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Rated: E · Fiction · Community · #2169785
A story of being chased.
Some days, some days seemed so long. In the many years since I had started the journey to my learning. To finding something to give my life to. The campus here is well established. Though the buildings old in places, since it was once a psychiatric institution.

That in itself you can all but imagine comes with all the different stories all of its own accord. There had been lots of investigations, especially the old buildings. So many odd experiences and sightings had been reported. Stranger yet was walking into a group of ‘investigators’ on the way out of my shared student living area. Apparently people are still experiencing this.

I suppose Carringtons had a reputation, or maybe it’s just stories. Though sitting alone in the compute unit does have a moment of creepy feeling, especially when the printed suddenly breaks the silence to spool more paper. The computer in front of me is beginning to look less like something I recognise.

I think I’m tired. Essay on counselling practice is becoming a difficult task. I only have another page left, so maybe I can head back to sleep. Especially since it’s already getting dark and I still have to walk the walkway through the bush at the back at the campus, which runs right past some of those old buildings. It certainly has moments of being very creepy. Or I have a very over active imagination.

MMmmmmm…think I’m hungry too. Okay, time to go. Always a slow pack up though, gathering my research papers. My writing into discernible piles. Close down all programs on my screen and exit my floppy from the drive. The new USB port fascinates me but it will be while before we’re using this. Finally I log off, shuffle my papers into my bag and get up from my chair. I stop to stretch. Feel my back lock a bit and my legs seem tired. I blame all the stairs here for sore legs.

I put my bag on my back and walk toward the door. “Seeing you tomorrow?” the IT person asks. I have already asked his name and have since totally forgot it, but am too afraid I will offend him if I ask again. “Yeah….there is every potential you will see me tomorrow.” I say to him. He nods, I nod and I push the door open on my way out.

I am greeted by cold air. I pull my bag on my back in hopes of finding some warmth, but it does not work. So I plan a quick walk. I walk along the road usually, so through the campus, which is already dark and completely quiet. Past the old brown brick buildings, where I walk just that little faster as the hairs on the back of my neck feel like they stand on edge. I never look around, not that I think I would find my gaze met by anyone or anything, but I would rather not tempt fate.

Finally at the start of the walkway, which from my view dips into the bush, and further into the darkness, before climbing back up to the student village. I walk, as fast as I can, its cold, and I want to warm up. I am concentrating on my footing, it really had gotten dark suddenly and I had not realised how bad the vision was down here.

The winds whirls past me and it seems I hear footsteps. Whoever it is almost behind me, so I stop to let them pass, it’s a narrow walk anyway. I turn to greet them, but the footsteps stop. I look as hard as I can into the darkness, but nothing. Alright then, on I go. Again I hear them, almost at my heels. I turn again, the footsteps stop almost dead. I can see no one, not even a silhouette.

I am acutely aware of someone there. Close enough for me to hear their breaths. I slowly step backwards and when I turn pick my pace really quickly, almost to a run. I finally get to the dip in the path. Still hearing the footsteps behind me, the same breath coming toward me.

I turn one last time, because this is just beyond starting to creep me out. This time I feel the breath. Warm, stale and my skin. That it, no more pissing about. I turn and push myself running at full speed up that hill. I make to the top of the hill and round the building where the car park is lit up.

I dare not look behind me and run across the tar, into the building and unlock the flat door, run inside and close the door behind me. Locking it again. I stand against it catching my breath. It is the first time the flat feels eerily quiet. My flatmates are usually home making a racket, apparently not today.

I hear nothing, and take a breath. Thankful that whatever just happened was not in hear. I can’t believe it though. The next sound that reaches my ears is the breathing, outside the door. The door I am still leaning against. I listen intently. Definitely someone breathing.


The door jumps it is hit so hard. I have to steady myself.


This time I felt the impact through the door. I step away from the door and watch it intently. Preparing mentally for whatever may come through it. It goes completely quiet. A polite knock comes to the door suddenly. It carries on, I’m dubious, and my flatmates all have keys, why would they knock.

The knocking continues, so I slowly decide I should check it out. My heart if beating hard, my head is going crazy with what I could find on the other side. I touch the door knob and turn.

My one flatmate comes right in and shuts the door. “Sorry forgot my keys today.” She disappears into her room. I stand there still a little surprised. I lock the door, and wait. Nothing. I slowly retreat to my bedroom. I sit on the edge of the bed. The silence is broken as the rest of my flatmates arrive and they go about their usual evening routine.

I breathe a sigh of relief, apparently whatever that was, is over. I am confused, cause what was that? That was totally different to other similar experiences and felt so menacing. Either way, that one is over. I start relaxing and remember that I am hungry. I go out and being the poor students, find a can of spaghetti. Quick to heat, and fills the spot in my stomach.

I clean up after eating and decide on a shower. All of which was very relaxing. I was warm and comfortable, after the night had started the way it had. I got into my bed with the intention of reading some of my study journals.

I sit up.

Something had just touched me. I swear it. I look around the dark and see, something. More of a someone, silhouette, standing there. Looking at me, it paralyses me. I decide to reach for my lamp. As I slowly lift my arm, he starts to yell.





Over and over, louder and louder. I can’t hear my own thoughts, and am driven down to the corner of my bed. I can’t anymore. No more.

“No more! Leave me alone! Leave!” I yell at him. I become aware, that the room is silent. I breathe, and my heart is pounding, I quickly slap my lamp on. Clear. Nothing or no one. I move to switch on the main overhead light.

As I flick the switch and golden light illuminates all the darkness, a faint sound comes from my window.

“Hey, talk to me”

“I won’t hurt you”

“Hey you…”

Silently the talking is happening. Outside my bedroom window. Which may not seem odd, but it’s a straight two storey drop from outside my window. It defies all logic that anyone can stand out there and talk to me. I take a breath. At least this one is outside. I move slowly and stiffly to sit in my bed. I can’t sleep. All the lights are on. I just sit listening. There is something very malicious outside. I can’t quite go to sleep till it leaves.

I wake up with jolt. I sit up right. The sun is in my eyes, someone had drawn my curtains. I don’t even remember falling asleep. I sit and wait, listening. Nothing. I hear my flatmates are up and about. I breathe, and slowly gather my things to have a shower. I’m exhausted, and a shower may be the only thing that wakes me.

The hot water is relief, and I find myself relax. Deep breaths and the water washes the crazy unexplainable parts of last night away. As I dry myself, I find an odd bruise. Round and has a strange pattern, till I realise it’s from the door handle. Where when the door had been thumped the second time it had hit me. I had a bruise.

I shake my head in hopes of shaking it off. I get dressed and take my things to my room, hang up my towel. I think I should eat, thought nothing of my food takes my fancy. One of my flatmates sees me and turns toward me. “Who were you yelling at last night?”

“Was I yelling?” I pretend like I have no idea, “Did you hear anything else in my room?”

“No….just you.” She answers looking perplexed. I shake my head. “No sorry…..maybe I was dreaming….loudly.” She smiles and carries on with her day.

I moved out of the flat the first chance I had which was 3 months later, where this was a common experience.
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