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We are cool until you upset me, and I do not limit that by some nominal category like race


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JUL 12,2018




Reminiscing about a class at University in which a student made a comment to the professor that was actually meant as a reponse to an answer I had given in class earlier. The question was posed of how racist do we think we are. I honestly said I didn't think I could qualify as racist. The comment (supposedly to the professor) was that a person who claims to not be racist is stupid.The student who commented out loud for the whole class to hear to the professor was trying to tell me I am stupid, but apparently threatening enough not to just tell me directly. Fine. I'd take that criticism today as I did then: sardonically.

Anyone can piss me off regardless of race, gender, culture, religion, political views, citizenship, age, body type, or sexuality...but until you do, we are cool. I still do not think I qualify as racist, because I find racism too limiting. C'mon, I won't stand against someone only IF they are of a particular race...limiting.

Everyone is fine from my perspective unless, or until, they do something that ticks me off.

I will not limit my reaction of uh-uh based on some categorical issue like race.

Again, I don't care what race or nationality or religion or gender or sexuality or age or whatever a person is. If the person ticks me off by being a jerk, I will consider the person a jerk without reservation. So regardless of who you are, if you care, be aware that these are the things that can tick me off:

>being racist

>being sexist

>being misogynistic

>being greedy

>treating disabled like they are not entitled to accommodation

>abusing a child

>abusing a spouse/partner of either gender

>abusing the elderly

>abusing a sibling step or otherwise



>banning people from places for an arbitrary reason like status or race


>lack of charity

>mocking what is not understood

>judging unfairly

>claiming to represent a god or gods to discriminate


>offering me decaf coffee

Now, I am sure there is more not included on that list. Many a thing, I am sure, can have me thinking a person is a jerk. I am, after all, an equal opportunity hater.

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