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Have you ever truly thought about what The American Dream really is?

The American Dream
by: DW
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Here we are today in America. The Fourth Of July. The most special and Honored Day of this country's existence.

We Honor all those who have served our country in one way or another by thanking them for our Freedom. I salute you all for your Honorable service.
Be your service out of the country and in the country. We appreciate the bounds made by people who love this country. Who are so willing to defend it, if so needed.
And mostly for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice; they're Life.
Which can never be replaced, only remembered!

For all other Americans who have been fortunate living in this country and not ever knowing the feelings that live in the minds of those who have served many different ways for this country, we should "Never Forget" what is happening behind those closed doors.
Their mindset, permanently fixed in their heads.
The unseen thoughts from the sounds that surround their home and neighborhoods. It's only children and people having fun. So you think!

And then you open your own mind and try to place yourself where they are only for a moment.
Then you scream out loud, not knowing why?

You feel an ache in your heart, your body begins to sweat uncontrollably from stress. Your fearful that you could die at any minute. But, then you awaken and realize it was only a dream.

The American Dream.

A dream that no one thinks America is all about. But, in fact, it truly is what it's all about.

The American Dream does not just come to anyone. You must be willing to stand beside your fellow man, woman, and child. Willing to help, and give help if you can.

"Love Thy Neighbor!"

It's not just a quote, it is the meaning. It's part of The American Dream.

This is what America is and continues to be built upon. We must never stop teaching every new generation the true meaning of living the American Dream.

We must be kind to all who are kind to us.
We must share our love for one another, care for one another and only then will the respect and faith we carry within ourselves be returned and we can live

The American Dream Freely!

So, if you believe in The American Dream then you must be willing to respect it, no matter what the color of your skin is.

No matter what your religion is. No matter who you are related to.
No matter where you came from. If you truly want to be a part of this Beautiful country and be an American citizen.
These are the requirements for living

The American Dream.

Only you can achieve this request.
Stay Free America!

We salute the Red, White, & Blue flag that will forever fly high!
To all who keep it Flying.
Thank you and "Never Forget"

I'm writing this in memory of my mother Julie.
"Happy 4th Of July Birthday Mom"

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