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by Zod
Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2165757
A young woman has an alien encounter and she is enlarged.

Name: Desiree Bradley.
Age: 22
Height: 100 feet
Weight: 433 tons.

Chapter 1. Desiree Changes.

* Desiree had gone on a trip with her boyfriend Marvin to Peru. While there they took a trip to Machu Picchu. While there they both had an alien encounter, as they stood there looking at some craft, a blue beam of light shot out and it hit Desiree for a few seconds. Then it flickered and changed colors to green, red and yellow then back to blue. Marvin watched for a few seconds he then ran at Desiree to push her away from the beam but there was some energy force around her and he was thrown back several feet. The beam of light was still fixed on her, then it stopped and she collapsed to the ground. The ship rose and with a flash of light it was gone. Marvin ran to her and he shouted, "OH MY GOSH DESIREE ARE YOU ALRIGHT, ARE YOU HURT?" Desiree shook her head but before she could say something Marvin in excitement said shouting, "OH MY GOSH DESIREE YOU JUST HAD A REAL ALIEN ENCOUNTER WOW!! MY FAVORITE TV SHOWS ARE STAR TREK AND STARGATE AND WOW YOU HAD A REAL EXPERIENCE AND I SAW IT TOO, THIS IS SO EXCITING." Desiree got up and she said, "I'm glad you liked it, but don't tell anyone, people will think we are nuts. When the beam was on my I saw an alien in a vision he looked very much like that Thor on Stargate but different. It said, 'You shall become a goddess to these shaved apes. I'm not sure what it meant." Marvin smiling with excitement said, "Not sure must be symbolic, or maybe they will come and take you to anouther planet where you will rule, I'm so excited. " Desiree took him by the hand and she said, "Lets get back to the hotel we have a flight to catch in the morning." They headed back to the hotel and packed and got ready for their flight. The next morning they were on their flight back to the States. The plane landed around 2:15pm and Desiree's friend Beth picked them up at the Airport and drove them home to Coaldon. Both Marvin and Desiree were quiet about the encounter.

After being dropped off they went inside and they unpacked and after they unpacked Marvin got a call on his cell. Desiree was preparing something to eat and Marvin came into the kitchen and said, "Hey Dess, that was my Uncle Tim. He and my Aunt are heading out to Hawaii for two weeks and he was wondering if we could watch his place." Desiree quickly replied, "Yes we can, I love it at your Uncle's Ranch. Out in the middle of no where, the closest town 4 miles, and I just love that valley thats on his property." Marvin smiled and said, "I told him yes." About an hour later Marvin and Desiree left Coaldon and headed off to Marvin's Uncle's Ranch.

The Ranch was a good 35 miles south of Coaldon, it was 365 acres and the nearest town was Wellington which was 4 miles from the Ranch. They arrived and Marvin's Uncle and Aunt had their bags packed, they were leaving for their vacation to Hawaii, and after saying their good byes Marvin's Uncle and Aunt left. Marvin and Desiree went inside, and Desiree called Beth over for dinner. It was 7:00 pm when Beth and her family came over, they sat down and during dinner Desiree told Beth and her husband about the experience she had. They for the next hour talked about alien encounters and abductions, and anything related to aliens. Beth's husband looked at his watch and said, "Marvin and Desiree, thank you for having us. Very interesting discussion we are having. It is Friday night and would love to stay, but I have a cow I am selling and need to take it in." Beth looked up at the clock and it read 11:27pm, she got up and they said their good night and Beth and her husband left. On their drive home Beth's husband said, "Tell me do you believe their I mean her story about that encounter?" Beth shook her head and said, "Not really, it would of sounded better if she would of been taken aboard. I will however let her believe that I believe cause she is my friend. I think its a great story to start a discussion. I personally believe Marvin put her up to this he is one big sci fy fan." Beth's husband laughed and said, "They are having fun, they are probably laughing about it." They headed back home.

Back at the Ranch Desiree and Marvin went to sleep. It was 7:00 am and Desiree got up Marvin had gotten up at 6:00 am to feed the animals. Desiree got herself ready, She put on her stripped sleeveless top and black spandex pants, and she put her her red slip on shoes and she went outside. Marvin was on his way back to the house, she said, "Hey Marvin I will make breakfast." They went inside, and Marvin changed and he went into the kitchen where Desiree was, she was about to make some omelets when she grabbed onto the stove, and she said, "Marvin...I feel funny. It feels like i am numb all over." Marvin looked at her and said, "Desiree your skin, its giving off an faint bluish glow." Desiree turned towards Marvin and she saw Marvin back up, and she was now looking down at him, she quickly ran outside.

