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I used to slide notes into my kids pocket as they headed out to school
Pocket Notes

I put a note in your pocket. I hope that you don’t mind.
So somewhere in your day, my treasure you might find.

I tell you of my love for you, with well wishes for your day.
I know you think it crazy that your mom would act this way.

When we are not together, yes even if you’re only at school.
I miss you more than I can say - even though that too “ain’t cool”.

While knowing, you will only be gone for a few hours, at best.
It’s just a note to say” I love you “, “good luck today on your test”.

I wonder if you ever thought and kept at least just one.
Or threw them out, when your anger toward me over-run.

Now that you are older, it’s to my sadness that I surrender.
I wish I ‘d sent more notes, as I long for you to remember.

Now we live states away, our times together far too few.
What I would give to just one more time - slip a note to you.

I’d write how you are a wonderful adult, how proud I am of you.
My words would surely fall short, my times of telling you this too few

I would tell you just how proud I am for one thing or another.
But mostly I’d say how blessed I am to be your mother.

Your gentleness is your strength, you heart shines bright as the sun.
The love between a Mother and Child can never be undone.

Just now my heart took flight and it did a little, fancy dance.
I know just what I will do, when given the very next chance.

I’ll put this note your pocket. I hope that you don’t mind.
So somewhere in your day, my treasure you might find.
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