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by Lassie
Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2167085
Laddie is a rough collie who is afraid of the water.
Laddie's Day at The Lake

         Laddie walked beside his owner as they followed the lake's edge. He loved coming to the park but as a rough collie, he didn't like the water. His mamma brought him here frequently and she had tried to coax him close to the water's edge but he was not going close to the water that gently rolled in and lapped at the shore.

         They walked over to a picnic table and sat down. The breeze gently blew his sable and white hair back. He loved the cool breeze that washed in off the lake.

         "That's a good distance from the water." Laddie thought and sat down.

         His mamma hoped that he would get used to the water because she wanted to go fishing and didn't want to take him out in the boat even with a life jacket on unless he was less afraid of the water.

         A blue car pulled up with a mother and her two children. Laddie watched as they got out of the car. He loved children. He was just a child himself at six months old. He was already large for his age though. He watched as the mother opened the trunk and took out their toys. She slipped a bright green plastic pail over her arm and set a plastic shovel in it while trying to keep the young children close. Laddie noticed how small they were; as a dog, he guessed they were just puppies.

         Laddie got up and started sniffing around the picnic table, his white mane blowing from the gentle breeze. His mane was just starting to get long. Another six months and it would be down to his knees. He sniffed around smelling where other dogs had been there. He could smell everything that had been there. He was looking for acorns. He was always searching for acorns and his mamma was always taking them away from him. She would tell him, "You know you aren't going to be able to keep that Laddie."

         He sat down and watched the woman and her children on the sandy beach. They were putting sand in the bucket and packing it down. Then they would turn it upside down and dump it out. Laddie wondered what they were doing and why they were doing that.

         Mamma got up and started to head back to the truck but Laddie refused to get up. He firmly sat and refused to move. "Okay, Laddie, not ready to go yet?"

         "Okay, Laddie, "his mamma said, "I guess you don't want to go home yet."

She started walking down the shoreline and Laddie followed alongside her enjoying the walk. "We're going to have to go back home before long though."

         Laddie abruptly turned and started pulling on his leash.
         "Laddie Stop," his mamma stated sternly. Laddie kept pulling until he was choking himself. "Stop Laddie, you're choking." Laddie sat down and started barking. "Laddie, what is wrong with you?"

         Again, Laddie started pulling in the direction they came in until his mamma started back toward the picnic table. Laddie was trying to run but couldn't get any farther than the leash would let him. He started jumping up at the leash and trying to get away.
"Laddie, STOP!"

         He finally tugged hard enough to get lose and took off running in the direction they had come.
"Laddie Come here! Laddie! No!" his mamma yelled and took off after him.

         Laddie was running as fast as he could until he reached where the mother and two children had been playing. The mother was screaming wildly, "Help! Danny, Help!" and running toward the water. Laddie reached the shoreline where the mother was and leaped, flying from the shore into the water. He landed in the lake with a splash and paddled as fast as he could toward the younger of the two children.

         The little boy was going under and then back up. Laddie knew he had to hurry. He reached the blonde haired boy just as he went under again. Laddie grabbed the collar of his shirt and started paddling as hard as he could toward the shore. The tot wasn't very heavy, he was so small. Laddie kept paddling as hard as he could until he reached the shore where the lad's mother was frantically crying and screaming as Laddie drug the boy ashore. Once Laddie had him out of the lake he let go of his shirt and sat down next to him. The mother came running up and hugged her son. Laddie's mamma stopped running and walked the short distance to where they were gathered.

         Mamma reached down and hugged Laddie, "You're a hero, Laddie."

         "I don't know what I would've done if it wasn't for your dog." The mother kept kissing and hugging her little boy while the other one stood next to her. "I don't know what would've happened. Yes, Laddie, You're a hero, you're a superhero in my book boy."

832 words

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