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Cultures become homogeneous and there are many stereotypes.
Nowadays, cultures become more and more homogeneous. It means that the globalization has created cultural interaction. This is an excellent thing. Meanwhile, this has created an assimilation of one culture. The culture becomes like the trade. It becomes a commodity and people tend to choose the culture of the country of the best economy (the strongest). We always tend to assimilate the strongest in everything. It is natural.
There is a real progressive sweep of many other cultures. There are many stereotypes in many of them.
The danger is the loss of the authenticity of other many rich cultures around the world which add a plus to the international patrimonial culture and which have marked the history during centuries.
The differences in the diverse cultures constitute in fact the wealth of the intellectual space and elaborate the capabilities of nations in diverse fields among them the scientific one.
The acceptance of any culture does not mean necessarily assimilation. Indeed as human beings we should respect all the cultures around the world.
However the real rejection of a culture comes with a certain kind of culture which causes harm to both the individual and the humanity; Instead of building the human being; it goes against logical and universal moral.

Our knowledge in any culture depends in our own one. As there are many prejudices in many of them. For example my interest in a (or many) precise culture depends in my individual knowledge and my acquired information of such one. Some political, religious and economic parameters affect greatly our vision and opinion in such or such culture.

Languages are important actors in the transmission and learning of any culture. That is why as a writer someone should write in a language and culture that others understand. For example tales are universal stories that are understood in many countries. Police story, romance and many other styles are also comprehensive in spite of the culture of someone. But narrative stories in a precise culture are somewhere difficult to write when the readers are from different cultures.
Culture is such background that each one of us as a human being, bears out of herself /himself and which should let us comprehend that there are other cultures completely different from ours and that we should respect and understand positively, not assimilate necessarily. That is because they bring a lot to us within such international globalization. The multiculturalism is an entity which should deal with as a reality. However it is threatened to disappear because of our wrong prejudice against some cultures, the assimilation from many people instead of acceptance and our lack of awareness about them. They are all equal as a patrimonial human wealth.

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