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How do you manage your time so you can post at least one blog daily?

Managing time is easy, when I use less than an hour per post, usually llike half an hour... Even if I'm not home from morning until late in the evening, I usually want to purge my thoughts in the blog. It just depends how obsessive I am? There may be a day or two sometimes that I don't do a post but usually I'm either sleeping or just like, really unmotivated or know that I don't have anything to write. I guess it might be called also writer's block. The problem I have with time management is mostly not having enough pictures in my blog.

Have you thought about blogging in English to generate a bigger following? Why?

There are two official languages in my country and even though most Finns speak "perfect" English, I'm still affected by these issues only where I am. Sure, Finnish people send hell of a lot more offensive comments and we are a bully nation and Internet makes that worse, but I'd rather keep it real and not trying be just 'honest and raw' in some other language. In general I might have a broader audience if I used English more, but it wouldn't be nice, not really. The year I had abroad in the UK was the best of my life but still not sure I could 100% write just in English. So the answer is 'no' I just couldn't!

Aside from blogging, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

Aside from blogging, I try anything that will either get me forward in life, that I'm passionate about, or it benefits me in some way (like studying, working, or cooking and cleaning,) or stuff that entertains me (playing games, watching series/movies, reading) . I get bored and lonely just like everyone else too, if I don't get out of the room with four walls. I used to enjoy swapping snailmail and tended to read more, I just wish I could read these days, because surely everyone can read twenty pages of a book per day? I usually give up hobbies/interests quite fast when I've done obsessing over something, or might have to get back to them but that's just life for ya. I guess being a horror or a fantasy fan for example never goes away, your tastes just develop. I couldn't start binge watching romance/comedy/drama anymore than I could throw away my Nintendo games. I've had the same fave band from 2004 and I'm not even into music. I mean, I'm soon thirty years old and the question is just so broad in a sense like, I guess psychology is interesting and neurology but that's just the cherries on top of something I view not to be even a real science. Sometimes I do something for weeks, like take a selfie every morning and then I quit. I will stop smoking too, when I they are going to stop selling the flavoured ones I smoke. I have three tattoos, and usually something just inspires me to get one. By the way this question is the most annoying one so far because I guess, I presumed everyone had hobbies and interests. I'll stop caring now...

Why did you choose blogging over other social media platforms to post what you have to say?

I used to keep a journal online throughout my exchange year in the UK but that platform has been gone since late 2010's. I guess I noticed it got a lot more attention when people read it, even if they didn't understand me. I have always been writing into notebooks, and I feel most social medias limit my creativity. I don't trust facebook and Twitter has a character limit, I'm not into writing just image captions like instagraming, or doing vlogging... I mean everywhere the negative comments and dislikes do follow, but at least I can write about it my way. It's a peaceful compromise.

Does one have to be diagnosed by a doctor to say he is schizophrenic or is it something you just feel inside of you?

I don't feel it inside me and yes it has to be diagnosed by a doctor who studies you for a long period of time where you have had symptoms, usually for months. In my country we have the right to get admitted in to a mental facility. My grandmother from mother's side also has it, but never admit anything like that because the chances of getting diagnosed rise by at least 10-20%...

Would you say that it’s more difficult to maintain a food blog rather than a personal blog?

Would I say it's more difficult to write horror stories than fantasy novels? I don't see why either would be more difficult. Food goes in and out and so does every day pass and things happen, so it is very similar.

What are some of the most common misconceptions about being schizophrenic?

I haven't heard or seen things, so it's hard to accept just because some person who I saw perhaps a few times during four months says, so that they knew anything about me, or my family straight up lying about what I had been doing. It's a very clinical argument to make that someone has that kind of symptoms. It isn't even a disease, just a bunch of symptoms. I cry because I couldn't see myself that way. My warning signs are withdrawing to myself. Don't think medication has improved one bit... I only seem to notice all the gringe-worthy side effects that kind of drugs posses.

Have you considered letting guests post on your blog or even to collaborate with one of them on a topic you are both interested in?

I am open to that, of course. I haven't found anyone who would like to do so, though.

Are you taking any medications or going through treatments for your schizophrenia?

For the past ten years, yeah. Struggling with all of it daily. The diagnosis was a shock and it still makes me cry and feel angry and trying to numb all of with eating. I might undergo therapy for a year but I've still not made the application for it.

In your opinion, what is the best platform for blogging and what are your reasons for saying so?

I'm familiar with blogger, wordpress, livejournal, etc. I'd rather have my own site but that's too much work. Everyone works differently and chooses what works for them. I think blogger is the simplest even with it's flaws.

