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by mar
Rated: E · Short Story · Computers · #2164102
A troubled girl finds an escape from home, but then she is interrupted by the unexpected.
Mariana Colom
307 words
July.19, 2018
The minute I pressed the upload button, I could tell that everything was going to change. The red loading button turned and turned. With every swirl it made, my heart dug deeper into my chest, looking for a place to hide. This was it, it was official. I clutched my backpack next to me and looked around the room. Everything looked untouched, the bed sheets made and the TV was off. No regret passed through me as I looked around the room. The room where I shed tears on end, parents raging their mighty voices downstairs.
The sparks of adrenaline in me were saying I was ready for this. The video was about to go up and show everyone why I was leaving.
My dusty Windows laptop made a notification sound. "Your video has uploaded."
As soon as I read it, I slammed the laptop shut and slid it with somewhat caution into my backpack.
Tip-toeing with all the grace I could muster from inside, I opened the window with frail, shaking fingers. The sun was peeking over the horizon like a toddler peeking through their Christmas gifts, eager to get on with it. For once, I did not feel dread looking at it and thinking I had to repeat yesterday all over again. This time, I felt all my hopes and dreams gushing in along with the sun's rays.
One foot first through the windowsill. Then the next foot. One last look back and I would be gone. But as I glanced back, my eye caught the one thing I was not expecting. My sister.
My face went stone cold, I felt my body weigh down by realization.
"I saw your video. The moment you posted it." She croaked with messy hair and a teddy bear in hand.
"And you can't leave without me."


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