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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Action/Adventure · #2161354
An action and drama packed story for the characters Jack and Linda
The stake-out (drama)
Jack: an experienced detective who is in his mid-thirties, has short brown hair, and a scruffy beard. Jack takes his job seriously and is determined to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Linda: a young, naive, short-tempered, yet optimistic detective, to whom is 5ft 11 and has brown hair which is tied in a ponytail. She is nice and sweet, but has proven that she can be tough when needed.
Setting: on the corner of a busy city street, detectives Jack and Linda cautiously awaits for something suspicious to happen at the bank that they were staking out. The reason for their stake-out was that a few hours before, Jack had received an anonymous tip that a renowned criminal to whom Jack has had several attempts in the past to catch, but had failed, was going to rob this bank sometime within the next few hours.
Linda: Why are you so quiet, that’s not like you?
Jack: [ stayed silent and continued to stare at the bank entrance with a concentrated, yet emotionless look.]
Linda: [sigh] look I know we have only been partners for a few months, but I have never seen you like this. Something on your mind?
Jack: ….[ remained silent]
Linda: actually, come to think of it you were fine until you got that tip that this bank was going to be a target of some group.
Jack: [takes a long sigh] not a group, just one guy. Which you should be focused on spotting, and not talking so much!
Linda: hmph…[ the young detective folded her arms, laid back in the seat, and had a frown on her face.] Wait, what! [ sat back up straight in the seat] just one guy? Who is he?
Jack: [ gives an annoyed sounding sigh] He is an expert thief, who always seems to slip away right before he is caught. He also can blend in with any crowd making himself invisible, and nearly impossible to catch.
Linda: Seems like you know alot about Him.
Jack: ….yea...yes I do.
Linda: If this guy is such expert thief then why not increase the bank’s security inside and outside to catch Him.
Jack: [ never keeping his eyes off the bank] then He wouldn’t show up.
Linda: Oh, I see...um the source that gave you the info about this being the next target, reliable?
Jack: does it matter, [turns to face Linda and continued] this is the first time in a year that we have heard any news on His whereabouts. We can’t waste this opportunity to get Him especially what happened... last…[paused from speaking, looked up and took a long sigh, and with a tear in his eye, looked back down at Linda and continued] … last time we confronted Him.
Linda: What happened last time you confronted Him?
Jack: He killed someone
Linda: Who? [ she asked with a concerned look on her face]
Jack: [takes a deep breath… then straightening his back, looks right at the bank and says] my brother, Peter.
Linda: Your brother? Was he a detective too, what happened?
Jack: Yes he was.
Linda: [takes a deep sigh with her head down, then raises her head to look at Jack] I am very sorry.
Jack: It.. was my fault...I..I..I. told him to...he was only nineteen... [ struggling to continue]
Linda: start at the beginning...please. I am here for you.
Jack: Okay... well what happened was [took a long breath, composing himself, and trying to recall what happened] three years ago, Peter and I was informed that He was hiding out on a five-acre compound in Minnesota (where I was last stationed), so Peter and I decided to go in after Him alone. We had checked all the buildings on the perimeter of the property and came up empty, until after we had entered the building that is in the center of the compound. While in this main building we had heard a noise coming from the outside, so I had told Peter to stay inside while I checked the outside. And when I came back…..
[ Jack was interrupted by the bank alarm sounding which caused both Jack and Linda to quickly exit the car and ready to rush toward the bank... Once Jack and Linda was about fifty feet away, an explosion above the bank entrance had caused the roof to collapse causing no way for Jack and Linda to get inside.
Linda: Wait..how did this happen? [Linda asked after jumping back]
Jack: It was Him! He planned this somehow! [Jack screamed while pacing back and forth while looking for a way into the bank.
[Then suddenly in between the raging fire Jack had briefly seen this infamous criminal to whom gave Jack a farewell salute with raising two fingers to His forehead then flicking them forward, knowing He will once again get away.]
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