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Neil is trying to get back to his normal life but his every thought ends with Macy .
I cleaned the floor again where some high heels had done the cat walk just a second ago.

Sighing in relaxation,I walked to the counter. I was so busy in arranging the orders of customers that I failed to notice someone was constantly clearing throat to get attention.

I looked up to find a girl looking at me with a smile .

"I am sorry miss,It's too noisy here today. I didn't hear you. What can I get you?"

"A burger and coke would be awesome" She replied with a smile .

Thank god she is not going to complain for my lack of attention.

I hurriedly got the food she ordered.

"Here you go miss."

"Thanks Neil,you are so sweet." she said looking at my name tag first then at me.

I just smiled politely in reply before busying myself in work again .After some seconds I heard a high heel's retreating sound.

I felt a hand on my shoulder,I looked back to find Sam standing there with a smile .

"Your lunch time,Bro." He pointed at clock.

I looked at clock on cafe wall. Indeed my lunch time had started,it was showing 2:05 pm .

I gave him a curt nod and went to lunch room for the staff. Taking out my lunch box from my bag I walked to the seat near window.A soft wind passed through my face kissing my hair smoothly .

The rain was pouring heavily outside the window making other voices in staff room buried .The sound of tapping of raindrops on the roof reminded me of someone,who was hard to forget;even for a second.

She loves rain


My whole body shuddered on the thought of her.

I brought my phone out of my pocket and went straight to the gallery which were full with her pictures .

I tapped on a picture which she had taken for both of us . I was icing the cake I made for Mrs Parker's surprise birthday party and she as usually washing my face with a handful of icing.

I started sliding pictures one by one drowning in memories.

Just memories.

"What you are doing here?"

Startled by the voice I jerked my head up .

"I..I - I am here for my lunch" I replied to Emily,owner of the cafe I worked in.

She glared at me and pointed at something on the wall with no words.

Oh no !

"I am sorry mam,I didn't notice the time."

She gestured me with her two fingers to get out .

And I did .

Taking my untouched lunch with me I went back to my work as my lunch time was over.


Rain was still pouring heavily .The sound of my shoes tapping on the road was mixing with heavy yet light raindrops as I walked .

My whole body was wet. I was not used to take umbrella with me .


Macy hated it .

Actually she hated every barrier between her and rain,sometimes including me too.

Secretly I also hated it .

I loved getting wet in Rain but acted like I was biggest hater of it .
I never told this to Macy.
It was never needed,she knew it .

I know she did

Her mischievous smile was the answer of everything.

As I took more steps on the wet road my trance was broken by a painful scream.I looked around as again a scream pierced in the air around me.

I increased my walking speed and headed towards the alley I supposed the voices were coming from.

After some minutes I finally found a small group of teenagers boys .

A fight ?

Really ?

I turned my heels to walk back to my peaceful yet misery world but stopped my steps when I caught the sight of the face that I didn't want to see ...NOT HERE.

I half ran and half walked to the crowd.

"Jason,leave him. No!Just leave him" I struggled to detach Jason's body from - Ah--I didn't know who was the other boy as his face was painted with blood .

I looked at Jason who was glaring at me. He pushed me aside to continue his assault but my weak body caught him again .

He is big for 15

"Leave him alone,will you?"

"No" he yelled giving me a clear answer.

"What happened?Why you did this?"

The other guy stood up on his feet stumbling and mumbling the things I didn't want to repeat .

The crowd sighed and slowly disappeared,some patting on Jason's back and some giving a sympathy look to the other one.

I looked at Jason again for an explanation,his nose was still flaring with anger.

"He said Macy always wanted to leave this town that's why she ran away, away from us" He clutched his hands on the sides.

The anger washed over me but I tried my best to control and hence just punched the wall beside me instead of that kid .

"She did not run away.This is the last time I am telling anyone,Now you run or-"

He gave me a fierce glare but walked away stumbling without any verbal reply.

I pulled my hair out of frustration .

Macy did not run away. She did not .Yeah she wanted to leave this town,just town not us .

"You should go home,you are bleeding way too much."

"Not more than Peter"

"Aha,so he was peter"

"You didn't recognize him?"

"I blame you for that"

We both plastered a forced smile on our faces.

"I am going to your home"

"You are always welcome there just don't come in my mom's sight,she will eat you alive"

He shivered visibly at the thought then his face broke into a grin.

He winked and started walking leaving me standing in the rain,alone .

Suddenly he stopped and turned back.

"Neil" he said in a low voice but I heard him anyways .


"She didn't run away and she is Alive" Jason, Macy's younger brother said and left with giving me a reassuring smile.

I dragged my body down to the ground leaning my head on the wall behind me and covered my face with my hands.

I didn't know how but I completely lost the track of time .

I saw the twilight,the dark blue sky then the black one with tiny sparkles spread all over the sheet. I saw all the colors just sitting there and occasionally humming a song,our favourite .

After few moments I checked the time coming back to reality.

1:03 Am

I sighed and stood up simultaneously preparing my self for a 'talk with my mom'.

I took first step and felt something smooth below my shoes.I looked down to find my untied shoelaces.

Sighing I bent down and started tying it. I could feel the cold wind brushing my hair. The rain had stopped hours ago but the muddy smell was still lingering with whispers of ----


I straightened my body and looked around .

I could hear ruffled voices as if they were been spoken miles away.

I started walking to find the source but lost the little hints too .

I came back to the spot near the wall where I first heard them .

"wherefore art thee going home?"

This time whispers were not whispers anymore but a clear voice of a girl .
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