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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2160643
A 15 minute writing prompt piece adapted for Bubblegum Jones' fill in the blanks contest
Once upon a time there was a horse called Peg.

Everyday, Marian looked at him and thought how much she would like to ride him but that was against the rules. She changed his bedding, groomed him and refilled his manger with oats. When she could, she brought him a carrot though this was another thing that was against the rules.

One day, Marian came up from her underground cell and hurried to the hay store near the guardhouse. The sun had not yet risen over the high walls.

"Dia ruit, dial ruit."

Marian cocked her head. "Oh, it's you." A cheeky blackbird was sitting on the portcullis.

"You're brave today! We don't normally see you near the soldiers." But where were the soldiers? She looked around the silent keep.
None of your business lass. The voice in her head wad her mothers. She shrugged, pulled one of the heavy bales out of the store and began dragging it over the icy flags.

Suddenly Peg's feet clattered noisily on the cobbles. He whinnied reared up and kicked the stable door. She ran to the stable and clutched for the bridle.

"Woah, steady boy." Holding the bridle firmly Marian and began to sing in her soft lilting voice. The sound soothed them both. When he was quiet she patted him gently and tied the leather cords by the stable door.
Something made her look up. A black stain smudges the sky.

Fear gripped her.

Because of that, she ran across the straw strewn court and up the narrow stone steps. Smoke! She could smell it before she was halfway up the tower. She tumbled out onto the parapet lungs burning and red faced. The stamp of feet and clash of swords was louder than even her panting. They were coming up the road from the river. About thirty of the provost's men. Her eyes rested on an untidy red stain near the crossing untidy red stain. That explained what had happened to the castle guard.

A grim hand clutched at her heart. They would do what they had done in Avalon and Bel-Akanth.

Perhaps the back way? Escape...

She ran frantically she round the battlements and saw the notion was futile. Companies of grim men approached on all sides.

She ran back down into the court. Unhitched Peg and leapt on. The horse whinnied his head.

"I know it's not allowed," said Marian soothingly. The horse tossed his head.

"There's no time for a saddle." Apparently satisfied Peg turned readying himself. Picking his line. Marian kissed his mane and gave a gentle nudge with her feet. Peg leapt forward, striding ever faster, his hooves raising sparks on the cobbles.

Until finally, spreading his wings Pegasus took to the air while below the soldiers cursed and clashed their spears and gnashed their teeth in impotent anger.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2160643