Marvin followed her, she ran out into the yard and she turned cause she heard Marvin call after her. Desiree saw that everything around was getting smaller and smaller. Marvin watching his girlfriend getting bigger and bigger. Desiree was growing slowly, she grew to 50 feet, then 80 feet and she continued to get bigger and bigger Marvin ran back into the house and he watched as she kept growing she stopped growing after a good 2 minutes. Marvin looked up out the living room window and Desiree looked around and down, she took a step and Marvin felt the ground tremble. Marvin then said loudly in the house, "OH MY GOSH" Desiree then squatted down and she spoke, her voice was the same but it was much louder, she said, "Oh my gosh Marvin, the beam from that craft made me a giantess, they changed me. Come out don't be afraid, I feel fine now, I feel great."

Marvin came out and he looked up at her and he said, "Wow you are huge, you must be at least 100 feet." Desiree replied, "I'll lie down on my back and you measure me." Desiree laid down on her back and Marvin measured her and she then sat up. Marvin shouted to her, "Desiree you are 100 feet tall, you are as tall as a 10 story building, you are massive." Desiree still sitting down, she reached out her right hand and she grabbed Marvin wrapping her fingers around his body and she lifted him up into the air up to her face. Only his head and shoulders were showing and his feet, he looked into his giant girlfriends huge face. Desiree then said, "Oh Marvin what are we going to do, I am both excited and scared at the same time. I don't know if I want people to see me like this." Marvin replied, "Well at least we are lucky. Uncle's Ranch is far from the nearest town and that valley is deep enough for you to hide since there are large trees surrounding a good portion of it."

Desiree then stood up and she then headed towards the valley carrying Marvin. The valley was a good 1/4 miles from the house. The valley covered an area of 29 acres it was surrounded by trees and on the south side there were large rolling hills. The valley was a good 50 feet deep with a river running through it. The valley was big enough for Desiree to sit and not be seen. She entered the Valley and she sat down cross legged and she put Marvin on her leg. For the next hour they talked about what they were going to do about Desiree being a giant. As they were talking Marvin's cell rang, he answered it. He said, "Desiree, I have to head into work a person called in sick they want me to cover for him, it should be a 4 hours." Desiree nodded and said, "I'll stay here i have no choice. I just hope that this is temporary like the flu." Desiree helped Marvin out of the Valley and she sat back down and Marvin jogged back to the house, he got into his car and headed off to Coaldon.

Desiree laid back and she closed her eyes to rest, and to think. She was worried and excited about her condition, she was about what the alien meant and why they enlarged her. As she was resting she heard some noise, she opened her eyes. It sounded like motor bikes and a loud diesel truck, she lay there listening, the motor bikes sounded close. She then heard some screaming and shouting like guys shouting. Desiree rolled over and she lifted her head, she looked through the trees, the noise was coming from the direction of the house, and the barn. She then saw them, a bunch of guys and some girls all in their 20's making noise. There were 3 motorbikes and one pick up truck a red Dodge Ram. On the back of the Dodge ram were 4 guys all shouting. Inside the truck there were 4 young women all in their 20's. They were driving around all shouting and screaming.

One man then shouted, "COME OUT COME OUT YOU OLD FARTS, GIVE US SOME MONEY." Then a man got out of the Dodge Ram he had a shot gun he shot it into the air and screamed whooo hoooooo!!! He then shot the gun at the house and blew a hole in the side, they all screamed. Desiree was about to get up, she lowered her head, she was angry and she looked up again. She saw them going into the house and bringing out stuff. Desiree didn't want anyone to find out what had happened to her but if she did nothing these idiots will destroy her boyfriends Uncle's place. She thought about the time Uncle Tim gave her $1000 to buy a computer. Desiree looked again, and she saw that they were destroying the property and she said, "Heck with this. I'm going to deal with these idiots."

Desiree got up and she just stepped over the 30 foot tall poplar trees and she then began to walk towards the idiots. One of the young girls who decided to get out of the Dodge Ram happened to look in the direction of Desiree and when she saw Desiree walking towards then she screamed at the top of her lungs. Everyone heard her, then others saw Desiree and they all went running. Desiree spoke and her voice to them was loud, she said, "What the hell do you idiots think you are doing? Get out of here!! Idiots. They went running in every direction screaming and shouting. The pick truck began to speed away. As Desiree looked down she saw some of them running away, she saw one girl running, she was not as fast as the others. She quickly went after her, Desiree grabbed her with her right hand and as she did the girl screamed. Desiree lifted the girl up to her face and said, "So you are a bad girl huh? You like to cause trouble don't you." Desiree then turned her upside down and she grabbed the girls long blonde hair between her thumb and index finger, she then let got of her and the girl was being held up in the air by her hair. Desiree held the girl by her hair, the girl screamed as she was being held up just by her hair.

