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Reminiscing about the first summer of a "Beautiful Barefoot Romance"
"Hi, Honey Bear!"

"Hi, Sweet Thing!"

"What cha doin'?"

"Havin' Barefoot Fun looking through some of our scrapbook photos of you and me from the summer we first met and fell in love and shared such Beautiful Barefoot Days all summer long!"

"Mind if I join you, My Handsome Barefoot Guy Husband?"

"Not at all, My Beautiful Barefoot Gal Wife!"

"Look at this photo of you in your bare feet and blue jeans sitting on one of the walls at OSU-Mansfield … It was just a few days after we met and I asked you if you would be one of the gal students who would pose for me for my Barefoot Gal-lery photo project assignment I had as a project for the Art class I was in that summer quarter … I loved how willing and happy you were to be the first "barefoot gal" student to pose for me, sweetheart!"

"It was a lot of Barefoot Gal Fun posing for you, darling, and getting to know you as I did so … You know how much I LOVE GOING BAREFOOT … just like you! … and posing for you in my happy bare feet gave me the chance to enjoy my favorite way to be while in the company of a great guy who LOVES GOING BAREFOOT too! … Remember when we strolled around the OSU-Mansfield campus looking for interesting locations for our Barefoot Gal Portrait Sessions and we found the inviting little stream in this photo for me to wade barefoot in and play while you stood on the bank and recorded my Barefoot Fun doing that?"

"Sure do, darling! … That was sooooooooooooooooooo Barefoot Special for both of us! You looked so beautiful and natural … having one of the Barefoot Best Times of your young life! … I began falling completely and excitedly in love with you right then and there!"

"Seeing the look on your face as you recorded my Barefoot Fun, splashing and playing in that stream, endeared you to my heart, and I wanted to keep on giving you a reason to smile and enjoy being with me having Barefoot Fun Together, not only creating Great Barefoot Gal-lery Portraits for your art class project, but thrilling together doing all kinds of special things in our happy bare feet, like we've been doing all these Barefoot Special Romantic Years, sweetheart!"

"Remember when I asked you if you would go barefoot with me for the rest of our lives?"

"I sure do! You KNOW I do! … We were enjoying going barefoot together at Kingwood Center, choosing locations and me posing barefoot at those locations for you … after we had created a few Barefoot Special Photos around one of the fountains there, we decided to take a break and sit on one of the many wooden benches on pathways around Kingwood to just enjoy being together and take in the beautiful landscape we were in … As we sat there, you took my hand, and it felt so nice and natural having my hand in yours … I didn't want you to ever let go … Then we turned and looked into each other's eyes … and I knew we were both about to experience the Most Barefoot Special Moment in every couple's lifelong love story …"

"My heart was pounding as excitedly as I knew yours was as I tenderly spoke the words our hearts had been expressing to each other since that day at the stream: "How would you like to spend the rest of your life enjoying going barefoot with me …. as the Barefoot Gal Wife of this Blessed To Be Barefoot With You "Barefoot Guy"?"

"And what was my reply, My Handsome Barefoot Guy Sweetheart?"

"Yes, yes, yes ... a million times ... a trillion times ... YES!!! ... and then we embraced and shared the first of our lifetime of incredible, exciting, sweet and tender kisses!"

"Then you jumped up and said: I've got to take a photo of your Barefoot Gal Happiness at this very moment! ... for which I was Barefoot Delighted to comply for both of us ... to treasure as we are doing now looking through this Barefoot Special Scrapbook of photos from our First Barefoot Romantic Summer together ... WOW!!! What a great idea this was for us to share in today, sweetheart ... what a Barefoot Blessing for our Barefoot Gal and Guy Hearts!"

"Amen to that, My Barefoot Darling! ... And thank you, Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit, for all the years of our love and Barefoot Special Memories!"

Writer's note: I enjoyed composing this romantic scenario. It was based on some of the real happenings in my life when I was in college at OSU-Mansfield in 1982, but all of the romance the characters talk about is just my romantic heart expressing itself in a "what if" way, prompted by the photograh and the memories of the fun that particular Barefoot Gal-lery Model Friend of mine had back then. Also, I thought it'd be interesting and unique to write this romantic scenario entirely in dialogue. Had never tried that before. Hope you enjoyed reading this short love story.

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