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The beginning of a violent-but happy, in the end-tale, of three weapons. First, origin.
In an ancient time, there once was an enormous kingdom named Makania, founded by demon worshippers. It was lead by two men-the demonic king, Belial, and the human king Kato.

It was a miserable place, full of pain and death, with only the leaders and demons being above it all.

They were fighting the last refuge against their tyranny-the small Empire of Regartia. Lead by it's Imperial Prince, Lyon, alongside his faithful tactician and friend Isaac, they rebelled day and night against the Kingdom, to free the Empire's people, and restore peace to the land.

Aiding them was Lyon's lance, Akrimonos, and Isaac's bow, Tirhang, they, their soldiers, and the rebels of the Kingdom sought to end Kato's reign.

To defend against them, the finest demonic blacksmiths folded a demonic metal known as Inferium, turning it into a blade. As the finishing touch, they embedded a dark amethyst into the hilt. The Demon Sword was made, and all it needed was a name.

"I dub thee... Licamias." Kato spoke.

The war began, and some things began to happen on the sidelines. Lyon's younger sister, the Imperial Princess Tatiana, feel for Isaac, and he too, fell for her in return. Lyon gave them his blessing, and the night before the final battle, the two were wed.

The final battle began, and at the end of the day, Kato was defeated. He had ordered his soldiers to throw dead, decaying corpses at the enemy army via trebuchet, to incite diseases in the enemy army, but, with the kingdom's army focused on military might, and the medical knowledge Regartia had stockpiled, the Kingdom itself, fell to disease when soldiers mishandled them. King Kato, in fact, fell ill and died in his sleep. The demons, disgusted and repulsed, returned to the hellscape from which they came.

And so the first curse was laid upon his sword-"The Demon Sword Licamias gives it's user great leadership and insight, but will lead it's owner to his or her own end.".

In the fighting, Lyon was a whirlwind, cleaving and piercing enemies with his lance. But, try as he might, he could not defeat them all, and died in the middle of a skirmish, pierce from all sides. He died before Akrimonos even hit the ground.

And so the second curse was laid upon his lance-"The Heaven Lance Akrimonos offers great power and swiftness to those who wield it, but dooms its owner to die on the battlefield."

Isaac, with his tactics, finished the fight, and returned home. While his wedding to Tatiana was accepted, as Isaac was a noble himself, Tatiana's best friend, a knight by the name of Erk, challenged him over a dispute. They agreed to duel using their bows, and began firing at targets close to each other, aiming to hit the target and not each other. Tatiana, hearing this but not knowing they weren't aiming directly at each other, aimed to stop them, stepping between them. An arrow loosed by Tirhang pierced her heart, killing her.

And so the third curse was laid upon his bow-"The Earth Bow Tirhang grants intelligence and a tactical mind to it's user, but dooms them to find love and lose it."

Isaac, the only one with a claim to the throne after both of the Emperor's children died, became a new Emperor. He died, however, under mysterious circumstances, latter assumed to be suicide. He never married again, and so a war for succession arose-which brought Licamias, Akrimonos and Tirhang back into use... But that's a tale for another day.
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