The girl was hitting and trying to claw at Desiree's thumb and index finger. Desiree gave the girl a little shake and she screamed, the others had regrouped at the truck. Desiree held the girl up like some trophy and said, "Alright you idiots. You wanted to cause damage to my boyfriend's Uncle's place now didn't you? This tiny girl will be staying here with me.” Desiree then held the girl in front of her face and said, “Who are you?” The girl screamed her name, “LEE ANNE.” The girl screamed and Desiree said loudly, "Shut up!!" The girl clasped her ears and her hair was blown back. Desiree then lowered her down into her right palm and let her go, the girl just lay there in Desiree’s right palm. Desiree then closed her fingers around her so that only Lee Anne’s head, and shoulders and feet were seen. Desiree took a few steps towards the others, the two guys that were standing outside the pick up truck got in and the 3 motor bikes and the pick up truck sped away.

Desiree looking at Lee Anne said, “You don’t look like the type of girl who should being to that group. I’ve seen you before at the Mall, you are in the wrong crowd Lee Anne.” Lee Anne looking up into Desiree’s face spoke in a frightened voice and said, “I have no choice. Garry Pollock the guy in the red stripped shirt driving the Dodge Ram said I must be his girlfriend if not his little brother and his friends would bully my little brother Kevin, he is in grade 7. Garry is really nice, and I love him” Desiree shook her head and said, “Wow you are an idiot or just speaking nonsense. You love him, wow he don’t love you girl, if he would he would of fought for you or would of begged me to let you go or would of offered to take your place, but he just took off.” Desiree then headed back to the valley and she sat down.

The driver of the pick up truck was speeding down the highway heading towards Coaldon, he was shaking like all the others. He said in a shaky voice, "Oh man oh man that was real giant a giant girl, not possible heck. We have to tell the Sheriff and the national guard." A girl in the passenger seat said, “Garry that giant has your girlfriend Lee Anne, you have to get her back.” Garry shouted, “SHUT UP!! I AM NOT GOING TO RISK MY LIFE FOR LEE ANNE, I AM IMPORTANT.” He then increased speed. One of the girls who had taken pictures and made a video posted it on Facebook and her friends began to share it with others.

At work one of Marvin's coworkers came to him he had his Ipad and he said, "Hey Marvin wow cool movie your girlfriend is shooting with all those people, it sure looks real. She should go to Hollywood." He then handed Marvin the Ipad and there on screen Marvin was watching a video of his girlfriend Desiree. He put the Ipad down and said, "Bill I need to take off, remembered i have something I have to get done. Marvin ran out to his car, he got in and he headed out to his Uncle's Ranch. He was worried about what was going to happen next, would people think its some act, but what if some don't. Marvin's stomach was in knots as he was driving to leave Coaldon.

Desiree was still holding Lee Anne, she then put Lee Anne down on the ground and she then heard a woman yelling her name ‘Desiree, Desiree. It was Beth, Desiree turned a bit and she looked through the trees and said,”Oh my gosh, Beth why are you here?” She spoke silently to her self. Lee Anne standing by Desiree’s right foot looked up and said, “I am guessing your friend has no idea you are this big?” Desiree shook her head. Lee Anne then said, “Maybe you should tell her.” Desiree called out Beth’s name. Beth heard it loud and clear and she began to run towards the valley, as she was runnning she shouted, “WOW DESIREE ARE YOU USING SOME MEGA PHONE CAUSE YOUR VOICE IS LIKE LOUDER.” Beth was a good 50 feet from the trees when Desiree stood up and when she did Beth stopped dead in her tracks. The poplar trees in front of Beth were 50 feet high and they just reached Desiree’s crotch. Desiree towered over the trees and Beth stood there looking up, she was completely dumbfounded as she was looking at Desiree. Beth shouted, “OH MY GOSH DESIREE YOU WERE RIGHT, ITS TRUE YOUR ENCOUNTER ITS ALL TRUE.” Just then Lee Anne ran trough the trees and she went running past Beth screaming and shouting. Beth was about to say something when Desiree said, “She won’t get far, she needs help.” Lee Anne ran as fast as she could, she ran out onto the gravel road and kept running.

Beth quickly went through the trees and she ran and stood next to Desiree’s left foot and cranked her head as she looked up at the towering young giantess.
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