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Short poem that I wrote about some characters in a fantasy novel I have started.
I have been having this idea for a fantasy novel lately, so this is just a short poem going off of that idea. It started out as a haiku, but then I just kept going on, but all of the lines are still in 5 - 7 - 5 format.

Dragon Rider

Through the sky it flies
Scales of gold and rider bold
Down below earth lies
Storm of raining flames to fall
Fear shall run through all
Claws of spears and sword of steel
Nightmare soon made real
Wings of wind from age of old
Never to be cold
Raging fire soon to spread
Evil now is dead
Where the Dragon Rider lead
Where his men had bled
Now the Rider shall find peace
For his kin at least
Until darkness comes again
And the knights turn cold
Then the Rider comes once more
At least it is told
And again the beast will rise
Dragon shining gold

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