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A poem about moving on and healing within.
A feeling hard to shake,
Thinking what's the point,
My hearts on a break,
Our memories at a disjoint,

I'm feeling so numb,
And empty within,
I feel pretty dumb,
For letting you in,

For trusting you,
Giving you my all,
This is nothing new,
Again, you let me fall,

You've done this before,
And I always go back,
A knock at your door,
A knife at my back,

Like I'm to blame,
I ask for you back,
You play your game,
You tell me what I lack,

This time I'm really done,
I read your letter,
I'm not number one,
I deserve better,

I put in the care,
And didn't give up,
I didn't disappear,

But how do I heal,
The pain is tough,
I don't know how to feel,
This life is rough,

I'll focus on what's right,
Mother Teresa did it,
I'll find my inner light,
I won't have a fit,

I'll help others in need,
That's what I would want,
Someone to lead,

Me to a better place,
In this life as I try,
To find the right pace,
And not want to die,

To feel a smile,
Enjoy myself,
Do things worth while,
Put my past on the shelf,

No one said it would be easy,
Or happen right away,
But steadily I'll get better,
With each passing day,

I have people that care,
In my life they will stay,
I have nothing to fear,
Everything will be okay.

Everything will be okay.
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