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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2162876
The return of Captain Fuzzbeard.
A Real Treasure Hunt

Captain Fuzzbeard and his crew were enjoying shore leave. The captain was swaggering down the main street of his favorite city, Smuggler’s Roost, when one of his crew spotted something on a wall.Terrible Thomas eyed the paper then shouted:

“Cap’n! Lookee here!”

“What’re ya spoutin’ bilge about?” Fuzzbeard grouched. He was hungry and wanted grog, even the watered down stuff they sold around here!

“Ye need to see this,” T.N.T. as he was also known, insisted.

“It better be good, or I’ll keelhaul ya,” the captain threatened.

He peered at the tattered poster.

“What’s she say?”

“Seems Blackened Beard’s organizing a treasure hunt…,”

“A treasure hunt! We don’t need no scurvy thief like him to help us. We find our own!”

The rivalry between Blackened Beard and Fuzzbeard was a long one. The former friends had been shipmates, until one day Blackened Beard tricked Fuzzybeard out of his share of treasure. After that, they spoke with pistols or cannon.

“It’s a contest! All the pirates around will be trying to be the first to find a very big treasure.”

“What is she?”

“Just says it’s big and filled with booty.”

“What are ya waitin’ for, gather the crew!’” Fuzzbeard roared.

“I got the clues, Cap’n!” Terrible Thomas told him, waving the scrap of paper torn from the poster.

In no time, they set sail. After hearing the clues, Fuzzbeard knew where to go. He rounded the end of Gimcrack Island to find what he had expected. When Blackened Beard saw his vessel, he grinned toothlessly.

“So it’s true, the scuttlebutt I heard?” one captain said to the other.

“Arrgh! Tis. I’m retirin' and me ship loaded with the spoils of my last bit o’ plunder, goes to whoever finds her, which appears to be you!”

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2162876