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by Paul
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2160319
I find out my companion has a sense of humor.

"I know, you're out there and I can find you. Bring it back now before something with teeth shows up."


"Okay, you're good at hiding, but I'm good at finding."

"OOOHhhh ... Ruffe"

"I'll find you and shave your ass bald for this."


"You know I'm kidding. Please? I'm tired of playing hide and seek."

Seven years ago I found what was left of Feezzas mother after the trophy hunters, then the den they missed. She was the only survivor of five. Two guys had done it and I'd have helped them shoot their own damned feet off. Cruel bastards!

I buried the dead then took her home and nursed her back to health, we've been together since. We've worked out a grunt-and-gesture language that works, but I'm convinced she can read my mind. We've saved one another's lives many times since.


"Thank you. I've had this knife for a long time."


"Not that long. I'm older than you, but I'm not Methuselah."


"An old guy that lived for a thousand years a long time ago."


"Yeah, time doesn't mean much to you. Countless winters then, is that better?"


"I do NOT look countless winters old!"

"eee - eee - eee"

"I'll be damned, you can make jokes and laugh. Now you frighten me."


"No, I'm not going to leave. I'm staying! I might leave if you slobber all over the grip again though, that's disgusting."

"RRUFFF ... yip ... yip ehh ehh ehh"

"Wolf slobber does NOT heal everything, even if licking did help the bobcat scratches heal faster."


"Go to bed Feezza! God, straight man for a Wolf that thinks it's a comedian."


"Okay, you are a comedian. God, what an ego!"

"ee ... ee ... ee "
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