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This is a journal
July 15, 2018

The IC is sounding the alarm. Reports are that everything is in the red. The words "pre 9-11 levels" have been used. Nine fucking eleven. That's one of those never forget where you were days. My mother called me that day. She asked me to come over and hook up a dvd player. When I got there there was an image of the WTC on her tv with smoke coming out of the side of it. "A plane crashed into the World Trade Center", Mother said. "Huh," I said, envisioning a little Cessna losing its way. Not quite. And now NSA, CIA and the gang are putting out the word. Shit is getting ready to hit the fan. What though? What the fuck is it? Russia, of course. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. A favourite troll trope in response to Russia. Everything here is fact, by the way, for anyone who just happens to be reading this. Not like some of the fiction you might find in my WDC portfolio. I'm just putting it all down here because why the fuck not? Fiction cannot touch the reality of our age. Maybe I should do some paragraphs or something though. Probably should. I'll look into that. But I think it's worth making a record of things from the point of view of simple member of the proletariat. Pretty much everybody is oblivious, I know. The other day I was watching CNN and they showed a clip from Jeopardy. The answer Alex Trebec gave was "The former National Security Advisor who plead guilty to lying to the FBI in November of 2017." I'm like: "Duh, Who is Mike Flynn?" But none of the supposed brains on Jeopardy knew the answer. That was a little bit of a gut punch for me. If these motherfuckers don't know that then pretty much nobody does. And that's fucking scary. This is some serious shit. James Madison serious. Abraham Lincoln preservation of the Union serious. And nobody even knows it's happening. SAD. As the Drugstore Truck Drivin Man is fond of saying.

But maybe historians can use this to get an understanding how things looked to many of us out here in the heartland. Like those civil war letters. That was a thing on Twitter over the 4th of July holiday this year. Alex Jones (a crazy-ass conspiracy theory fuck that Drug Store man is fond of) put out that Democrats were going to start a civil war on the 4th. People started writing mock Civil War letters on Twitter to make fun of him. Like there was one about how this guy's unit had moved on Mar a Lago with special forces from Puerto Rico. They bombarded the enemy into submission with rolls of paper towels [insert rimshot here]. That's just one of the ways those of us in the know are coping. And memes. Memes and more memes. Maybe our age will be referred to as the Age of the Meme. Assuming any memes actually survive the Ministry of Truth. Winston might even print this out send it down the incinerator tube.

It was Dan Coats, specifically, who said the alarms are all going off. Historians see NY Times archives, July 13, 2018. Coats is the US intel honcho. Concurrent to Coats' warning, Rod Rosenstein came out with an indictment of 12 Russian Military Intelligence officers for cyber attacks. The individual who currently embodies the Article II powers of the constitution, holds the title of Commander In Chief, and is in charge of defending the republic responded with: "Witch Hunt! Obama!" And is off to suck up to the commander of the soldiers who attacked us. The Article I gang is moving to impeach Rod Rosenstein. It doesn't make sense, but there it is.

The wife has started having nightmares. Crazy, apocalyptic shit. The price of being tuned in, I guess. As for me, I dreamed last night that George W. Bush was my father (Luke, I am your father). I had a conversation with Laura Bush about how George was going away, then I gave him a gift. It was a tactical equipment set. Complete with a flashlight mounted 9 mil. Except that the flashlight was embedded in the grip and pointed to the side. Where's Freud when you need him? Where's Madison? Jefferson? Sanity?

July 16, 2018

This record is meant to be a weekly thing, but I just watched the Commander In Chief of my republic commit treason on live tv. #treasonsummit is trending worldwide. #traitortrump is trending worldwide. Decent human beings are stunned. Worldwide. Things are moving at an accelerated pace. Maybe I waited to long too begin making a record of this atrocity. How will we defend ourselves? What is going through the mind of James Mattis at this moment? How much power does he have? This will be one of those days like 9-11. Never forgotten. What shape will this big bang blow the universe into?

July 21, 2018

They say it was the Drug Store Truck Drivin Man's lawyers who leaked the fact that there were recordings of him jawin with Cohen about the Playboy tail. Sounds about right. Anything to stop the word "treason" from making its way into the script at the top of every news hour. It could be that if you think abortion is murder, it's possible to deny reality. But that's not really an excuse. Not if you're educated. Particularly if you know anything about the period leading up to WWII. You also have to lump Truman and Eisenhower in with the deep state. And Kennedy. And Johnson. Nixon? Lol. Especially fucking Nixon. Just ask Kissinger. Sometimes I imagine that if Christopher Hitchens were alive, he would save us. Surely such wit is sharp enough to lance any boil. Bossman KGB took him down, now doubt. Did they check for nerve toxins? I remember when he had himself waterboarded. That's some balls. Or that time in Beirut when he defaced that Syrian Social Nationalist Party poster, and six of the motherfuckers started kicking the shit out of him. Diamond balls. Like that diamond bullet right through the center of Colonel Kurtz's head. Diamonds are forever. Another Playboy bunny popped up in my news musings this week. She had an online affair with Guccifer 2.0. Also known as 12 Russian Military Intelligence officers. I guess nobody was more surprised than her to hear the Guccifer's true identity. Whatever happened to Fancy Bear, anyhow? Julian Assange's days are numbered. Hope the Brits make good use of him. Europe could do a lot, I think, if they finally decide that there's no point in trying to appease the Drug Store Truck Drivin Man in any way shape or form. A lot of the intel that Mueller is using came from EU countries. Rumour has it they hacked the security cameras of the hackers that hacked Hill. They have video of the guys doing the dirty deed. What else do they have? They get pissed enough, we may find out. Nutjobs far out on the right fringe claim Rachel's going to command the revolutionary troops. Could work, I guess. Like Sarah Conner in T2. No fate but what we make.

