of the other school animals wished the fight had gone on a bit longer as they had rather liked seeing the blood drawn.

Moonbeam quickly stopped attending school after that fight. His eyes turned to a place where he could find peace and quiet. The Royal Garden of the King of Fantasia seemed peaceful enough.

So he leaped over the garden wall and there he stayed for many years without being detected by the Humans who lived in the castle.

That was the first of the many adventures of Moonbeam the Unicorn.

Word Count 745
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