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by ky
Rated: E · Chapter · Romance/Love · #2161795
Rinko was a average boy, with a average life.....until he met her.
Chapter one:
Sour Keys

The hallway was calm and peaceful. There was no roaring children or obnoxious teens. The only noise that could be heard, bouncing off the dirty cream-colored walls, was the clicking of shoes, coming from a tall brown-haired boy as he made his way down the hallway. Each step sounding like the last.

The young man stopped when he spotted an open window out of the corner of his eye. The view from the window was beautiful, healthy green trees and green grass, beautiful bright colored flowers growing each direction on the ground. He saw children laughing, happy to be leaving the school for the day. He podded over to the stand in front of the window. The fresh breeze rolling over him as he sighed and closed his eyes. The wind making his hazel-colored hair become messy as it flows in front of the face.

After a few short moments of peace, the boy opened his emerald-eyes and continued walking to his previous destination only to stop in his tracks once again, but this time it wasn't the view or fresh breeze that caught his attention. It was the keys of the piano.

Sachiko's morning started like any other day she woke up feeling tired, she ate her breakfast alone, and rode to school. After the school day was over she decided to walk to her favorite place in the building, like she usually did in her free time after classes.

She walked down the abandon halls only stopping when she arrived in front of a black door that read 'music room. class two. room seven.' Her thin hand wrapped around the door knob. She slowly cracked open the door, peering through the whole. Since the room was empty she ran in. The room was small and clustered, but Sachiko thought it was perfect.

When she entered she immediately ran to the center of the room, where a huge black piano sat, because of her excitement she forgot to shut the door behind her.
Paying no attention to the open door, she sat down on the old dusty piano bench. She took a deep breath, closing her eyes. After letting it out with a sigh, her blue-bell eyes fluttered open once again, readying her small slender fingers on the old piano keys, and began to play.

The sounds of the keys flowed through her. Just like every time she played, she let the music take her over, she let the music consume her. She played with everything she had. The mellow soft-tones soon turning into rapid, cheery ones. She played until her fingers cramped from the stress of moving so fast. She played till she was out of breath and tired, she played till her hands hurt so bad that she couldn't press down another key. The only difference between today and every other day she played, was when she looked over, she saw a boy standing in the doorway. Crying, clinging to his school books like his life depended on it.

Thoughts ran through Sachiko's mind. After seeing the crying boy standing in the doorway. 'How long has he been there?' Sachiko mentally panicked. 'did he hear me play? Is that why he's crying!'
Sachiko's rambled thoughts came to a halt when the boy in front of her opened his mouth to speak, "U-um e-excuse me for interrupting!" The boys voice was deep and mellow toned, But the crying was evident. The tall boy then turned and walked.... Ran away. "Hey wait!" Sachiko yelled after the boy, jumping from her seat, running after him. When she reached the doorway, she looked both ways only to see no trace of where the strange, but mysterious boy ran off to.

It had been almost 4 days since Rinko saw the girl playing the piano, and he couldn't stop thinking of her and the song she had played. The song brought up unwanted memories. It was so familiar, but it wasn't till later that day and Rinko went to visit his mother did he realize why.

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