July 28, 2018

Those not paying attention can't even imagine what they're missing. Even those who spend half their lives seeking out the snarkiest memes to 'steal' and 'like' are most likely missing out on the really good shit. Espionage right out in the open. The gritty minutia of hyper-sophisticated spy-craft as open source as the most mundane Wikipedia entry. Chilling. Fascinating. Like having real-time video feeds of KGB and CIA operations smack dab in the middle of the Cuban missile crisis. But Kennedy's in denial. Possibly compromised. Major news organizations are reporting that there are no Soviet missiles in Cuba and that the U.S. intelligence agencies are making it all up in effort do depose the president. Some of it's hidden. But even the deepest, darkest shit you get an occasional glimpse of. Like Dan Coat's reports of the enemy poised to shut down our electrical grid or Microsoft busting them trying to hack Claire McCaskill. But the shit that's doing the most damage is right out in the open. Psychological sabotage of incredible proportions. Already, a significant percentage of the population is openly siding with the enemy. Bitter, petty people. Like the Alfred E. Newman version of the John Birch society. But not. Explicable only in the basest possible terms. The New York Times catches cargo ship loads of shit for dedicating so much ink to try and explain the enemy enablers. And well they should. Such reveals a myopia of grotesque proportions. They are outing themselves as shallow or perhaps utterly indifferent intellects. Complex as it all is, fundamentally, there are only two 'narratives'. One 'viewpoint' is championed by the FSB and their proxies. The Times justifies giving credence to such propaganda because it happens to be propagated by powerful members of the United States government. It's sickening. Enemy tactics are well understood in their entirety and example after example of those tactics being executed in real time are available to anyone who cares to look, and yet they choose to give time and energy to illustrating the illusions created in the minds of the victims of those tactics instead of describing the tactics themselves. They report the big stuff, sure. Trump Jr. and all the really juicy reality TV shit. But that almost misses the whole point. The treason is not a single act. It's not simply the 'principles' getting together one day to conspire. It's the shit that happens every day. It's the Drug Store Truck Drivin Man's twitter feed. It's Mark Zuckerberg playin dumb. The 'media' doesn't even know the forest exists. They're not even certain that there is such a thing as a tree. They're too focused on the ants crawling about in the canyons of the bark.

August 5, 2018

At Woodstock Jeffrey Shurtleff dedicated Dedicated "Drugstore Truck Drivin' Man" to Ronald Raygun. Raygun was governor of Cali back then. He didn't like resistance and resistance didn't like him, but he wasn't a traitor to his nation. He pulled some pretty nasty shit once he got the Article 1 powers but he didn't team up with the KGB in an attempt to destroy the republic Madison conceived. Such a thing would be impossible. Could never happen. Not in a million years. Except that it is happening. KGB got traded in for FSB, but six of one is still half a dozen of another. A Nixon biographer popped up in my Twitter feed the other day. One day, he said, historians will be writing about the Mattis regency. So what about it, historians? Did he nail it? Was it a military coup? I asked the guy if that was what he was suggesting, but of course mine was just one of thousands of replies and he never clarified that bombshell. But that's where we are. It's not a conclusion that's unanimous nationwide, but we're on the brink of that old proverb about one third of a nation murdering another third while the other third just stands by and watches. Tweet-storm is the word of the day. Twitter confessions. Yeah, there was 'collusion'. But so what? Too bad. So sad. I got the power an I can do whatever I want and fuck your stupid republic. Ya'll got all that shit down, right historians? The whole "tower meeting" thing. The tip of the ice berg that everybody's gapin' at and sayin' "holy fucking shit!" Hope so. Hope it didn't all go down the burn chute with the rest of Winston's daily assignments. Don't want no boots stomping down on the face of mankind always and forever. That's an undesireable outcome. But on the cusp we stand. Mattis regency or bust.

August 11, 2018

Those indictments Rosenstein put out are fucking YUUUUUUUUGE. The way it works out though is like a herd of elephants running down the middle of 5th avenue during a magnitude 10 earthquake. They can kind of get overshadowed. And so Rosensten makes his way back to the office, falls into his chair, and with a sigh, turns his tired eyes up to the unforgiving sky. Fuckers hackin shit left and right. And it ain't stopped. The whole crew stood in the the White House briefing room and said it's happening ladies and gentlemen. Right here and now. Dude down Florida way, Senator Nelson, says shit's hacked folks. Governor Buttfuck sayin calls him a liar. But we done been told. It's right there in the indictments. Count eleven. Russian malware in the Florida systems. Ain't nobody done jack-shit about it. Why? Well, let's see. Why wouldn't they do anything about it? What are the options? I don't see many. There's incompetence. That would basically boil down to being too stupid to take the time to keep a hostile foreign power from choosing the governing officials of the United States. 11 on a 1 to 10 scale of incompetence. I'm going to go ahead and give them a little credit here and stipulate that they're not quite that stupid. So what other options are there? There's really only one other option. Again, it can be summed up in one single word. An ugly, fucked up, disaster of a word. Treason. These individuals who refer to themselves as "Republicans" are inviting that hostile foreign power in to have their way with the American election system. By all means, Putin, choose the officials who run the United States government. We trust your judgement. The face of the governor of Florida is a bare bone skull. He is death. He kills the republic. Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Hamilton. They would hang that motherfucker. Without one second's hesitation they would wipe such a travesty from the face of this once great nation. Mattis? You there?

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