How did you decide on the design of your blog?

I bought a design for my blog but I stopped using it. I want to change it myself and quite often. I change pretty almost everything at least once a year.

Would you consider yourself a foodie? What's the best meal you've ever tasted and where did you experience it?

The most interesting food I've had was jellied eel in London. I'm not a foodie, I used to hate re-heating my mother's cooking and am picky (when I'm not eating everything). Whatever has the most calories I suppose is "best". I have hawaiian pizza and ham and cheese sandwiches, but also know that sushi is good. People claim I eat too fast to enjoy it, or don't mind it raw, and it is true.

What social media platforms do you use to promote your blog?

Twitter mostly and I had almost 200 G+ followers but that number has been twindling recently. I have instagram and facebook as well.

Do you write all your blog posts yourself and have you considered having guest writers on your blog? Why?

I've asked my mum to guest write. No one has offered to co-write. I write mostly from my own experience and point of view (whatever that is).

Have you considered using Facebook ads to promote your blog?

I have done so sometimes. Those ads aren't going to do anything by themselves, people still need to want to read your blog...

What is the best way to create buzz with your blog content?

It is always a surprise for me which content gets popular. People only hear what they want to hear. Whatever people like, can be lists- or sayings or something that leaves them wanting to know more.

What are some of the other blogs that you like to follow? What do you like about them?

I don't follow many blogs. I like to read neuroscience blogs though I don't understand a lot of them. I'm not friends with any bloggers either, but I read my friend's blogs if they have one.

How do you generate traffic for your blog? How do you turn visitors into subscribers?

Usually I have giveaways where you get tickets when you subscribe. Those are a really good way to get them. I don't use any view for view sites or anything for traffic. I link to my social media like twitter.

How do you deal with negative comments on your blog?

There were hundreds of them and I had to stop the option to comment anonymously in 2014 and I didn't advertise that the option was possible again. The quality of the writing of those comments was poor and they'd misinterpret me on purpose or just trying to piss me off or be nasty. Most of the comments are on a 'lyric' video if anyone wants to join the hate. I don't really have to deal with that, I've grown up from it.

How often do you update your blog and why?

Almost every day because I will feel better afterwards.

Why did you stop writing for your first blog after 5 years of activity?

I don't claim to have stopped. It's still an ongoing project I have a passion for.

What is it like to live with the diagnosis of being a schizophrenic? What is the effect it has on your life?

At first it was a shock and made me sad to read about it as I didn't have the most common 'split from reality'. I'm taking medication to the symptoms and am well rehabilitated. It doesn't affect who I am.

In your opinion, what are the factors that ensures the success of a new blog?

Writing often or at least regularly is the point of having a blog. You could also try advertising in social medias and post photos of your niche in them.

How do you come up with topics to post about, on your blog?

Mostly from what I know best about, in my real life. Trying things out at least once. Not censoring myself, getting into a flow, etc. same things as small talk, really.

What are the differences between your online personality and your real one?

In real life I don't use lengthy sentences, while speaking I have to pause to catch a breath- but typing enables me to use even more sophisticated words that I'd usually choke on, or make typos _intentionally_ to be quirky. Real life convos also depend on who you are chatting with or when but in writing it's who your audience might be, not some role you have to play.

What are some of the best interactions you have had with your fans on your blog?

I was asked to do a meet-up during a con in my city, I've held giveaways, I got a comment that someone had been reading my blog for years and we had a lengthy converstation. In general people describe my personality as interesting. Usually I'm misunderstood and not everyone 'gets' all that I wanted to say, also I've had hundreds of anonymous mean comments I've not kept.

Is blogging your full time job? How did you go about monetizing it?

I had some witty answer to this but I forgot... at first I tried to monetize but Google would deny my AdSense account. I have had some luck with putting ads on my site but no monetary gain recently. I'm hoping for collabs with brands if I want to commercialize anymore that is... depending on your blog content it might have wrong target audience anyway for advertisers...

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

Blogging was as first just a tool for Google to be more transparent about the company, so it's costumers would have an open mind, too. To me it's creative writing at best, a brain dump at worst and I feel everyone can enjoy reading no matter what age etc. I promised I'd write a book but I struggle with that, so this is something I find a passion for doing daily even. Sometimes it feels like the posts just 'disappear' into the interwebs but then I get to know my readers again and I'm not just writing for creativity's sake but to have a converstation with the reader. It's rewarding, just like reviews are useful for indie writers?
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