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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Educational · #2168485
Samantha a mature girl loves horses and intends to be a veterinarian so that to cure them
She is a beautiful girl and is named Samantha. Her father uses to go with her to watch horses.
There, horses are wonderful from "pure sang Arabic" genre. They are white, black and brown ones.
She stays amazed of such horses.

One day, during the horse tournament, a female horse falls down when ready to skip obstacle. It is a brown, really the most beautiful one. It gets red ribbons around its neck and at its ponytail. The horse has broken its leg. It should die.
Asking her father about it, he explains to her that the horse bone does not consolidate after a fracture. It will suffer if the horse cannot walk and run again.

Tears on her cheeks, pain and sadness invade her weak heart.
At night, she finds "brown" calling her from the window. She goes further, she finds brown under a tree. It was a short green tree with many branches. The leaves are large and on each one there is a bone. Samantha does not understand what happens exactly when "brown" disappears suddenly. She wakes up astonished.

Being just ten years old, she asks her father to buy her an encyclopedia to read about horses.
She has never ceased to read about horses and she wants to be a veterinarian. She follows studies with one goal to cure horses.
Each day she goes to watch horses and to feed them. She collects money from her school to give it as a donation for researches by making a great sensitization campaign.
In her encyclopedia she discovers that there is a plant which grows in trees from Latino America and which cures horse bone fractures. However the researches are at a preliminary state.
She goes to the research center and there all are astonished about such little girl who loves horses and bears a great will to cure them.
One of the researchers tells her that he made a medicine formula extracted from this plant and made an injecting solution which consolidates horse bones after a fracture. But it is still at experimental stage and that results are not warranted yet.
She entreats him to try it on "brown" and he accepts.

When arrived at the horse stable, she searches for "brown" everywhere. She goes outside where brown used to run in the hills. The guardian tells her that horses are all in the stable at such time. Where is it then?

Brown is died tells Mike her friend.
She does not cease to cry. However she entreats the researcher to do another essay on other horses because for her the goal is to cure all horses and not only "brown" and he promises her.
Indeed maturity does not know the number of years.

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